175 Centered On Him


The moment Eun-sun arrived the company she gave In-Ha a hug and hurriedly sauntered into the company. Since she came early she made her way to Dan-Han's office first. She would have her breakfast before going to her office.

"Good morning" She greeted secretary Chang-wok with a bow.

"Good morning" He greeted back with a smile.

"Is President Lee here or in the cafeteria?" She politely asked.

Standing up from his seat, Chang-wok moved towards the door while Eun-sun followed behind. "President Lee had an emergency call but he asked me to tell to eat breakfast. He'll be back to have lunch with you" He informed her.


Secretary Chang-wok turned to look at her.

"He left?" She was surprised to hear that. Okay she was a bit disappointed. Didn't he send her that message about half an hour ago? So what happened now?

Secretary Chang-wok was surprised to see the displeased look on her face. No way! Was she feeling sad?


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