25 Chapter 24

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Percy had arrived at the camp, and had met Pennywise... I mean, Annabeth who I cursed to look like Pennywise for a whole day, Percy's expression and Annabeth's pained expression as she showed Percy around the camp made my day.

After enjoying my revenge for a couple of hours, taking lots of pictures for posterity, I decided to go to the camp library secret section Chiron does not allow anyone else but him to enter, to continue with my reading about the other Pantheons in this world, which for some reason the Greek gods wanted us to think they were fake.

Okay, I take it back, I think I know why the gods want us not to believe in any other pantheon because without human belief the gods would die, or fade to be more precise.

You see, gods need humans or mortal to be precise, to exist, at least in this universe, so when humans start to forget about said god, said god just goes puff, at first, I thought this theory to be bullshit, I mean what happens when a new god is born? How can humans know about him or her and how can they believe in him or her, they cant, which in turn would mean they would immediately vanish, so I continued my research about this little phenomenon and found my answer.

The fading or absolute death of the gods is caused by a variety of reasons according to the books, but the main ones are, one, the decline of a god's realm, this implies that people no longer use the realm said god has control of, or simply do not believe in it, for example, if people stopped believing in agriculture Demeter would die, but with agriculture being so necessary I highly doubt that will ever happen.

Reason number two, Gods can die if people completely abandon their belief in them and what they represent. For this reason, Gods that are not well remembered or were never worshipped in the first place usually end up fading. Although this is very rare, most of the gods exist because people believe in their realms, not them, I doubt many worship Zeus, but they do use his realm quite a lot.

And the last reason, which I call the suicide reason, if a God loses the will to remain immortal or loses faith in himself, he can begin the process of his death. Of course, this can take a long time since the people and the beliefs in their respective realms can keep the god alive against his or her will.

Mortals had immense power over the Gods, something Zeus despised, heck the main reason the Roman pantheon was even a thing was because the Romans and the Greeks saw the gods very differently but at the same time the same, which ended up with the Greek Gods having split personalities and stuff.

"So, I basically have to start a religion to become a God, huh," I hummed, the church of Pranks and Magic, I… will work on that later.


Oh, my very convenient magical alarm, that tells me when Chiron is nearby, ahh, I love magic, "Tropelet ot ym nibac!" and just like that, I was back in my cabin, with a lot of information, and not really practical ways to use it, one day this will come in handy.


I turned to the door, as I curiously approached to see who was knocking on the door, and through the window I saw that Pennybeth and Percy were at the door, talking, "Pennybeth, random guy, what can I do for you?" I greeted.

"I will kill you," Annabeth growled.

"Ah, ah, ahh, I can make it permanennnnt, so behave," I smirked, little did she know I couldn't make it permanent, but what she doesn't know doesn't hurt her.

"You are just a bully," Percy stated, with a dare I say, angry tone, let's use my sometimes useful, sometimes useless power, to read his emotion, *Angry* guess I didn't need to use it.

"Me? A bully?" I chortled in amusement, "Mmm, maybe? I mean, hmmm, I need time to process this…. I have come to a decision and I am not a bully, just a very vindictive guy,"

"Maybe because you can't stand to lose," Percy snorted, still angry, ok HOLD the fucking on, how and why is he taking my prank so seriously, I mean… he barely knows Annabeth.

"Alright, I seem to have awoken some… hostile feeling from you, but I'll be honest, I don't care, but if you must know this was my revenge for the nut punch she delivered our last match," I chuckled.

"She punched you in there?" Percy asked pointing to the affected area.

"Yep and my boys demanded vengeance," I nodded.

"Oh, well… sorry then, I thought you were just a bully," Percy chuckled.

"Really? That's it?" Annabeth chuckled, "I punch him in the groin and everything is okay?"

"Yes," Both Percy and I said with one voice.

"It's the one place you don't hit a man," Percy stated and I nodded.

"So, did you two have a reason to be here, besides trying to make the new guy hate me?" I asked with a smile.

"I wanted to show Percy the local prankster and the best magic user on the camp," Pennybeth sighed, pointing to herself as proof, "As you can see Percy, he is really talented with magic, and I hate him for it,"

"Pff, nah, you love me," I snorted.

"As if," Annabeth snorted.

"You can use magic? like those magicians in las Vegas?" Percy asked, and for a moment I wondered.... if he was being serious or not, and then I remembered that even after seeing a minotaur trying to snack on him he didn't outright believe in this world.

"Is he for real," I had to ask.

"Yes, unfortunately yes," Annabeth nodded, with a pained expression.

"I... Annabeth, you already have too much suffering dealing with him," I sighed, dealing with sushi brain was going to be more painful for her than my curse, so I did the right thing and undid my curse, partially, I kind of liked the Pennywise hair style on her so I will keep that for the day, "You are partially free of my curse..."

"How did you... what?" Percy muttered as I closed the door on them.

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