Pandora's Curse: Key To ImmortalityPandora's Curse: Key To Immortality

Pandora's Curse: Key To Immortality

by SleepyKola

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Life is unpredictable. Life in a world where soulmate exists is like putting a cherry on top of a cake, beautiful, sweet, and pretty. Life with a soulmate where mythical creatures exist to spice up the situation even more. Adding up with apocalypse shows how savage the world truly is. An illegal program was created. With unknown goals, a hundred experiments were confidential. A prototype was stolen and leaked, causing major outbreaks around the world. Only 1% of those contaminated survived and Luo Yi is one of them, with the consequence of living as an undead. Apocalypse. Every being strived to survive. Humans, Vampire, Werewolves. By all means. PANDORA. Grants immortality. Why would anyone desire it when living in an apocalypse setting? During these times, love shouldn't be a problem. But why was Luo Yi caught in a tight situation between them? Conflict of love, between soulmate or a destined fate; a vampire or a werewolf; which one is the true love? *Disclaimer* *I Don't own the cover, so all rights reserves to OG artist* WINNER OF WFP #11 GOLD TIER *Update frequency: 3-4 chapters/week*

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