108 Chapter 108: The boys who cried wolf.

"Too noisy. Tell them to stop, Agatha." She said, rubbing her eyes.

"Elize I-" Agatha hesitated.

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Through her now clearing vision, she could see that Agatha was looking at her nervously. Why was she looking at her like that? Was there something on her face? Elize felt the contours of her face with her fingers. She didn't feel like anything was wrong. Then what was it? As the crowd started shouting, the push of the noise towards her was becoming more intolerable. She was barely trying not to scratch herself to death, but her senses were only getting more stressed by the minute. Watching Agatha standing there, looking like a helpless fool was adding to the irritation. 

Elize glared at her friend. "Tell them to stop now!" She screamed in anger, her sound suddenly coming out deep. 

For a moment, Elize was surprised herself. Her voice sounded coarse and deep at the same time for some reason. It was totally unlike her own voice that she was used to. 

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