Origins Revenge - DxD

The origin of all witnessed the creation of existence. As he watched worlds be created and destroyed he came to hate living beings, he wants to destroy existence and recreate it in his image. ------ First world - Highschool DxD ------ I don't own any of the anime's, characters and the cover photo.

BeginningOrEnd · Anime & Comics
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4 Chs

Beginning (Pt 1)

Who am I?

What am I?

Where am I?

The three questions asked at the beginning of everything, at the beginning there was nothingness and darkness, after a long time or seconds, who knows time doesn't exist. That nothingness and darkness started to think and these are the first three things it asked.

Why am I alone?

Why was it alone? Where was everything else, for who knows how long it was like this. The being couldn't understand its own existence. It couldn't understand he was the embodiment of nothingness and darkness. After a while it decided to create a form, a body, so he created himself from nothingness, darkness and his ego. What he wasn't aware of was through these actions a new concept was born, chaos.

He was overjoyed for the first time when he discovered chaos, he thought if there is chaos there must be someone, something out there unaware the chaos was a part of him. After looking for something else he eventually realized that the chaos was part of himself and with that he experienced sadness for the first time.

With this discovery he lost hope in the search for something else, he just thought over his own existence, why was he here? What is he? Who is he? Through the searching of his ego two moments stood out, when he discovered chaos and when he realized he was that chaos. In these moments he felt something he had never felt before, when he discovered chaos he felt something that he wanted to keep experiencing and when he realized he was chaos he felt something he doesn't want to feel again.

With this recent discovery his hope was reignited, he wanted to feel something again, to be more precise he wanted to feel what he felt when he discovered chaos. With this he tried different things to reproduce what he felt with no success, then a new question came to mind, what is past this nothingness, does it keep going or is it just like I think and I am the only thing there is?

With this he decided to move, he tried to have his form going past himself, then all of sudden he felt himself getting large, infinitely so, but also the same size it was a weird experience, with this the concept of infinity was born. He was happy with this discovery and even more so when he felt that feeling again. He was also confused by everything, he could feel everything out there like it is him a part of himself, it went forever but doesn't at the same time.

With his goal of feeling emotions again he looked over himself, but this time he could see the body he created for himself. It was just a blob consisting of chaos, darkness and nothingness, even though it was hideous he was happy with it, he wasn't aware if what was normal, well what will be normal. His form didn't matter to him he could always make a new one, what mattered was his ego, that was who he was, he didn't have a soul they didn't exist, nothing existed.

He was content, happy actually, he realized that he developed an ego, so what was stopping that from happening again? With that another being would be created and he would no longer be alone. So he waited and waited, after such a long time he decided that waiting would do no good. He didn't know how long it took him to come to existence so he decided to temporarily stop his thinking process and enter a semi-dormant state. So he went dormant and with this the concept of dreams was created.

After a mere second after he went dormant he regained consciousness but this time it was different, there were things, planets were beginning to form, realities and universities were brought to existence, what he was witnessing was the creation of existence. He was overjoyed with this discovery, he could feel everything there was, he knew everything, he felt like he could do anything he wanted. In his search he couldn't find himself which he found odd but didn't pay too much mind to it, he was more concerned with the life that was beginning, something he wanted to see so much, other thinking beings. They weren't much but they were something and that's all that mattered to him. He watched them grow, evolve, create and destroy. He was so proud of these beings, he even started looking at them like they were his own children. After a while, they destroyed the planet they lived on killing every single living thing being, he was saddened with this he was all alone till he started looking again.

After a while he realized they weren't the only ones, there were so many different beings in existence and watched them all grow. Watching them he couldn't understand why they kept destroying the world they were on. He eventually realized it was because there were too many of them, even when the world was destroyed, they only ceased to exist when their ego dissipated. So he decided to intervene for the first time, he realized they must have a certain time to exist, so he created the law of death, out of curiosity he linked it to the darkness he remembers.

When this law was made beings started stopping to exist, in his panic he realized there was nothing keeping them existing. To counter this he created the law of life, with the laws of life of death and a new thing came to exist, the soul. He grew curious of this thing, everything living beings had one, it held their ego and acted like a cloak for when they would die. What interested him was its origin, the soul was created in darkness then when a new being came to existence the soul went to its body and an ego would form. With him being darkness he also became composed of death much to his amusement, what could have been his greatest mistake is now what he is.

As his time continued the problem was fixed, the worlds were lasting longer, people were happy and so was he. But what shocked him the most was what the beings became with the fear of death. People did unthinkable things in pursuit of self benefit. He was enraged at the actions the other beings took he didn't create death for it to lead to this. But he chose to observe in hope they would change. In the end they didn't, actually they got worse. He watched countless worlds be created and destroyed by the hands of these beings. As a being who was alone for so long these actions enraged him, he started to hate living beings who got the thing he wanted so much but threw it away, he viewed them as a curse. He had one last card to play, he decided they needed to be guided so he created a system that allowed people to grow and also for existence to grow, for universes to be unique.

Through this Gods started to be born most were Gods created by the belief of the people and needed the belief to survive. Few were beings who rose in power and became gods through their strength and the ones created by the omniverse to maintain order or complete an act.

But they failed as well, no it was a disaster. The Gods viewed themselves above everything, the top of existence and all mortals were ants at their feet. This was the final straw, he started to hate the beings, he wanted to destroy existence and recreate it in his ideas of perfection.

It wouldn't be hard to achieve for him, he had long since realized that he was asleep and the creation of existence was actually his dream that became real. The reason he couldn't sense his body was because it was in the nothingness where he didn't pay attention to. He had found it not too long ago and he was shocked when he did. It was not the form he knew, no his body was similar to that of a human, not that it mattered they were his creation.

So he began to awaken himself, he realized it would take a while and he wouldn't be aware but that didn't matter he would complete his goal. With that, the one known as, The Beginning, Origin, The Supreme God, The Blind Idiot God, The God of Darkness, Nothingness, Chaos, Infinity, Death and Dreams began to awaken.