PAST LOVE : My Love Back to Him Book

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PAST LOVE : My Love Back to Him


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Bagas Dirgantara 24 years old, a young CEO sitting in his wheelchair, spends his time just working hard and reminiscing about his first love when he was 12 years old. Nikita Andrea 23 years old, a young teacher, wants to live independently by teaching in another city, so she has to have long distance contact with her lover Raka Wibawa. Raka Wibawa, 25 years old, is a young doctor who loves Nikita so much that he is willing to have long-distance relationships for the sake of Nikita's happiness. Until one day, Nikita accidentally met Bagas at the bookstore, which continued with Bagas' request to make Nikita his personal secretary. How did Bagas feel when he found out that Nikita was his first love woman? Could Bagas and Nikita's past love be able to reunite?


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