Owner of the Distorted Arm [A HXH Fanfiction]

A young boy who was looking for his father and want to follow his path of sweat and blood... Another one who ran away from his family's culture and tried to find something that he wanted to do... A little girl who escaped from the sad experience and want to find the missing piece of herself... A kind father betrayed his only family for a reason that cannot be known... A living arm that will jump into the pool of blood to protect its weakest owner... Secco Rasvin has an arm that can kill people, an arm that hated by everyone, an arm that will stay with her forever and cannot be removed. She just wanted to know everything about her mysterious arm but her past keeps pulling her back right from the start, having dark intentions and desires. How can she overcome this fear, anxiety, and murderous intentions filled in her heart? How can the four characters keep her story on the right track?

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70 Chs

Part 64: Strange X And X Secrets

They were hints of green grass on the ground, but it was enveloped by the withering weeds and dry dirt that human eyes couldn't be able to see.

Half of his life had been a kid cashier at his uncle's printing shop, thus developed a special talent for detecting a print mistake, especially on money. So detecting the traces of the once grass field in front of him was a piece of cake.

'I must keep going...'

He kept repeating to himself. He had been walking for hours in the middle of a dying field since he was being thrown by the bus at the Philene Village. Unlike the previous visit last year, he didn't encounter any enemy or even a single soul.

He tried to go back to the basement at the house, which he later found it belonged to the Marda Family, the chief family of the village. The whole wasn't there anymore, as if nothing happened back then.

Until he used his En to detect anything below the ground. There, he saw multiple passages under, like there had been giant ants working on it.

He thought that there might be an entrance, so he decided to find it by following the trails of one of the passages.

'That thing... That thing that caught Sir Michael...'

He thought, reminiscing about the moment where he lost him and couldn't be able to do anything to help.

The monster that pulled him to the depths of the dark pit had the same texture as the ones he saw in both Secco and the description of the person who killed his uncle. But somehow, it was different from theirs. It was bigger and more monstrous. Even though it happened a year ago, the details were still fresh in his mind.

'I have to be careful.'

As he was walking in deep thoughts, he stumbled upon a cave whose mouth was as large as a basketball court. Inside was infinite darkness with no sign of light and even the sound retreated from its absence.

It was silent.

But what caught his attention was the numerous hidden cameras planted at each rock of the cave entrance. It was too blended in with the nature surrounding him, but everyone in his village knew he was no ordinary kid.

Seeing the hidden cameras, he sprinted back to avoid detection from them, but a smile of hope plastered in his face, which he had never used since he left.

'This might be it!'

He thought, a slight happiness came rushing in his veins. He had been investigating and trained for a year to prepare himself. And had been walking and traveling for hours trying to reach this place and now, he succeeded.

'Now I can find Sir Michael...'

The times of guilt that he felt had been reducing as he reassured to save his client no matter what, as he won't let another person die.

'And finally, Secco...'

He couldn't help but remember her as he had an idea that the whole passage might have some connections with the monstrous cells on the humans' bodies. Him thinking that he could finally help her made him more motivated.

After all, he would do anything for her.

While he was celebrating his discovery in his mind, an assault of an idea struck her brain in an instant.

"That's right." He mumbled as he reached for the pockets of his red jacket and grabbed a phone. His metal necklaces released a silent clang with his actions. "I have to call Mas—"

But he stopped in his tracks, not continuing what he was about to do. The memory of his quarrel with his master was still fresh, even though he had been away in a year.

He had been used to report every single thing he found strange during the client mission that he didn't notice that they fought.

'Sometimes you had to sacrifice others for the better of most people.'

Hearing that in his head with the same voice as it always been, he couldn't help but to grit his teeth and clutch his fist. He had never liked that rule of hers, as it just said that the choices were limited and there's no other way than to use a life.

He knew that he was irritated with her. He had been insulting her and treating her like an old woman. But...

That doesn't mean that he won't treat her as his master.


Typing sound echoed inside the room as more tabs kept flashing on the laptop monitor. But no matter how many it is, he never stopped. His long curly hair didn't move in its position since then.

After receiving the knowledge from his friend a year ago about Secco's monster cells, he had been busy researching more, and today is no different.

He had never liked his friend, but when it comes to biological matters, he knew that he had higher talent than his. He had been a doctor since the time he legally wasn't. Even though he doesn't want to appreciate his help, he didn't have a choice but to add it to his studies.

Then, the rhythm of the keys broke as his phone rang on the desk. He grabbed it out of frustration and read her name flashing on the screen. It made him more irritated, but he still chose to answer.

"Didn't I say not to disturb me?!" He yelled as loud as he can, releasing an irk mark on his head.

"I'm sorry, Master! But I have some news!" The other line said, coming from a female voice made of both sweetness and mockery.

But he didn't let it bother him and focused on what she had to offer. He didn't make a noise to the other line and wait for the information.

"Archi found a cave to an underground facility." She added, now with a different tone. One could notice the seriousness of it.

His eyes widened as he heard what she said. He never thought that there would be an underground facility in the village. Could it be...?

"Where did he find it?" He asked.

"It was near the lonely house, which was owned by the Marda Family." She answered. "It has the same path as the unknown entity inside the house."

He gave the same reaction, as he knew what she was talking about. He, too, was informed by the unknown creature that took her client to a dark pit.

After the short exchange of information, they finally hang up. Instead of him continuing his work, he spaced out on his seat, thinking of what the next move will be.

First, I have to keep Secco from activating the cells.

He had never been this tight in researching before. He had always chased after the distorted arm but the evidence was few. But now, it was too much that he couldn't be able to keep up.

Not to mention, if Secco knew about the cells still lurking inside her, it might gave her a negative impact, causing her to lose her mind.

I have to think...


The roller coaster was finished at last and I couldn't help but drop at my feet once I went out of the vehicle. I told a peek at what Gon and the others were doing and they all seemed to have fun.

But for me, it wasn't fun at all. I felt my stomach suddenly growled, telling me that there will be a load of vomit gonna throw out any second now. I quickly ran further away into a nearby trash bin to release it. I didn't care about what people were gonna think of me, I just want to feel well.

"I'm hungry!" I heard Alluka yell at a close distance. I should be thinking about food right now since I heard it, but I was too focused on puking that I already lost my appetite.

"Let's eat there!" Gon cheerfully shouted as he pointed his finger to a nearby cafe inside the amusement park. It wasn't that far and only a few meters away from us.

It had a huge sign of a cupcake at the top, with vanilla icing covered with chocolate sprinkles and chips. Usually, I would stare longer at the giant food, even drool at it, but this time, somehow, I lost interest.

"Secco!" I heard Killua's voice nearby so I turned around and found him approaching me while letting the other two go to the cafe. "Let's get you some water."


After releasing what I've been holding since I left the roller coaster, I stood up and walked towards Killua. But my legs were still weak and shivering, so it was slower than usual.

Every time I took a step towards my friend, my whole body got heavier. It felt like I was carrying thousands of rocks on my back.

Then, suddenly, someone bumped into me at increased speed, causing me to stumble and fall on my knees. The feeling of heaviness earlier turned into a feeling of pain.

"Huh?!" I heard a stern voice filled with irritation coming from the right side. It must be the one who bumped me. I stood up to see a middle-aged man with a great build, covered with his shirt and red jacket. His face can be compared to the gangsters I kept seeing at the Yorknew City.

"What are you doing, you brat?!" He yelled at me with gritted teeth, about to attack me with his deadliest blows. If eyes can kill, then I would be dead by now.

I couldn't help but to plead and not move at my position, as I was frozen. Every time I see his face, it reminded me of those who were bullying me before.

"I-I'm sorry," I replied unintentionally, as his aura made me do so. Even right now, seeing these bullies still traumatized me.

But it doesn't mean I'll go crying over the fear. I've changed right now. There's no way I'll show my weaknesses.

"Heh!" He shouted out of the blue, which made me jumped. The gritted teeth turned into a smirk. A wide smirk that shouted underestimation at me. "You're actually a coward!"

Once I heard that word, my eyes widened and my hands formed into fists. I quickly stood up and gave him a death glare. Anger circulated inside my body. It was like lava that was about to come out from a volcano. And I wouldn't mind exploding.


I was about to start a quarrel with a man that was ten times my size, but then, suddenly, a familiar white hair blocked me from going further to the gangster. At first, I was about to yell hatred towards him too, but I realized who he actually was.

"Killua..." I mumbled his name, couldn't be able to release my anger towards him. I was too focused on attempting to land a punch at the big man that I didn't notice that my friend was still here.

"What's with this ki–"

The man failed to finish his sentence that leads to complaints and fights, and cold sweats kept dropping from his head.

I also felt a spine-chilling aura coming from Killua, which made me gulped. I was about to drop from my knees but I tried my best not to. I thought I was about to get killed by the presence he was giving.

"If you'll try picking a fight with us... I'll kill you." He said with a deep whispering voice, giving more intimidation in his sentence and appearance. The aura was more powerful than before and anytime right now, I might run away.

This lasted for half a minute as both of them had a competition on who gave a more intimidating aura.

"Tch." The man gave up on the contest, giving the victory to Killua, and left us once and for all.

He deserved it. He should never speak of me as that word. If my friend wasn't here, I would have given him a blow with my Killer Healer.

"Don't be bothered by him." Killua turned his head around to me, now without the scary presence, he showed earlier. "People like that don't have anything else to do."

I didn't do anything but nod at him. Although I hoped that he let me do the job.

At first, I was scared of the big man earlier but after hearing him calling me a coward, I couldn't help but release so much anger. Too much anger that I have the will to torture him.

"I should have killed him."