1 Prologue

Raynor Valeron your average teenager living in an average world, doing average things, like eating, sleeping, going to school, the only difference from others that he is on the somewhat smarter side and otaku, being an otaku and living in a small town only escape is the internet, so that's what he does most of the time, and that's what he planning to do today...

Raynor finished his school today, and thanks to god it was the end of the school year and that means its summer, summer means lakeside swimming, barbeque and video games, watching anime, reading wuxia...

Greatest things in life...

He changed from school clothes, into casual wear, then he started his old buddy 4-year-old pc, he started Winamp the greatest music app in the world, and of course his favourite song Guilty Crown main theme song Bios, after selecting his song Raynor went to the kitchen to prep his cooking masterpiece, microwave prepared pizza since he has all house for himself for the whole day he can listen to music on high volume.

After finishing heating his pizza he went to his room to read a new chapter of one of his favourite wuxia while eating...

He was reading Against the Gods, Yun Che was about to leave Blue Pole star, Raynor got disappointed again with Mars Gravity how he finished this Grand Arc, he already knows how the Realm of Gods going to start so he is not ready to read more anytime soon, since it's probably going to have tournaments with disappearance acts again

After finishing chapter Raynor changed song to AlieZ by Sawano Hiroyuki, and took out plate too kitchen.

After washing them up he went back to his room to see something is on his screen, it was a challenge to ... chess match?

He didn't play much of chess but he never lost before, and his Father said be was natural, so he accepted...

~~~~~~4 hours later~~~~~~

'Who is this guy!!! , he got at least 10 moves prepared beforehand?, but he lose anyway! because he underestimated the pawn!'

"Good God!, he was like no game no life, god of games!" Raynor exclaimed and quickly went to the toilet and later to make some tea...

After finishing everything he entered into his room with a cup of tea...

but what he saw in the room made his eye widen, there was a dude with white hair and white robes? Sitting on his chair looking at pc screen where the chess match was on.

He didn't even look at Raynor he just talked, and his voice was smooth like those blonde characters in anime.

"You know I never imagine I will lose to some random person from the mundane world..." White-haired dude said to Raynor without even looking he simply knew he was there.

" Who are you? and by the looks of it you are not a human, not to mention no normal person would appear in my room like that" Raynor asked with a raised eyebrow.


"No I am not, I came here in person to award you, not everyday mundane human beat The Original One," He said that while turning towards the owner of the room.

"Original One? As in god or something?" Raynor read something similar likes this before but never expected to be at receiving end...

"Not the one you mundane mentioning in that book, no... I am the Original, I am the beginning and the end, do you understand?" White-haired dude said with such certainty it was hard not to believe in him.

"So you responsible for everything?" That was the only question he could ask in this situation... Not every day you speak WITH THE creator!

"Correct, I am impressed you take it so easily" White Haired dude was quite happy, his choice to come here in person was the right one.

" I read to much stuff, I don't get easily impressed nowadays" Raynor simply shrugged his shoulders.

"No you don't, that's why I am here in person, I will grant your greatest wish for your victory" he vanished and appeared in front of Raynor and pressed his right-hand index finger to his forehead, there was a flash of white, and he was gone.

'He really was someone with superpowers! Holy shit!'

Raynor put his cup of tea on the table and sit down and then... passed out


Raynor opened his eyes but his vision was different he has... a HUD now?

'WTF is going on?' He started blinking, but the HUD didn't vanish is still there, on his top left side he saw written 'home verse (Earth)' below it, is a red bar, middle one is empty and last one is green, below them is his rank which is 'mundane human ', in the middle top is a compass-like thing like in Skyrim and on the left bottom is a map of ... whole region... sh1t that's broke, on his right bottom is icon looks like bag 'probably inventory' he though.

Then he got message which says

' Welcome to Planewalker! , I am your system! to begin your journey to ANY world, First select a tutorial world to visit! To have feel for it!

Raynor blinked, and blinked again

'As in ANY world?' he asked himself with uncertainty.

He got another message which says 'Correct'

' Holy Shit! I can go to Gundam, Bleach, Naruto, and a bunch of Harem ones! Or even freaking wuxia one! choices, choices! He needs to check online where he should start...

Raynor looked at the PC screen, then he took the mouse, he closed the chess app and it was Against The Gods last chapter he read on top now, but then the very moment world stopped and he got a notification saying that ATG has been selected as a tutorial...

'No, No, No, God damn it!!!'

He tried to cancel it in his mind but nothing happens as it was a permanent choice...

He didn't give up, he tried mental commands, then vocal commands, then he tried to press on the them in his mind...

But nothing changed, the worse thing was that the world time has stopped, and the world outside his room was grey...

Eventually he resigned to his fate and pressed continue...moments later choices appeared in front of him, he can enter at any time, anywhere in the storyline, earliest is 1 years before Yun Che entry in the world, so he took it since he can build 'powerbase' before that lunatic enters the world, his location Floating Cloud City, remote and holds a great treasure... next is his own age? How does that work?

He got another Notification

' The wielder of Planewalker can control his age at will, as he travels through dimension at will, he can enter any world and relive his childhood as many times as he wants not to mention you don't have limits on people you bring, as you create doors between worlds, as you leave the world that world enter stasis, but you can control the time of world and re-enter again'

Raynor whistled, this REALY is his greatest wish! He loves cultivation novels, stories are cool, powers are incredible, and the Girls are Hot, BUT the world is too primitive! No TV no INTERNET! , WTF he going to do in his free time!!! That's why he doesn't want to go there, not to mention that lunatic Yun Che, and the laws? Non-existent If you walk the wrong way they kill you, and looking the wrong way? You so dead, and so on!

And now he has to go there...

Ok, so Raynor chooses his age, it will be 15 same age as Xiao Che and that chick Qingyue, after he selected it, doors appeared where his original doors to kitchen was, Raynor looked around his room he went over his wardrobe and collected some sport clothes, then he took his phone, his battery charger which uses the sun to charge, then he took his headphones, he looked around again, nothing came to mind, again he looked over his inventory, he can see his phone, charger, headphones and backpack with his clothes, seems everything is ready... So..

He resigned to his fate and opened doors.

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