Playing With Fire: The Pretty Lady is Hot-headedPlaying With Fire: The Pretty Lady is Hot-headed

Playing With Fire: The Pretty Lady is Hot-headed

by Grimm_Axiel

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Xiu Fanghuo is someone you can't mess with... A beauty, with a fierce personality, no man can handle her... Until she met Wang Jinse, a man that seems to love angering her, yet at the same time, pampers her... Will Jinse be able to tame the fiery princess? Or will he get burned by her? --- A/N Hello, thank you for reading this story. Please don't hesitate to comment constructive criticisms. Hate comments will not be tolerated. Don't expect too much as this is a write and publish type of story. Please have patience in reading it. I'm only writing this on Webnovel, so if this is seen in other platforms, please inform me. Thank you very much and have fun reading! ??

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