Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse
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Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse


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What is Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse

Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse is a popular web novel written by the author Lazy_leon, covering OVERPOWERED, FANTASY, MODERN, ACTION, ADVENTURE, APOCALYPSE, COMEDY, SCI-FI, SLICE OF LIFE, GOTHIC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.4/5 and 76 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 199 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Our hero dies after defeating his main enemy and his soul returns to Earth. He has no goals so he becomes an otaku... Meteoroids crash onto the Earth land, and corpses start rising from their graves. Zombie roams the lands and mutate but for Feng Mei killing them is the same as crushing ants. Hell overlaps, gods counter-attack. Amid the war between Gods and Demons, watch how Feng Mei plays them all. A will ancient, promise forgotten, prophecy of Evil, heavens dead is possible! All lives as a pawn, a game of chess, a game played by placing one own's life at stake. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you like it, Then motivate me by voting with power stone Thanks!

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This is a riotously fun novel. There's no other way to say it. The slightly stunted writing gives it charm, which works well with the comedic air. There is no doubt that it's a great story as well. There is a lot of context which makes the story feel real within the absurdity. I'm a sucker for both science-magic fusion and reincarnation, and this really ticks those boxes. The author is also posting super consistently. They're forging ahead with no sign of stopping! I recommend you strap in and follow on ASAP.


I think it is my second time I give 5 out 5. I rarely do it. However, this story just is that good. The author spills imagination all over the place. Sarcasm, humor, intensity, and even mystery. All cooked up in an apocalyptic plot. I wouldn't believe that it could work out but it does work o_O! There are some typos here and there but I wouldn't bother. If you get paid, then you can hire someone to proofread it. The story is rich enough to make you ignore some misspellings. I love the main character so far and hope the author would not trash him with some banality. He is too unique to be stained lol! I have no criticism. For one, I am a new author and second - the world background (which I am obsessed with, in general) rocks. You make a solid world and I become your fan! This is how it works with me lol. Good job. I will keep the story in my library even after the review. (:


The novel is really interesting. Hope u won't stop writing otherwise u will go bald. Keep on building the plot slowly. (ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳(ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳


How this got so many good stars i have no idea. the characters have no background, the setting does not exist, and plot holes are everywhere. it has a good premise but it was executed in a poor way.


Great story but the grammar is horrible I mostly have to fix it in my head to understand what a section is telling me and some of most of the time I just give up trying to understand and just skip it...


An overpowered MC is funny at first, but it becomes boring pretty soon, there are no stakes or tension, no struggle or hard work, nothing feels earned this way. and I mean it’s funny at first, but after 50 chapters it becomes boring. Btw this is far from being the only problem of the novel, the writing style could use some improvement and the characters and worldbuilding are quite shallow.


Reveal spoiler


Those who follow the path on Doomsday will not be losers. Choosing a path means a lot to a person whether he sees light green gardens or fire. If a man can maintain his humanity, consider that he has lived his life not in vain. The author has a beautiful style, the text block is exquisite. I hope the author will be able in his novel to show that a good person always remains such, so as not to be among the losers and see the fire.


This story got lot of potential, I had fun reading it....But I am greatly sadden by the horrendous grammar(especially improper commas), I had to shut down by brain to read it. If Author-san can fix/improve the grammar, readers might enjoy your novel more. P.S: You could edit the earlier chapters for move viewers.


Overrated, spoilers for those who read, this novel has great potential. But the author made the story really bad. 1. Too many jokes, even the slightest thing is used as a joke and makes the story cringe. 2. MC personality is like a retarded person. Her personality does not represent reincarnated supreme beings. 3. The side characters have more scenes than Mc.


your story is interesting with so much spice.There is not much to comment on grammar as it's fine.your story is one to be hooked with. The pace of the story with it's character framing is done pretty nicely.Good luck .


I love how the writer exert an effort in creating a vividly detailed story. The usage of words are well chosen that the readers immediately grasp what does the writer is trying to narrate.


A simple and funny apocalpsye novel with an op mc. Comedys pretty good and I like the characters so far. But my biggest peeve with the story is the major grammar and writing errors throughout the story. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading an mtl and at certain points I cant even understand whats happening. I know its tough managing checks on each chapter while keeping a constant schedule but if he can clean it up, this novel will improve majorly.


Needs to work a little more on the grammer, the premise is alright so far but some minor loopholes in story. Might continue to read to see where it goes but hard to say.


The support you have shown for my novel is amazing i thank you from the bottom of my heartaww. I have slowly started reading your book and i have to say that it is intresting and excellent


The story was good so far and the pace was just right. So far from I've read, the grammar was good and there were barely a mistake. Nice world building and it was well thought. Please don't stop writing for you've earned a reader. Thank you for your review on mine.


The story is captivating, in fact it got me hooked. Its classical, the writing is of good quality and so entertaining. I love every bit of each chapter. Nice work author.


Character design and world background creation is wonderful. The story seems very captivating and the plot is very interesting. The writing style is unique and creative. Overall I liked this book. Story development is also well in pace(atleast that's what I felt). Author did a good job👍


The story is well written although there are minute errors here and there. We can see the effort the author has put into developing the story. The writing technique, character description and scene development is nicely done. Keep up the good work author.


An interesting beginning. Synopsis is also well written. 😊 Just some minor spacing issues like the start of many sentences have an extra space, so u can remove that. Writing quality is good and the choice of words used for description really gives a nice flow 👌 There are a little grammar issues. Im also a little rough in that area so can say that. Grammarly is a good option to make the basic corrections. Otherwise author has done a good job with the plot! Keep it up 👍😁


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