162 Chapter 162

In a big office filled with multiple Japanese men working on their computers, a man scrolled through some bugs in YGGDRASIL which was reported to him by some user. He looked through some of them, trying to find an interesting one to fix.

[I found a bug. I can't fly, and I am an angel. My wings won't flap]

[In Midgard...]

"All these are boring." He mumbled, scrolling through the messages. "I can't believe I have to do one of these." As he scanned it, he noticed an interesting one.

[I feel like this NPC female is bugged. When I got close to her, my log-out button bugged out. Is this a hidden quest?]

"Ohhh..." He mumbled, his fingers dancing around the keyboard with his eyes fixed on the codes that flowed through the screen. As time went on, the bored expression slowly changed, replaced with a look of horror. "The fuck is this? He mumbled?"

"What's wrong?" His colleague beside him asked, leaning back and looking at his screen. "Something you can't fix?"

"No... These codes look unfamiliar. They are in some encrypted language. A language I have never seen before." He replied, folding his arm and staring at his screen.

His colleague took a bite from his doughnut, standing up and walking behind him. He stared at the screen, still chewing his doughnut. "Yeah. That's some alien language right there. Better report this to the higher-ups."

"Yeah..." He mumbled, scratching his chin. "I will let them know about this."


In the forest of Jotunheimen, a beautiful woman was peeking into a cave. She is short, around 5'5", with curly blond hair that reached down to her upper back, bright blue eyes that gleamed like sapphire, soft light skin, and bright red lipstick. She wore a red blouse with blue jeans, black high heel boots, and a black trench coat. She also had on black rectangular glasses and black gloves.

She paced back and forth in front of the cave, pondering if to enter or not. After some time, she placed her slender palm on the cave's entrance wall, blue codes coming through her hands and into the wall.

"He is in here." She mumbled to herself. "No time to waste. I need to meet him. It is going to be an awkward reunion, but who cares."

She entered the cave, ignoring the stench, as she kept going deeper. She soon reached an area where she had to pick between three paths, and without stopping, she walked down the middle path.

"SHIT!" A muffled shout came from deeper in the dungeon in the Ogre.

She quickened her steps, reaching a dead end. She touched the wall with multiple codes moved through her arm and into the wall, making it disappear. Behind it was a workshop with an 8 feet Ogre, working on something.

It turned around, staring at her with its black, hollow eyes and blood-red pupil, inspecting her. He froze, a frown growing on his face as he crushed the Gemstone he held.

"Hi." She waved, smiling.

Suddenly, the Ogre appeared in front of her, his big arm grabbing her small neck. Picking her up with her neck, he glared at the struggling woman, his face exposing unknown emotions.

"Ukkh---" She struggled, clawing at his arm and kicking around.

With a roar, he threw her to one of his work tables, shouting, "How the fuck are you here?"

Sitting upon the work table, she rubbed her neck, facing the angry Ogre. "Why do you love choking me?" She coughed, glaring at him. "I don't like being choked."

"I asked a question!" The Ogre shouted, walking to her.

"Magic." The woman said, jumping off the table and landing in front of the Ogre. "Ta-da~"

"Don't bullshit me." The Ogre said, looking down at the little woman in front of him.

She looked up at him, smiling. Codes moved through her sapphire eyes, and she said, "I can't read some of your memories. Why is that?"

"Don't try to change the subject. I am sure you killed yourself, Felicia." The Ogre said, folding his arm.

"You were sure. You weren't certain. Those are two different things." The woman named Felicia said, turning around and looking at the items on the work table. "My self-destruct explosion was so strong it tore a hole through the fabric of space. And That's how I am here... Not really, but that's the gist."

"What the fuck?" The Ogre mumbled. "It's two different worlds. That shouldn't be possible."

"So tell me. How were you able to connect to the throne of heroes? It is in a different world after all." Felicia said as she picked up an orb, codes moving through her arm and into the orb. "Well, tell me."

The Ogre stared silently at Felicia's back as she picked up every item on the table, running codes through it and returning them. "It has a scientific reason." He finally said, grunting.

"Really?" Felicia asked, picking up another item. "So tell me this 'scientific reason.' I am curious."

"I asked you a question, and you haven't answered." The Ogre shouted, trying to change the subject.

"See? Magic." Felicia dropped the last item, turning to face the Ogre. "So what do you do now? Rick? Carnage? Impulse? Or did you come up with a new name?"

"You can read my memories. Guess." Impulse sneered, looking into her sapphire eyes.

"Your memories stop after you write your name in that book. It was as if a piece of your soul was split off and sealed within the library." Felicia said, moving past Impulse. "That's where my mind reading stops." She grunted, picking up a shield taller than her and almost falling back.

"Call me whatever you want." Impulse mumbled, his mind running through multiple scenarios on how she would have appeared in this world.

Dropping the shield, she walked to a red spear, picking it up. "Gáe Bolg, the spear that always pierces the heart. You tried to copy it and failed."

"It is a perfect replica." Impulse said, still trying to think of a way she could have possibly appeared in this world.

"Really?" Felicia asked, codes running through the spear. "To me, it looks like a child tried to trace a drawing and ended up with something different." She said, looking at the frowning Impulse.

"Why don't you test it out?" Impulse said, glaring at her.

"Sure. Gáe Bolg." She casually said, tightening both her grip. The spear suddenly burst with a red, destructive aura, the entire cave shaking. Seconds later, the spear shattered into millions of pieces. She stared at her empty hands before turning to Impulse, who had a pained look on his face after seeing his masterwork shatter without doing its job. "Well, at least it lives up to its title as 'a spear that always pierces the heart.' The heart of its creator is that."

Impulse grimaced at this, frowning. "What is your purpose for coming to me?"

Felicia stopped, staring at Impulse. They stared at each other for some time before she said, "I need your help."

"I knew it!" Impulse shouted, covering his face. "I won't be helping you. Just get out of here."

"Please." Felicia begged, moving closer to him.

"No." Impulse said, glaring at her. "Either leave, or I kill you again. And this time, I will make sure you stay dead."

"You can try, but killing me would also mean killing yourself. After all, I am the core of this game." Felicia said, shrugging.

"..." Impulse stared at her before turning to face his table. "Just leave. I have things to do."

"I can upload all the data of all magic existing in this world into your brain like learning skills." Felicia suddenly said, folding her arm. "I know you want it."

"It is tempting, but I would not be working with you anymore. Never." Impulse said, reaching under the table and bringing out a white gem. Imputing mana into it, the gem suddenly sucked all the material from the cave into itself, leaving the room empty. "If I can't kill you, then I will go somewhere else."

"Where can you go that I wouldn't find you." Felicia said, jumping in front of him. "I am like a God in this world. Wherever you run off to, I will find you."

"Then you wouldn't be needing my help, right?" Impulse said, looking down at her. "Why would a God be asking for help from a mere mortal? If you are truly a God, then go deal with your own problem." Impulse said, grabbing her by the shoulder and throwing her out the way like a rag doll.

Catching herself before she slammed into the wall, she looked towards Impulse to see a human standing at the tunnel entrance that led out the cave. It was a Japanese male with black eyes, short black hair, and wore a suit with a tag on his right breast reading, [Admin]

Impulse stared at the man before saying, "And who might you be? Another human slave for this woman?" He asked, bearing his teeth at the man while letting out a low growl.

Felicia noticed what he was doing and said, "No. Not one of mine."

"Then I can eat him!" Impulse lunged forward only to stop in mid-air, a smile on the Admin's face.

"Nice to meet you, abdominals." He said, smiling. "I am the Admin, or as you people say, God of this world?"

"What is God doing down here?" Felicia asked, tilting her head as her sapphire eyes glittered in curiosity. "And how do we know you are actually a God?"

"Well, I can do this." He snapped, turning Impulse into a white wolf with a red gem engraved on its forehead.

"Magic. I can also do that." Felicia said, clapping and activating one of her skills. Four magic circles appeared around Impulse, turning him into a black wolf with a red gem engraved on its forehead.

"Owooooo!!" He howled in annoyance, growling at Felicia.

"Hmm... What of this?" He asked, pointing at Impulse. "How about looking at his stat."

[Wolf, Level 30, Ranger]

"..." Felicia stared, acting shocked. "You... you changed his race?"

"Yes. Now, do you believe me?" The Admin asked, smiling at her reaction. Felicia nodded, and he continued, "I cast magic on the nine worlds, preventing its inhabitants from noticing the arrival of God's servants, the players. How did you guys break that spell?" Another way of asking, 'How did you two gain sentience.'

"Owoo wooo oww wo---" Impulse, who was back in his white wolf form, said.

"Sorry, I don't speak wolf." The Admin cut in, looking down at the white wolf.

"Yeah, me too." Felicia chimed in, folding her arm.

Looking at both of them with his red eyes, Impuls barked some times before speaking. "You see, I was walking through the forest, looking for things to consume. You know, normal Ogre shit. Then suddenly, I heard this old man's voice, telling me that I had gained the mind of a god. I was like, what the fuck? Then suddenly, knowledge flowed into my mind, and I became like this." Impulse said in the human tongue, his mouth not moving to fit his words. "So now I have explained my words, can you turn me into an Ogre? Please, God?"

They both stared at the wolf, speechless. They both busted out laughing, Felicia stumbling back as tears rolled down her eyes.

"A wolf talking with a human language is so funny." The Admin laughed, leaning on the cave wall. "I should do this more."

"And why did you speak like that?" Felicia asked, petting Impulse's head. Impulse growled and tried to bite her hand as she quickly pulled it back, dodging his sharp teeth by a hairbreadth.

The Admin calmed himself down and turned to Felicia. "Okay, back to business. And you?"

"Well, it was similar. I was in my castle, taking a bath when the same voice spoke to me." Felicia said, making her story connect with Impulse's own.

"I see. An Admin made you both sentient." He mumbled, looking at both of them.

"Owoo?" Impulse asked, tilting his head.

"Nothing." The Admin said, turning around to leave. "Now, you have some rules you need to follow. Number 1, you can kill a player until they attack first. Number 2, you cant help any player unless I tell you to. Number 3, you can't let other players know that you know about them. Do you understand?" He asked, staring at them. They both nodded vigorously as he said, "Well, I am off."

"Wait. What about me!?" Impulse shouted, jumping up and down.

"Oh." He said, shaping and returning Impulse to his old form. "Now, I am off." The Admin said, giving them the peace sign as he disappeared.

"I have hacked the communication system they are using to listen to us, making them hear something different. I can probably hack the system and turn you into something stronger. How about a Kree. If you just agree." Felicia smiled, reaching to pat Impulse.

Impulse stuck up his middle finger at Felicia, "Fuck off." He said, walking away.

"Don't come crying to me later." Felicia shouted after the wolf Impulse that walked into the tunnel that led out the cave. No response came, but she smiled. "He will. I am sure of it. Little Impulse would come running back to me. He always does."

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