73 Chapter 73

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"Where the f*ck..."

Raizel paused momentarily as he started looking around at his surroundings

"... am I?"

Judging from his confused expression, it's pretty obvious that what is happening right now is not what he planned. Well, he has every reason to wear that kind of expression cause just a few moments ago, he was sitting in the throne room of Nazarick, and out of nowhere, he suddenly found himself standing in the middle of a snow field.

Of course, he's aware of the transmigration phenomenon that will happen after the server shutdown. What he's confused about is the fact that he was transported to a place he doesn't recognize.

He did not expect this to happen at all.

Just like how it happened in the Anime, it's pretty reasonable to think that he will be transported to the New World together with Momonga, meanwhile, still being inside the great tomb of Nazarick.

But not only that did not happen, but he's also now in the middle of god knows where. Normally, he would be able to recognize a place based on the overall ambiance of that said place, but sadly, that's just not the case here.

Raizel ruffled his hair in annoyance as he looked around his surroundings once more, checking if he missed something.


Fortunately enough, this time around he actually managed to notice something. 

"I... don't think I'm in the right place."

He is not sure if the New World has a snowy area or something like that but, as odd as it might sound, for some reason, Raizel is starting to think that he's probably not in the New World. 

His reasons? Well, it's all thanks to this weird sensation he's feeling, which is a feeling that has some sort of connection somewhere. He didn't know where that 'somewhere' was exactly, but he knew that it was somewhere in this world. Not only that but he could also tell that he holds some sense of odd familiarity with it.

And yes, through that very connection, he can weirdly sense that this world is nowhere close to the image he has of the New World.

He has a vague guess of what is happening right now or even the World he's currently in but he still has a lot of questions that need answers so he can be 100% sure of it.

And thankfully, he knows where to get it... if things go according to the plan that is and no more surprising f*ck ups will happen anytime soon.

But first, he needs something. A certain ring of his. Sounds easy right? He just needs to take it out... but the thing is, this very ring in question, is stored in his inventory. 

And he doesn't know how to open his inventory.

He doesn't know what to do. Unlike in the game where all he needs to do to access his inventory is to just reach out on the menu, here, things don't work like that. 

So, while praying intensively that whatever he was about to do, would hopefully work, Raizel started looking down at his hand and started visualizing the ring he wanted.

Thankfully, something happened. Cause as he did that, in front of him, a black hole popped out. It's not exactly what Raizel expects to happen but, hey, if it works it works.

After that, Raizel then reached out inside the black hole, and inside it, he felt something. Just from the sensation of it, it seems to be a ring. It just so happens that a ring is what Raizel wants. 

So with a hopeful expression on his face, he grabbed that ring and pulled it out of the black hole. 


And judging from his reaction just now, he seemed to have gotten the right item. 

He wasted no more time after that as he immediately took the ring from his palm, opened his mouth, and then... proceeded to swallow it. 

Well, indeed, it is a ring, and it will give its user buffs for wearing it like how anyone would usually wear rings. But unbeknownst to many, it has a hidden function, and that hidden function can only be obtained by swallowing the ring. Hence Raizel did what he just did.

Now, to confirm if he actually got the hidden function of the ring.

"... Alexa?" Raizel- while looking around, suddenly called out to someone. 


Honestly, Raizel expected an immediate response after that but unlike what he expected, no one answered his call.

He decided to call out again a couple of times after that but, unfortunately, he got no response still.

"... Umm, there's probably some sort of delay." Inhaling some dose of pure copium, Raizel reasoned to himself and decided to wait for more.

But, another minute had passed and he still got no response. Feeling the ever-rising nervousness inside him, Raizel was about to call out again. But, fortunately, before he could do that...

[ Yes? How may I help you? ]

A feminine voice suddenly rang inside his head.

"... Thank god~. I was about to sh*t bricks." He finally got a response and that made Raizel sigh in relief.

"What got you so long?" Raizel then asked the voice with a little bit of a frown on his face. Clearly annoyed that it took him that long before getting a simple response.

[ I apologize. During the recalibration of the system, I cannot take any actions yet. Hence I did not manage to give you an immediate reply. ]

"Oh. I see."

Hearing the reason for the delayed response, Raizel nodded his head and gave forgiveness. Now he knows that this AI is not just trolling him and there's actually a reason for it. 

Now, on the other hand, if someone were to see Raizel right now, they would probably think that he is already going insane, cause he started talking to himself all of a sudden.

But everything can be explained by the fact that the ring he ate just a while ago is a ring that can give him a System. And in that custom-built system, there exists an AI programmed to manage everything. And that AI is called, ALEXA.

The one that Raizel's talking to through all this time.

Obviously, Raizel knows of her existence already, though he still can't help but panic when he receives no response from her for a couple of minutes.

Well, in the first place, Raizel didn't manage to actually test Alexa back then in YGGDRASIL cause consuming the Ring to unlock the System is only a one-time thing. Once he does it, the process can't be reversed anymore.

Meaning to say, this is his first time seeing the Ring of the System Maker in action and hearing Alexa as well.

In any case, as much as he wants to find out what cool things can his new System do, he has priorities this time. That's why he decided to do that later on and go first on a much more important topic.

"Alright, it's time to see how much of a masterpiece this system is." Raizel muttered with a sarcastic tone as he remembered his friend Satoshi, rubbed on his face the fact that this System was one of his masterpieces back then. 

So, expecting something great out of it, Raizel finally started working the system.

"So Alexa, can you tell me where is this place?"

[ ... ]

But unexpectedly, Alexa did not reply to him immediately. Just like before, it was delayed, cause It took him a few seconds before he finally received a reply from her.

[ According to my database, the current location that we are in now is... ]

( To be continued...)


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