"I hope you can understand this desire of mine Ka," said Nikita hopefully as she looked at her lover Raka who was now in front of her.

"It may be hard for both of us, but you know Ka? I have wanted to fulfill this wish for a long time, and now seems like a very good time," continued Nikita trying to explain calmly to Raka.

Several times Nikita saw Raka sighing deeply, Raka's lips were still silent, but his eyes spoke a lot.

Raka grabbed Nikita's hand, holding her hand gently.

Raka's touch soothed Nikita's heart, as if an agreed answer made Nikita love Raka even more.

"You know Nikita." said Raka while looking at Nikita with a sad face.

"Whatever you want, I always support you. I believe whatever you do is for a good thing. If you really want to find experiences out there, maybe now is the perfect time." said Raka, hugging Nikita's body tightly, flowing warmth as if to keep her from being afraid.

It has been a long time since Nikita wanted to work outside the city far from her hometown.

And now Nikita takes the opportunity, a few days ago Nikita's application letter was received as a teaching staff at the Mahardika high school private school in Bandung.

"Raka, when I get there, will you forget me?" Nikita asked, worried.

"Do you wish I would forget you Nik?" said Raka with a sweet smile.

Nikita shook her head slowly.

"Promise me, that you will not forget me?" said Nikita earnestly.

"I promise you Nikita, I will always be loyal here, until the time you come home." said Raka while gently stroking Nikita's hair.

"Thanks Ka, I also promise you to always be faithful when I'm there." said Nikita with a happy smile.

"I will try if there is a day off and there is no duty from the hospital, I will visit you." Said Raka in return of Nikita's smile, which was always beautiful in his eyes.

"I'm not sure if you have a day off, Ka." said Nikita with full gaze.

"Why are you not sure Nik? don't you know i always make time for you." said Raka with a serious face.

"Because we live in one city Ka. But after I lived in Bandung, do you still have time to go to Bandung? Surabaya to Bandung is very far Ka." said Nikita with a sad look.

"For me where you live, a distance will not keep me from you Nik." said Raka, holding Nikita's hands.

"Is that true Ka? long distance will not keep you from me? and you will still see me?" said Nikita with tears in her eyes.

Raka took a deep breath, then hugged Nikita affectionately.

"You don't worry about anything, you just focus on what you want. I always support you. And I will definitely see the state of you." said Raka while rubbing Nikita's back.

"I'm so scared, that you will forget me Ka. You know, do not you? when you were in college, lots of women were chasing you? want to be your lover." said Nikita, looking up at Raka's face softly.

"Don't remind that anymore Nik, because I remember how hard I worked to get your heart and love that still hasn't moved on from your first love. Your little prince who you can't forget." said Raka, pinching Nikita's nose.

Nikita laughed softly, still remembering clearly how her heart and mind could not forget her childhood friend named Aga.

Aga the little friend he really loves until now. And her sincere love that will be buried forever.

"Do you still remember it, Nik?" Asked Raka in a jealous tone.

Nikita shook her head slowly, not wanting to hurt Raka's feelings.

"It's not anymore when I know you and love you." said Nikita with a smile.

"I hope so, Nik, because people say that first love is very hard to forget." said Raka with a serious face.

"Do you think so, Doctor Raka?" asked Nikita, narrowing her eyes.

"I think it could be like that, especially one day when we meet. Maybe old love will come back." said Raka while screaming spoiled when Nikita pinched his stomach.

"Ouch....sick Nik." said Raka with a seductive smile.

"Don't talk like that again, or I'll pinch you again." Nikita said deliberately with beautiful eyes.

Raka laughed softly seeing Nikita pouting with a red face.

"I'm just kidding Nik, to be honest ... if that was the case I wouldn't have let it. You are only mine Nik." said Raka, hugging Nikita tightly.

"Thank goodness if you will defend me Ka. Thank you very much, I love you." said Nikita with a calm feeling.

"I love you too Nik. When do you go to Bandung Nik, let me take you." said Raka staring into Nikita's face.

"Tomorrow morning Ka." said Nikita very hard to part with Raka.

"Then, let's spend some time today together. Do you want it?" asked Raka with full eyes.

Nikita nodded her head with a smile, letting Raka hug her very tightly.

"Where do you want us to go this afternoon, Nik?" Asked Raka wanting to spend time with Nikita.

"I don't want to go anywhere Ka, I just want to be at home. Want to be with you too Mom and Dad. I feel heavy leaving them," said Nikita in a low voice.

"Okay, let's just spend our time at home. I was too heavy when you went Nik. And surely your parents are also very hard to let go of you to Bandung," said Raka trying to calm down.

"I Promise you will take care of my parents when I'm in Bandung Ka." Said Nikita with a serious face.

"You Don't worry, I'll take care of them," said Raka while kissing the top of Nikita's head with great affection.

"Thank you Ka, I can rest easy going to Bandung. I will not worry anymore because I trust you that you will take good care of Mom and Dad." said Nikita hugging Raka very tightly.

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