1 Young Miss, Come Back!

"What are you doing?" My fiance, Jun Wei An, screamed at me while grabbing the girl I just poured my coffee on, "Apologize at once!"

"I, Xiu Fanghuo, will never apologize to a sorry excuse of a human being like her!" I shouted while pointing to a girl wearing a white dress that is now dripping with coffee.

The said girl just stood there, looking on the floor, crying silently, as if I was bullying her. I looked at Wei An standing in front of her, blocking me from attacking the girl.

'As if I'll hurt her myself.' I thought while rolling my eyes.

The people around us whispered, looking at me with disgusted expressions. They don't know the whole story, so I let them whisper among themselves. I looked at the ring on my finger, then back at Wei An. I know it was arranged, that there's no love involved, but I hoped we would have respect for each other. But, no, he chose to agree in the engagement, but went out with another girl behind my back.

I stepped forward, while removing the ring on my finger. I glared at Wei An, and grabbed the girl behind him. I shoved the ring to her hand, and looked at her straight to the eyes.

"My fiance seems to like you, as he was willing to date you even though he's already engaged. Have the ring, I wouldn't want to get married to a man that has no respect for me. Congratulations." I said with a sweet smile on my face, "Think of him as the payment for ruining you dress."

I heard the gasps of the people around us when they heard what I said. My, now, ex-fiance turned bright red with all the disgusted and disappointed looks he's receiving. I turned around and walked out of the coffee shop with my head held high.

But, before I get into my car, I heard the cashier of the coffee shop shout, "YOUNG MISS, COME BACK! YOU HAVEN'T PAID FOR THE COFFEE YET."

'Oh, what a great way to start the day' I thought while walking back to pay for that damned coffee. I didn't even get a taste of it before I saw Wei An and girl flirting while walking towards the cashier. Though, I feel sorry for the girl because I poured coffee on her. But then, my engagement with Wei An was not a secret, it was even announced because with our marriage comes the merger of our companies. But I guess that won't happen anymore.

After paying for the coffee and leaving the coffee shop, I immediately went home. I'm not in the mood to shop anymore, because I know the reporters would be flocking around me once they see me. Being the only daughter and youngest child of the owners of Xiu Company, I could say I'm quite popular. Thankfully, I have two older brothers to handle the company, though that makes me a trading card for mergers. I wonder how my family would react when they find out that the engagement is now off because Jun Wei An cheated. Being the only daughter, my family really tries to spoil me. The Jun family won't be able to keep it under the rugs because the incident happened in public. I wonder what will they do to minimize their loses?

As soon as I stepped into our house, my mom immediately ran to me for a hug.

"That must have been hard for you, baby girl. We won't let the Jun family off. How dare they do that to you."

I looked at her with a questioning look.

"Mom, I'm fine. Just let our legal team handle what happened. I'm sure the Jun family is already suffering enough to have a son like that."

"Are you sure? We could always give them a lesson so that they won't mess with you."

"Yes, mom, I'm sure. You know me, if I want someone to suffer, I'll make sure they will."

My mom looked at me proudly, she knows I already have a plan.

"If you need help, baby girl, you know Mom is always here, okay?"

I nodded before going up to my room.

As I flopped down on my bed, I dialled a number I didn't contact for a long while.

After a few rings, the person answered.

"Xiao Bao, I need your help." I said with an evil smile on my lips...

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