11 Aftermath of The Bloody Valkyrie

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[Citrinitas's POV]

"Shalltear … has been brainwashed." The words that were spoken out of my mouth made the previous homely atmosphere cold and tense. It was like the world suddenly froze in time. The area was so silent, you could have heard a pin drop from 50 metres away.

"What?" Ainz questioned. It wasn't a question filled with curiosity, but one that was filled with shock and controlled anger. I saw Narberals legs slightly shake from the skeletons' pressure and anger. "Shalltear was attacked by a mysterious group during her mission outside E-Rantel." I replied.

"I sensed the signature of a powerful magical artefact earlier. So, I went to investigate and saw a group consisting of thirteen brainwashed Shalltear … with this." I gestured to the item in my hands. "Downfall of Castle … and Country …" Ainz said under his breath. His glowing red eyes were soul-piercing.

I was going to continue to talk and voice my made-up story when Ainz's hand smashed against the wall. "FUCK!" Ainz, whose emotional nullifier was overrun with emotions, let out an intense aura of death and despair. While the hairs on my skin shot up, I was able to maintain composure from such an aura with [Cold Blooded].

On the other hand, Narberal, who was a level 63 NPC, collapsed to the marble floor. She did her best to resist and get back up. However, the sheer pressure her body was in didn't allow her to get back up. I could have sworn that the marble floor her knees were on cracked from the pressure.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! DAMMIT ALL!" His rage was pure and untamed. It reminded me of the scene where Foresight lied to Ainz about going to Nazarick. But, there was a difference between reading the works on a book or watching the show to actually witnessing it in person.

The thought of Foresight did remind me of their grim fate. Each member suffered a fate worse than death. Except for Arche. Out of the whole bunch, she probably has the best, most humane fate of them all. Compared to being a living host for insects and parasites, death doesn't seem too bad.

'If I recall, Arche had sisters that died from overwork. Should I save them or ignore them? Knowing those innocent sisters will be overworked to death is heart churning. But, why should I care for the lives of people I have no relation to? It doesn't help me in any way if I save the sisters from a logical standpoint. I can't be saving every innocent person that suffers. Fuck, I'm thinking too much.'

I dismissed the multitude of thoughts for a later time, focusing on the raging overlord. The raw emotion he emitted created howling winds in the hallway we were in. It wasn't until some of the guardians rushed towards my direction that Ainz's emotional nullifier kicked in and he calmed down.

"Al … bedo? Demiurge? Esdeath? What are you doing here?" Ainz asked in confusion. "MY LORD!" Albedo exclaimed, rushing to the side of her lover. Narberal regained her senses and stood back up, albeit with shaky legs.

"We felt your rage throughout Nazarick and immediately came to check up on you!" The succubus exclaimed, waving her wings around and hugging the man's boney arm. "My lord, is everything alright?" Demiurge cautiously asked, putting a hand on his chest and slightly bowing to show respect.

"Y-yes … I just lost control of my emotions after hearing some … unfortunate news." Ainz said, tilting his skull towards my direction. The three guardians glanced at my masked face with curious gazes. "Brother, I do love you. However, making my love feel so much rage is unacceptable!" Albedo retorted, glaring at my mask whilst rubbing her cheeks all over the skeletons' robes.

"It's nothing of the sort, Albedo." I simply replied to the succubus. "Citrinitas, I'll permit you to inform the others about your … shocking discovery." Ainz said to me. I slightly nodded before turning to the floor guardians who were looking for answers.

"To keep things short, Shalltear has been brainwashed with this." I gestured to the beautiful dress in my hands. "Downfall of Castle and Country. A World Item that can brainwash any being no matter their strengths or immunities." I stated.

The faces of the three-floor guardians were all different. Demiurge had a face that suggested he was in deep thought. Albedo, who was rubbing her cheeks on Ainz's robes, gave a grumble and slightly bit her lip. Esdeath on the other hand, while she did show visible anger, I did notice a slight smirk.

"I noticed an abnormal magic signature in the outskirts of E-Rantel and went to check. When I arrived, I witnessed a group of thirteen humans brainwashing Shalltear with the World Item. Of course, I couldn't leave such a powerful artefact in the hands of an unknown group. So, I killed seven of the thirteen people. The others fled with their tails tucked between their legs."

As I finished my sentence, Demiurge stepped in and asked me a question. "Citrinitas, do you happen to know who these beings were?" The arch-devil asked. "Considering this group had such a powerful item from YGGDRASIL, do you think they are a rival group of Players?" The mention of 'Players' made Ainz slightly take a step back. Though, it went unnoticed by everyone except me.

I didn't even get to reply when Albedo burst into a fit of rage. "Players? Players! If any Players want to hurt MY LORD AINZ, they will cease to exist the moment I find them!" Ainz put his hand on Albedo's head, calming her down. "Albedo, calm yourself." He started with authority.

"My apologies, lord Ainz. Please forgive me." Albedo said apologetically before snuggling her head to Ainz's hand like a cat. 'Can there really be other Players stuck in the same predicament as me? If so, then I'm nothing special. I should be more cautious …' Ainz thought.

Ainz looked towards me, nodding his head to let me continue speaking. "Back to what Demiurge asked," I slightly paused, recuperating my previous thoughts. "I'm not entirely sure if they were players or not. Maybe they could have been servants of a player or a group of them. I predict, considering their level and their ability to use Martial Arts, they are most likely new world denizens that serve a player." I stated. Demiurge seemed to nod as if formulating new plans and ideas.

Esdeath, Albedo and even Narberal took in what I had to say about the matter. Ainz just rubbed his chin, deep in thought about the whole ordeal. There was a moment of silence between us all before Ainz started to talk.

"How do we proceed?" He muttered. "Please stop your flattery, my lord. To give us, lowly servants a chance to peer into your endless mind! Surely, you have already thought of a plan, right?" Demiurge questioned, catching the attention of all that were present. 'Flattery? Plan? WHAT DID I SAY?!'

"Uhm … uhhh … Indeed! It is as you say, Demiurge! I have already thought of a plan on how to proceed. BUT, I'm giving you, my loyal servants, the chance to enact my plan!" Ainz exclaimed, raising his hands into the air. "Plan? Demiurge, I don't follow." Narberal replied to the arch-devil.

"Uhm … Demiurge, as the smartest being here, I permit you to explain my 'Plan' to the others present." Ainz said, making the arch-devil deviously smile. "My lord, I'm truly humbled by your compliment. But, there is none the wiser than yourself!" Demiurge exclaimed even further.

Esdeath huffed, crossing her arms to accentuate her already large breasts. "Hmph, I bet Citrinitas is smarter." She muttered under her breath. 'Me? Smarter than Demiurge? While I appreciate a compliment, I am by no means smarter than that dude! I'm just saying shit which surprisingly works! Is this what Ainz feels?' I wondered.

"I could only speculate and grasp what your plan is. However," The arch-devil cleared his throat, getting back to his master's orders. "This minor setback may seem a hindrance. But, this is actually a benefit to Nazarick in the long run!" The arch-devil started.

"I could only guess that Citrinitas has already thought of this. Maybe even Albedo. But, this … incident has helped us realize that there are plenty of unknown dangers in this new world. It is better to realize these setbacks now than to experience this when our lord establishes his empire!" Demiurge exclaimed with a bright smile.

"There has to be more than that, right Demiurge?" Esdeath asked. "Precisely! There are always layers to the Supreme Ones plan. This is where the establishment of Momon comes into play." Demiurge said, taking everyone's curiosity except myself.

"Citrinitas and I have discussed this not too long ago. But, our lord's plan for world conquest started the moment he established his adventurer persona, Momon. When the adventurer guild discovers the appearance of a powerful vampire outside E-Rantel, who do you think they'll go to?" Demiurge asked. "It … all makes sense now …" Narberal muttered.

'Sense? SENSE?! I have NO IDEA what's going on! I just wanted to go on ADVENTURES! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!' Ainz internally freaked out, his mind was a buzzing mess. "Of course, they will go to Momon. That's when Ainz will be able to fight and kill Shalltear. Thus, resurrecting the vampire slut while bolstering the Momon's rank as the best adventurer in the country." Albedo said, snuggling and slightly drooling onto the overlords' expensive fabrics.

"Uhm … It is as you say, Demiurge and Albedo!" Ainz exclaimed, making the arch-devil smile and the succubus blush from the praise. "You humble us too much, my lord." Demiurge refused the praise given to him and bowed.

"Well, considering the level of significance of this event, we have plenty of things to do." Ainz said. "Narberal, send a message to Solution and Sebas to come back to Nazarick immediately." The battle maid bowed. "It will be done, my lord." She replied.

"Demiurge, strengthen Nazaricks defences to the maximum. We have no clue if a group of players might retaliate after having their item stolen by Citrinitas." "It will be done with efficiency and care, my lord." Demiurge said with his usual tone of compliance.

"And Albedo," Ainz looked towards the beautiful succubus. "Yes, my lord?" My 'sister' asked, slightly tilting her head. "Please, come with me to the Treasury room." Ainz asked. "My lord, I shall dutifully follow you to the ends of the Earth!" Albedo exclaimed, flapping her wings with excitement.

"Ah, that reminds me," Ainz quickly turned to me before leaving. "Can you pass the World Item? It would be safe in the Treasury where the other World Items are located." Ainz asked. "Of course, my lord." I said with no hesitation. I handed over the dress to the overlord, who stored it in his inventory.

What was I going to do with the World Item anyways? I certainly had no use for it. Besides, if I did, was I going to refuse the request of the de facto ruler of Nazarick? Furthermore, a being who all NPCs view as an entity beyond a God? I think not.

"Esdeath, Citrinitas, you're dismissed. I shall meet you both, along with the other guardians tomorrow in the throne room." He said before leaving with the world-class beauty to the Treasury, leaving me with the ice demon herself.

"Kufufufufu. Now that we're alone, beloved … we have much to discuss!" Esdeath said, walking towards me with a slight blush on her face. 'Should I teleport away?' I thought. 'No, I'd just be a pussy. Besides, I'll be having to deal with crazy NPC's all the time. Screw it, I'll talk to her. Just … why can't someone normal love me? Why does it have to be the sadists and yandere's?'

(A/N: Actually, I just want you to suffer by dealing with thirsty women and potential yandere's. To be honest, it would be pretty sad if you DID find a normal woman to date. Therefore, I'll do everything in my POWER to stop that from ever happening.)

The ice queen reached out for my arm and snuggled on it, just like Albedo with Ainz moments earlier. "What do you want, Esdeath?" I asked. My tone was an odd combination of polite, demanding, fed-up and mystery. That only made the women grasp onto my arm further.

"What do I want? Why you of course!" She said, straightening her back and looking up at my masked face. As per usual, she ripped off my mask and tophat with no hesitation and chucked it behind her. "Ahh, your bewitching and handsome face. I'm soooo glad to see it again." She said, getting closer to my face. She used her hand to touch my cheek. It was soft, yet cold to the touch. If it wasn't for my [Cold immunity], I would have shivered.

"I think that's enough, Esdeath." I said to the ice demon before she would try something. Esdeath reluctantly moved her hand off my cheek, slightly pouting and crossing her arms. Though, she still used her hands to grab my hands and to get closer. Her breasts almost touched my chest.

'I can never truly know what goes on in my beloved's head. He went on a date with me and we had fun the other day! He giggled as I tortured that Nigun bastard. It was the perfect bonding experience! So, why is he so … reluctant? Is he playing hard to get? I read that from a book in Ashurbanipal which states that the person really loves you but just wants to tease you!' Esdeath smiled at the thought.

'There is another reason which I hope isn't true. Citrinitas is upset that Shalltear was brainwashed and had to fight her. That damn vampire slut, always messing up my plans. The moment she snaps out of that state … oh she'll have hell to pay …' Esdeath's smile turned sour, slightly grumbling.

I moved away from the ice demon and went to grab my mask and hat which lay on the marble floor not too far away. "Is wanting to spend more time with me … the only reason you're here?" I asked, reaching out for my mask. "Mmhm!" Esdeath hummed a response while shaking her head upwards.

'My God, this is such a pain. I would rather go back to either reading some books or experimenting with alchemy. Going to the 6th floor to fight summons isn't a bad idea either. Hmmm …' "I was thinking … since Shalltear is currently unavailable, maybe we could …" Esdeath accentuated her breasts, revealing them even more. She started to walk to where I was again, swinging her hips side to side. "Have some fun?" She asked in a really seductive tone.

[Image Here]

'She wants to fuck me? Sorry, Esdeath. I don't stick my dick in crazy. I would prefer a normal woman who doesn't get her pleasure by torture and/or BDSM. I shall not fall to temptation from such lowly tricks!' Any man would have instantly agreed to the request, throwing away their dignity to get their dick wet.

However, I'm wise enough to know that once you stick your dick in crazy, the person in question will become abnormally obsessed with you. A relationship like that is unhealthy and horrible. In the anime, such a troupe is fine. But, this is real life. A friend of mine back in my previous world nearly got stabbed by a crazy girlfriend!

"While I do appreciate the effort and am flattered. I must decline your offer as I have plenty of work to do. With the brainwashing of Shalltear, I must prepare powerful potions for lord Ainz to use. I do hope you understand." I said in a formal tone while not trying to hurt the feelings of the lady.

Esdeath let out a small sigh, dropping her seductive act before going back to her normal form. "Very well, Citrinitas." She said with maturity. "I understand that you have plenty of work to do. However,"

Esdeath slightly paused, forming a little smirk. "I do hope in the near future that we can meet more frequently. Hopefully without that vampire whore hogging your free time when you exit your alchemy lab." Esdeath added. "Very well, Esdeath. I'll meet with the other guardians tomorrow." I said before casting [Teleportation] back to my room.

'Well, at least that was easy to deal with. If only it were that simple with Shalltear …'

[Timeskip - 1 Day]

Albedo, Demiurge, Cocytus, Esdeath and myself, gathered around a hovering holographic display situated above an expensive table. The royal couches we sat on were big enough to give a person such as Cocytus proper legroom and not feel claustrophobic.

For the first minute of watching Ainz prepare his magic buffs, we didn't speak. Not the type of awkward silence created after a parent finished screaming at their child. But, a silence that was created due to the intrigue presented in front of you.

It wasn't until Demiurge broke the silence with a question open to those present. "Who do you think will win? Realistically that is?" The arch-devil questioned, tilting his glasses upwards. "Hmph," Albedo puffed, crossing her arms and crossing one leg other the other. "Why my lord Ainz, of course." My 'sister' said with confidence.

Demiurge gave a slight sigh as if expecting the answer but not wanting that to be the case. "Albedo … let's take a look at this from a more serious perspective. For the sake of the question, please cease your bias for the Supreme One." Demiurge said professionally.

"And? Why should I do that? Our lord will obviously win. With the backup from Aura and Mare with their world items I got for the treasury, his victory is sealed." Albedo said with confidence. I listened to the conversation, not wanting to deal with a provoked succubus. I would rather let Demiurge deal with that than intrude.

"I'm not doubting our lord's ability. However, we must take in all the factors. Shalltear was built by lord Peroronchino to excel in 1v1 combat. Ainz, while being powerful in his own right, is not suited to fight a 'min-maxed' entity such as Shalltear." Demiurge rebuked.

"That. Is. True. However. Our. Lord. Has. His. Own. Set. Of. Trump. Cards." Cocytus added. "Cocytus isn't wrong. I've heard from my creator, lord Blue Planet, that Ainz had a racial trait called [Dark Wisdom] that lets him use over 700 spells rather than the usual 300." Esdeath added.

"Citrinitas," Demiurge spoke to me. "Who do you think will win?" He questioned, hopefully getting a more reasonable response from an expert in magic. "It's … hard to say really. However, I do believe that lord Ainz has the upper hand." I said with ambiguity. "And why is that, darling?" Esdeath said, shuffling closer to my side.

"Look at the screen," I gestured to the ongoing fight. Ainz was consumed by a column of fire. The same magic skill that Shalltear used on me. "Aren't undead weak to fire? I don't see what you're gesturing at." Esdeath said.

The floor guardians all squinted at the screen before they let out a collective awe. "What a magnificent play on our lord's part!" Demiurge exclaimed, praising the skeleton as usual. "To. Think. That. Such. A. Detail. Went. Unnoticed. By. A. Warrior. Such. As. Myself." Cocytus let out a cold mist from his mouth.

"Lord Ainz, even though he should be weak to fire, is actually pretending not to." Esdeath muttered under her breath. 'I should save such a tactic for future use …' She thought. "Of course, only the leader of the Supreme Beings himself would pull such a stunt. I would have never noticed such a small detail like that as quickly as you did, Citrinitas." The arch-devil praised me, putting me on some fictional pedestal.

'I didn't even get to finish my fucking sentence!' I thought. 'These guys really are keen on picking up information, huh?' I concluded. "Indeed, in a fight, it is always important to deceive the enemy. From illusions to chanting false spells, it will always put you one step ahead." I concluded my 'observation.'

"So. What. You're. Saying. Is. Knowledge. Equals. Power?" Cocytus asked, confused if there was a possible double meaning in my words and wanted clarification. "Yes, Cocytus. In a fight, knowledge is power." I gave the insectoid a nod of approval.

'Ahh, I didn't know that my fiancée would be so wise in battle tactics. A small detail such as that would have surely flown by my head in a battle. His endless knowledge and unique perspectives only make me want him more …' Esdeath licked her lips as her hand slid down her thigh. 'In due time … I'll take what's mine. Hell, I'll do it in front of the vampire whore just to spite her!'

The battle between Ainz and Shalltear raged on. To be honest, the fight was a lot quicker than I anticipated. With me slightly weakening Shalltear's armour with corrosion and providing Ainz with powerful splash potions, it was expected.

However, I was able to see some new magic that wasn't in the show. One spell I saw Ainz use were these dark razor discs that he threw like a frisbee. While most were dodged, one hit the leg of Shalltear, slowing down her movements by a significant amount of time before she healed herself.

I was also able to see the effects of some of my potions that I hadn't been able to test yet because of certain conditions. The whole scene was exhilarating to watch. Explosions lit up the sky as trees were knocked to the ground from the sheer pressure of the fight.

Time passed again as Ainz revealed the World Champion armour worn by Touch Me. "Impossible! That. Armour. Was. Worn. By. Lord. Touch. Me. How. Could. The. Supreme. One. Wear. Such. A. Thing?" Cocytus said wish sudden shock.

"Quite simple, really. It's the spell [Perfect Warrior]." I muttered, staying in character by pointing out magic spells every now and then. But, I mostly stayed silent during the fight. There was more discussion between the floor guardians but I dismissed most of it as they basically repeated what they said in the show.

One after the other, Ainz pulled out multiple [Divine Class Item's] with the help of Cash Shop Items. From long swords to hammers. From massive gauntlets to bows. Each hit pulverised Shalltear with devastating effect. The floor guardians loved every minute of it.

"Hmph, it's about time Shalltear gets some sense beat into her." Esdeath said with a gleaming smile. Albedo only nodded with an approving smirk. "Indeed, between the both of you. I think that you should be my brother's first wife instead of that lamprey …" My 'sister' said, trailing off at the end.

'Welp, here we go again …' Esdeath snuggled into my shoulder like a needy cat begging for attention. "Esdeath, plase mind your space." I said politely. However, unlike my previous successful pleas, Esdeath didn't budge. In fact, she only snuggled into my chest even more.

Teleporting away would have seemed quite petty and bad on my part. Her iron tight grip didn't help either. "Esdeath, please control yourself. Citrinitas is obviously focused on the fight." Demiurge said with politeness. "Indeed. Esdeath. Please. Spare. Those. Actions. For. Somewhere. Else." Cocytus added.

'YES! THE BOYS HAVE COME IN CLUTCH!' I celebrated my mini victory courtesy of the arch-devil and the insectoid. Esdeath gave a little pout, seeing that her plan at getting closer to me failed miserably. She quickly went back to her spot and continued to watch the fight that was nearing its end.

The fight ended soon after Esdeath moved as Ainz unleashed [Super Tier Magic: Fallen Down] to land the final blow, killing Shalltear for good. The entire screen went white for a good 10 seconds before everything ceased, showing a ruined environment and Ainz standing alone.

"Our lord has won as usual. I didn't doubt his abilities once. Not after his little speech he gave me during our walk to the Treasury room." Albedo confidently exclaimed. Demiurge had a look of glee and a wicked smile. The type of smile you'd see when a bratty kid found the candy jar in the kitchen.

"It. Was. An. Honour. Seeing. The. Supreme. One. Fight. Like. That." Cocytus said, huffing cold mist into the air. "Well, I'd better be heading to the Throne room. Ainz should have teleported there as of now. The gold should either be there or is in the final process of transportation from the Treasury room." I said, wanting to speed things up.

"Darling is right. You don't mind me joining you on your trip there, right?" Esdeath asked with a sweet and innocent smile. However, I was able to detect faint traces of intimidation that were hidden. Not wanting to deal with Esdeath's pleas and frustrations down the line, I reluctantly accepted her proposal.

Within an instant, the ice demon latched onto my arm, hugging and snuggling it like a child would a teddy bear. The other floor guardians followed in pursuit, not wanting to make lord Ainz wait.

Within minutes, we arrived at a grand metal door that reached the ceiling. 'The entrance to the Throne room, huh?' I concluded. I've never actually been to the Throne room personally. And at a first glance, the whole thing was absolutely massive. The anime didn't do the room enough justice.

Massive flags hung from the massive pillars on the sides of the room. Each one had a unique symbol in black. From the centre, hung a massive dark chandelier that emanated a blue light. The marble floor was polished to a degree that seemed impossible. Not a speck of dust was seen in sight.

At the end of the massive room was the throne itself. It stood mighty and tall with an even more massive background solely for details. And from the very top, hung a massive banner. The previous flags paled in comparison to the sheer size of the thing.

Normally, the Throne room would have been clear. However, due to the huge piles of gold littered across the room, that wasn't the case. I saw Ainz, in his usual royal robes waiting for us to arrive. There were also other NPCs on standby. The Pleiades and Pandoras Actor to name a few.

"Greetings, my lord. I must congratulate you on your victory." I said with politeness. "Ah, Citrinitas. There's no need for such flattery. I did what needed to be done." Ainz replied back with his usual demeanour.

"MY LORD!" Albedo rushed from the rest of the group and launched herself towards the unsuspecting skeleton. "Wha-" Ainz fell back from having a woman grip and pin him to the ground. The succubus wrapped her arms, legs and wings around the poor salaryman. "I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU!" She exclaimed.

'Wait, didn't you say that you believed in him earlier? Probably the code talking.' I chucked my thought away. "ALBEDO! Uhh … Albedo, please get off of me." Ainz corrected himself. Within a millisecond, Albedo took a noble posture, as if nothing ever happened.

"Ahem, Ainz stood back up. "Anyways. Now that you're all here. It's time to resurrect Shalltear. But, just get your weapons ready in case Shalltear is still under effect of the World Item." Ainz said as we all got out our personal World Items.

Yep, personal World Items. He gave them out right before the battle he had with Shalltear. Most of the floor guardians got the World Items they received from the show. Mare had Avarice and Generosity. Demiurge had Billion Blades. You get the picture.

However, what was interesting was the World Item Esdeath and myself got. Both World Items that weren't in the show or light novels. My World Item was, of course, related to alchemy. Its name was the Philosopher's Stone. A glowing red stone about the size of your thumb that could either be put in a necklace or a ring. I chose the latter.

To keep it simple, the Philosopher's Stone was overpowered as fuck! If my previous magical stats were good before, having the Philosopher's Stone with me overcharges each bar! This includes my mana, magical attack and defence, resist and special tenfold. Though, that can only activate once every 3 days. It would be too overpowered if it were always active.

The World Item also reduced the cost of everything alchemy related and increased the effects of potions for the user. For example, a [Lesser Health Potion] may heal 20 of your health. However, with the Philosopher's Stone, that could double to 40 health. There are also other uses and abilities. However, explaining everything would take too long.

Esdeath's World Item was a rapier that radiated a chilly aura just by being near it. The World Item was called Absolute Zero. A pretty menacing name for a Rapier. It also looked way cooler than mine, making me ever so slightly jealous inside.

From what I could tell with [All Appraisal Magic Item], the thing was an absolute unit. It was similar to Ginnungagap as they both were able to deal massive AoE damage. However, unlike Ginnungagap, Absolute Zero was able to deal decent damage against individuals. Though, as the name suggested, the World Item specialized in ice-type damage. It also wasn't able to change forms like Ginnungagap.

"Hmm. Now that everyone is ready, I shall commence the resurrection process." Ainz raised his staff into the air. "Shalltear, resurrect!" He shouted as his voice echoed throughout the Throne room. A wave of golden energy emanated from the staff as the surrounding gold turned into liquid.

The liquid pooled for a bit before starting to move again. This time it formed the silhouette of a petite girl before disappearing. "Albedo," Ainz turned to face the Overseer. "My lord, please be at ease. The mind control is gone." Albedo replied swiftly and with care. "I see." Ainz muttered, taking out a blanket and throwing over the naked Shalltear.

He stopped for a moment, seemingly pondering something before turning to me. "Citrinitas," "Yes, my lord?" I asked, getting into character. "Will you check up on Shalltear?" 'What? Why me!' I thought. 'Well, it's not like you can refuse the man's request. Everyone of importance is here!'

'Shalltear really likes Citrinitas. I believe that it would do her good if she woke up to the face of her loved one. I do remember Tabula being mad about Peroronchino for adding flavour text in Shalltear's bio. However, Peroronchino reassured me that the conflict was resolved not long after.' Ainz thought, reminiscing about the past that was long gone.

"Very well, my lord." I replied, heading towards the sleeping vampire. I kneeled down to the ground before lifting up the vampire's head gently.

"Shalltear," I said her name as her eyes started to adjust to the scenery and bright lights. "Cit … Citrinitas?" Shalltear's eyes quickly lit up as she grew a gleaming smile.

Within an instant and without warning, she ripped off my mask from my face and chucked it to the side of her. "Oh, how I've missed you!" She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face towards hers, giving me a deep french kiss.

[Narrators POV]

The reactions of the floor guardians were quite diverse. Aura covered the eyes of her innocent brother Mare. Cocytus was indifferent, huffing cold mist around his mouth. Demiurge had a small, but visible smile forming on his face. 'Ahh, how I wonder what a union between Shalltear and Citrinitas would result in …' The arch-devil thought.

The Pleides maids that were present bit their lips in jealousy. However, they could do nothing as they were just that. The Pleides maids. They could never compete with a floor guardians for Citrinitas's affection.

'THAT BITCH!' Esdeath punched an imaginary wall within her head. If Ainz wasn't here, her chilly aura would be flaring everywhere. 'I MUST get back at that whore! What can I do to make that vampire slut jealous? Spending time with Citrinitas? But how? I did overhear from some of his assistants that he planned on going on an adventure in the future. Maybe if I joined him …'

Citrinitas's mind went blank from the sudden kiss as he heard the faint sounds of grumbling from a certain ice demon. Shalltear finally let go, giving him enough room to breathe. "Shalltear, a sudden act like that is quite impolite, no?" He questioned. "Impolite? What's impolite of a wife to greet her husband?" She retorted.

'Jesus Christ, this is so troublesome. This is why I just don't want to deal with thirsty women.' Citrinitas thought, sighing internally. "Citrinitas, I think you should leave Shalltear alone for a while. Her mind must be confused as to what's happening." Esdeath said with scary politeness.

"HUH?!" Shalltear's face distorted. "And who said that, blue-haired bitch?!" Shalltear angrily replied. Citrinitas dropped Shalltear on the ground before picking up his mask. "Lord Ainz, may I please be excused? There are plenty of experiments to conduct back in my lab." He said, wanting to get away from the shitstorm that was about to occur.

"Very well, you may leave, Citrinitas." Ainz concluded. "But Citrinitas!" Both Shalltear and Esdeath shouted his name simultaneously, not wanting their husband to leave. "Screw this. [Greater Teleportation]!" Citrinitas teleported out of the Throne room and into his private chambers, giving him the space he need to recuperate his thoughts.

'If I recall, it would take a month before Operation Gehenna takes place. Maybe I should take a trip to the Dragon Kingdom and speed up Nazarick's conquest there. It would certainly make sense as their is Wild Magic in the area. Besides, I'm curious as to what that area of the map has to offer …'

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