Peacefully Retiring in this Wonderful World (Konosuba - FGO) Book

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Peacefully Retiring in this Wonderful World (Konosuba - FGO)


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[Disclaimer]-This story is fanfiction. The copyright of source materials belongs to their respective owners. Please support the official release! [Warning]-This story is rated M (MA) due to contents such as gores, profanities, violence, smut, and so on. If your age is less than 18-years-old, please consider skipping this story. Be responsible for your choice. You have been warned. Thank you for reading this warning! P.S- posting this for fun and also this affronted fanfic is not mine I'm just posting this here in Webnovel. [Original Fanfic Author]-https://forum.questionablequesting.com/members/silver-w-king.76/ [Original Site]-https://forum.questionablequesting.com/threads/the-silver-box-in-the-attic-snippets-and-story-ideas-thread.3018/page-31#post-3470449


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