Pantheon Online

Two worlds collide in the new VRMMORPG, 'Pantheon Online', as Colt Anderson desperately joins the game in a bid to save his failing gaming career. At first, he thought it would be like any other game...  That was until he discovered the players would be the Gods of this world. The goal? To spread their influence among the mortals (NPC's). However, if their Divinity ever reached zero, they would be forcefully ejected from the game forever.  As Colt is driven forward by his ambition, his beliefs as a gamer are called into question. Tough choices lay ahead, while his feelings for an NPC become complicated as they face the coming storms together.

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305 Chs


Silkyhair swung her dagger, striking Colt's shield. When the blow landed, she frowned as no damage notification came up. Colt reacted quickly and attacked her with his axe. 'Yes!' Colt grew excited because his strike had managed to deal damage!

[Divine Power Damage Check… Enemy Endurance 1. Your Strength 2. Your Divine Power is superior. You have dealt -2 HP.]

This meant that he could harm his opponent, while as long Silkyhair struck his shield, he was completely safe! Of course, as soon as he had that thought, Silkyhair managed to slip around his guard and stab his arm!

[Divine Power Damage Check… Enemy Speed 3. Endurance of area struck 3. Divine Power Tied. -1 HP]

Colt frowned when he received the notification. It made it clear that damage started at one for a tie, and he would deal one extra point of damage for every stat point that he overwhelmed his opponent by during the check. This made him feel a lot more confident during this fight!

They lashed out against each other, and Colt discovered that if Silkyhair blocked his axe with her blade, he would not deal any damage to her. This was because her Speed was greater than her Strength. This single battle was proving to be enlightening for Colt as a broad grin swept across his face.

[-1 HP]

[-1 HP]

[You have dealt -2 HP]

[-1 HP]

[-1 HP]

'Minor Blessing!' Colt activated his skill as Silkyhair's latest blow got lodged in-between his ribs.

[You have healed for +4 HP]

Colt grinned as Silkyhair looked into his eyes with a panicked expression on her face! Her position made it difficult for him to strike her with his sword, so he did what felt natural. His left arm swung around and slammed the rim of his shield into the bridge of Silkyhair's nose!

[Divine Power Damage Check… Enemy Endurance 1. Your Endurance 4. Your Divine Power is superior. You have dealt -4 HP.]

Silkyhair's head exploded into golden motes of light at the moment of impact! Colt was shocked by how violently she had died as her body slumped to the ground before the same specks of light claimed it as well.

[Congratulations! You have slain Silkyhair, Goddess of the Hunt! Calculating Divinity. Generating Divine Orb.]

As soon as Colt read the notification, a golden orb appeared on the spot where Silkyhair had died as well as the bow she had used earlier. Colt touched the bow first, and it disappeared into his inventory. He focused on it to see what its stats were.

[Common Hunting Shortbow]

[Requires: Arrows]

[Current Ammo: 0/10]

[Description: Common ranged weapon. Can be equipped to Secondary Weapon slot.]

Colt ignored it for now as he did not see the point of equipping the bow before he had any ammo for it. His eyes then turned to the golden Orb as he raised his eyebrow curiously. When he touched the Divine Orb, a series of notifications entered his mind.

[This Orb contains 50% of Silkyhair's Divinity. Do you wish to absorb it for yourself?]

Colt grinned as he confirmed the action. A golden stream erupted from the Orb and struck his chest. The stream connected him to the item for around thirty seconds before the Orb vanished from Colt's sight.

[You have absorbed Silkyhair's Divinity! You have permanently received +2 Speed, +1 Endurance.]

Colt's eyes went wide when he read the notification! 'When other's find out about this, they'll realise the fastest way to get stronger is to wipe out other players! Damn, the developers are so vicious!'

[Congratulations! 10 points of Divinity have been detected! You have reached Level 2!]

[Please prepare yourself for Ascension! 10… 9… 8…]

'Wait! What? Fuck!' Colt panicked as he had no idea what was going on.

[7… 6… 5… 4…]

'Damn! Do you really have to rush me! Wait. Why do I feel like I have forgotten something?'

[3… 2… 1…]

[Ascension Activated!]

A golden beam of light suddenly burst through the dark clouds overhead to land on Colt's figure. Colt suddenly felt as if his body was being stretched as he was suddenly pulled away from the ground by the light to who knew where…

Ania swung her fist at the man who had slipped inside of the temple to try and kill her. She had no idea why but he had suddenly hesitated as if he had sensed something wrong, so she would definitely exploit it!

Blood erupted from the man's mouth as Ania knocked a few of his teeth loose. He groaned loudly as he retaliated by slashing Ania with his hunting dagger. A deep cut opened along Ania's upper arm as she winced in pain.

Their fight had been going on for some time now, and Ania was beginning to feel tired. She took a moment to study the several cuts that the man had inflicted on her. 'I have to stall for time….'

"Why are you doing this?" Ania demanded as she attempted to get the man to talk.

"The Goddess demands it." Ania's opponent spat out a mouthful of blood as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. "You're just like me. You understand, right? We have to make sure everyone understands how great the Gods are!"

Ania sneered at his fanatical expression. There was something off with the way he was acting. Why did they not just return to the man's village? It should not have been hard for them to do the same as what Exile and herself had accomplished in Eraldsfen.

The man stalked toward her in a low posture with his arms close to his body. She shivered when his expression became menacing. Ania took two wary steps back as she kept her eyes fixed on her assailant.


"Aghh! Fu…" Gurgling noises erupted from the man's throat as he tried to grab at the arrowhead that had suddenly burst through his skin!

"Ania! Are you ok?" Bjorn rushed in from the doorway with a bow in his hands.

"I'm fine…." Ania stared at the man who had attempted to kill her with a cold look in her eyes.

The man bled to death right at their feet. Bjorn had shot him in the gut first with one arrow and finished him off with a second through his throat.

[Pantheon Online System Log…]

[Silkyhair, Goddess of the Hunt, has no active followers left…]

[Revoking player Silkyhair's Divinity…]

[Player Silkyhair has forcefully been ejected from the game…]

[Player Silkyhair has been permanently banned from Pantheon Online…]