30 Chapter 28 - Conversation

The sun gradually began to set and soon lights from lampposts gradually lit up on the streets of the city. Birmingham at night was really pleasant to the eyes, but for someone it only increased irritation.


Lighting a cigarette, Victor tried to calm his raging flames that were about to explode. It was a surprise for him to meet at his door those whom he least wanted to see.

It's not that he's against this Shelby family, but when he involuntarily recalled what happened to this family in the series, he couldn't help but shake his head. The constant showdowns, fights, deaths all spoke of one thing, to stay away from the Shelby family as far as possible!

His memories of his past life still remained, but they were becoming more vague with each passing day. He no longer remembered every fragment so vividly, especially since he wasn't such a big fan of this series, but he still clearly remembered that these guys who are now standing in front of him are a fucking magnet for the ass.

Looking at the Shelby brothers, who were also looking back at him, Victor exhaled a cloud of tobacco smoke and clenched his teeth and said, "Are you aware that you made a mistake?"

"I think it's a misunderstanding, Victor.. We just wanted to know about your location.." Thomas said, looking at his so-called brother.

He saw the eyes of this boy in front of him and clearly saw the resemblance to his father. That reckless look was so much like him. Now he was completely convinced that this boy was one of them.

- "John.. John.. I see you've learned your lesson badly since that time.."- said Victor approaching John, who tensed up.

He still clearly remembered when he, as a child, put him in an awkward position, but now that he has become an adult, he was really scared at that moment.

- "E-this.. I did not know..That you're my brother.." - John wanted to say, but he was interrupted by Arthur, who stood in front of him and looked at Victor.

"Listen up, brat.. I don't care if you're my brother or not, but your girl was the first to point her gun at us! You better be polite considering I didn't kick your ass back then." - Arthur roared and looked at Victor with a challenge in his eyes.

"Are you sure you're capable of this?" Victor asked without taking his eyes off Arthur.

- "Stop guys.. We didn't come here for this.." - pulling Arthur aside, Thomas turned to Victor and said: "Do you know who your father is?"

- "I know.. And very good.. Arthur Shelby Sr.. And you're Thomas Shelby.. " Victor replied.

"Do you know my name? Clear.. Then you should already know why we came here.."Thomas said.

- "Do you want me to return to the family?" Victor replied.

He already guessed the reason for the arrival of this group. But I didn't think it would be so soon. Considering that he has never tried to contact anyone from the Shelby family.

- "Exactly.. At the family council, we discussed it all together and came to the conclusion that you should return to the family.. We don't care if you're another woman's child, but we have one father. Although I despise this bastard who got out of our family when we needed him the most. But the fact that you're Shelby remains a fact," Thomas replied in one breath.

At this moment, Victor took a puff and leaned back against the wall. A lot of thoughts ran through his head. He has already planned an approximate future for himself and Emilia. But now that it all turned out this way, he couldn't help but think again.


[Storyline successfully updated!]

[Join the "Shelby family".]

- 'Are you serious?! But what about my peaceful life?! Victor thought to himself at that moment.

[Host if you don't want to follow the requirements of the system that gave you a chance to get a new life. Then in the future we will stop cooperating with you. ]

- 'I got it, I got it! Victor thought to himself and turned to look at the brothers.

This is not the first time he has opened a storyline with a different list of tasks. One such notification was before the First World War, because of which he had to abandon Emilia, since the penalty for refusing to comply with the requirements of the system cost him the loss of his own life!

- "I am.. I'll think about it.. Give me time.." - Victor answered and waved his hand in the direction of the brothers and turned to leave, but then Thomas's voice was heard from behind.

"Have you been to France?" Thomas asked, which made John and Arthur immediately prick up their ears.

Victor stood rooted to the spot for a while. A large number of memories flashed through his mind. And one of those was the memory of the notification.[You got +0.1HP]. This message was either a curse or a blessing, everyone will consider it differently.

Looking down at his hands, which he thought were completely covered with blood, he noticed how blood was dripping from his finger. He couldn't forget how many people had been killed by his hands. But at this moment, when he remembered the girl who was waiting for him at home, he had no regrets.

- "Was.." - after that, he went inside, completely disappearing into the shadows.

After saying just one word, the Shelby brothers felt emotions seeping into their heads.

- "Stop.. Tommy, how old is he now?" asked Arthur, clearly shocked at this moment.

- "18 years old Arthur.. This guy is only 18 years old.." Thomas replied, taking a cigarette out of his pocket.

After holding it for a while, he put it in his mouth and lit a cigarette:- "So guys.. Next time we have to apologize to that girl.. Now let's go home.. Polly must be sitting and waiting for us to come with the news.."

- 'Is he crazy?' -, John thought as he followed his older brothers


"Who was that?" - lying on Victor's chest, the girl raised her head and looking into his eyes asked.

Victor knew that sooner or later he would have to tell Emilia about the family with which he was somehow connected by blood. It's not that he didn't want to tell, there was just no reason for it, but now that everything turned out this way, he has to tell the girl.

"You know my mother was a whore.. It so happened that the father of these guys is also my father." - Viktor began to tell.

- "I used to talk to a woman named Polly Gray, does she also belong to this Shelby family? "What is it?" the girl asked, remembering the woman who claimed Victor, from which a cold gleam flashed in her eyes

- "Hmm.. You can say that she is like a mother to them.. After their mother died, their father ran away, so Polly took custody of these children. " Victor replied and felt something soft on his lips.

Having sealed Victor's lips, Emilia completely took control of this kiss. She was afraid.. Fear.. That someone would take it from her..

The sounds of a passionate kiss did not stop for some time, until Emilia pulled away from the guy. Sitting on top, she looked at Victor with her restless eyes and asked: "You will never leave me, will you?"

- "Never..."

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