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Parallel Trials of a Somewhat Hero


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READ FIRST: Hi dear readers, author here! I'll be taking a short break from writing to get things going smoothly again. Creating can be tough, so maybe a breather would do to give you all some better quality writing. Also, I'll be taking this time to revise the earlier chapters, so PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE CHAPTER TITLES AND THEIR NUMBERS BEFORE SUBCRIBING. The chapters' numbers will change soon due to the editing. Again, thank you for all your support! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! It usually is the same old story. And, having a typical geek as a protagonist should be a breeze since he probably had it figured out, living in a world of warriors, mages, rangers, and stealth fighters where leveling up is all about. Quite simple to say the least in truth, do not deplete health points, avoid draining stamina points, and use magic points wisely. However, Erida Seijurou is a geek born in this kind of world, meaning he plays video games, reads light novels and manga, and watches anime series in this same world. His willingness to put himself on the line to improve battle skills, cast magical spells, and form parties, like the ones in role playing games, is close to none. Thinking of himself as an irrelevant speck to everything, and thinking of everything as irrelevant to his illusory high and mighty self, what could Seijurou possibly do if the truth of the world he lives in begins to become more relevant and threatens the very lives of the ones closest to him? "That was one long sentence..", Seijurou thought as he realized how much of a drag just to read through it. His trials will even be longer.. For more Parallel Trials of a Somewhat Hero content and the author's extras, follow me on instagram: @eruma_sarushiro


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