one true evolutionary path - The one true myth breaker ( dropped )

evolution, survival, devour. niece were the only thoughts that passed humanity's mind when they were at their weakest One things known as calamities came to the world appearing 2023 as a time not even nuclear weapons could take down mid-tiers however suddenly on humanity lost all hope. The evolution tree showed itself. The evolution 3 seems like a status window which could devour monsters after being defeated gaining their traits and abilities through this humanity easily defeated the calamities and regained balance however there was one person who seemingly broke this. everyone no matter who you were were supposed to have a certain job or class which also deciphered their evolutionary paths as a human however for this certain person known as Kai he only had one evolutionary path no matter what he devoured. | - Myth breaker - | | - become the breaker of myths and create your own reality your own legend where you rule everything - | however secretly this evolutionary path would lead him to defeat even supreme beings which could destroy whole entire dimensions and things which even the highest tears of calamities could it even make go 1% on that's how powerful they were but he grew stronger all because of a single evolutionary path which was never ever recorded no matter where you looked and every planet universe multiverse and all of existence the... myth breaker ___ ( - I got the cover from Google - ) ( - all hail negative grammar because I use text to speech - ) ( - action - Omega verse - evolution - weak to strong - #Noharem - multiverse - planet travel - all hail evolution - multi power system - ) -- "Dropped!?" said Cosmic-Tear as he looked at his phone... before screaming enjoy as he looked at the summary. "dropped no more! revitalized and considerably better version is being created right now by your favorite author!"

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| - chapter 4 - | - first labyrinth raid - |

"You ate five ice creams.... I know I have a big appetite but are you sure you are my creation how can you even eat that much?"

"it's just five ice creams I could have gotten 10!"

"I hope you realize you're taking money out of my bank account. I spent like 50 bronze yen 10 each!"

(A/N - 1 yen is worth one US dollar in 2165 - there's also a system bronze yen is one US dollar silver yen is 10 US dollars and a golden is 100 US dollars while platinum yen is 1,000 US dollars some people even have GeoGold yen which is worth $10,000 - )

"well anyways while I was eating you already found a labyrinth what's it called?"

"well as you should know it's an F rank labyrinth with five floors known as goblins cove and the highest level monster there is level 10."

"how long will it take us to get there?"

"You don't have to worry about that in a few minutes we'll get to the location where the labyrinth bus is."

( A/N - A labyrinth bus is the bus that they use to get to the labyrinths unless a person has higher authority to go there by car or some other means - )

"matter of fact we're here right now."

around Kai and Astrea we're multiple other people most of them wearing armor waiting at the labyrinth the bus location which looked like any place where a bus would be coming.

"along with that I've already registered us as online the new ones both of them being unregistered but are kind of attackers One of them having a long range skill so possibility for a mage type online."


suddenly a massive black bus which seemed like it could hold at least 30 people drove in before Astrea could finish her sentence.

"let's get inside."Kai said in a hushed voice seemingly not to alarm others.


after all of the online went on the bus they took a 3-hour ride crossing into a sort of desert area at the last hour and finally getting to the facility.


with two coughs a person standing on top of a podium working in the facility caught everyone's attention.

"in a few minutes you guys will be going into the labyrinth goblins cove where the highest level monsters you will find are goblin's which is the only monster you will find there of course your mission is to not only destroy the labyrinth and it's general calamity but also collect all of the GeoGold inside of it."

"Kai what's GeoGold?"

"GeoGold is a sort of material found in labyrinth which collects ether through this it's the only type of material other than a few others that can damage calamities and other than skill made weapons is what people use to actually harm calamities with equipment."

"in shorter terms it's basically a material that gathers ether that's found in labyrinths."

suddenly the worker that was talking previously stepped down from the podium and went to a few machines clicking on a few buttons until finally a very big black gate with a few runes on it opened and behind it was a gigantic black portal similar to the one that leads to reality maker.

All of the online started stepping inside of the portal and eventually Kai and Astrea did as well appearing in a gigantic forest with all of the trees being white and their leaves being black The ground itself was really just normal grass.

suddenly one of the online wearing full armor shouted"we need to make preparations since this will last probably no more than an hour we shouldn't have to worry about food I'll be the tank since my evolutionary path focuses on defense is anyone here a mage?!"

suddenly Kai raised Astrea' s hand for her.

"she's a mage well she only has one long range type skill!"

"Good is anyone else a mage?"

about three other people raised their hands each explaining why and after that the person in the suit of armor said.

"All right then everyone else should be at least an attacker. We can easily take down the labyrinth. let's go!"

The big group started walking and walking and after a bit over 10 minutes they found a group of 10 goblins which were all green creatures with brown rags around their legs with a wooden club each.

The group easily dispatches them while getting EXP with the goblins not being potent enough to absorb their traits or skills none of them bothered.

exactly 5 minutes later a window appeared in everyone's faces.

| - One of the two sub generals known as garuba has entered the area and is coming down to destroy the intruders - |

"guys get ready the sub generals coming here I heard they had a law over fire!"

suddenly a group of over 30 goblins appeared with a black goblin which was two heads taller than the others being 5'2 however it wasn't the sub general it was just a commander goblin

"black meteor!"

"true fireball!"

"icicle slam"

"dark lightning blast!"

a multitude of skills were utilized against the goblin army which was way stronger and larger than the previous one.

however a status window appeared in front of Kai.

| - due to status as myth breaker reality maker has the potential to devour the labyrinth after defeating the sub general garuba - |

| - skill labyrinth devour has been unlocked - |

"what the heck! never mind I should just focus on fighting!"

| - heavenly myth breaker physique has been activated - |

suddenly Kai gained a sensation similar to one he was inside of reality maker like he could do anything just a lot weaker along with that some portions of EXP was being stolen from others hard work!

| - level 2 has been breached - level 3 has been breached - level 4 has been breached - |

He immediately skyrocketed to level 4 however it stopped there.

| - guy in black armor POV - |

garuba started to take action activating his fire order to jet boost himself to the online a few of them even getting killed by the explosions Garuba was causing.

suddenly the sub-general cast a gigantic fireball launched at the black armored man however he easily countered.

"| - full black slash counter - | !!"

a large amount of black ether was put into the man's sword and suddenly a gigantic black slash which seem to counter the fireball was launched almost like it was meant for destroying either despite being made of itself.

however it was a simple collision between attacks and it didn't seem it was like the skill full on made the fireball seem weak instead the fireball seemed to also kind of counter it making sure it didn't hurt its Garuba .

suddenly both of them charged at very high speeds within a blink of an eye appearing in front of each other and a barrage of attacks was released.

ether got everywhere specifically black and red ether. the fusion of the man in the black armors Ether and the Garuba' either since being in front of each other made them collide.

it was kind of reminiscent of seeing a dark moon versus a fiery Sun since both of them had orders of fire and darkness. Both launching numerous attacks which sometimes take the goblins sometimes hit the humans.

| - destructive fireball - |

suddenly in front of Astrea appeared a fireball which seemed like a mix of dark flames and crimson flames which then launched Garuba in an attempt to help the person in the black armor.

it managed to hit a Garuba however barely did any damage compared to the attacks from the man in black armor so at this point was taking many attacks and launching a few of his own like he was focusing on more on attack power and defense.

they shot into the air both of them using scales to destroy the area but also their opponent who could either dodge the attack or block it completely.

it seems like the battle would last forever until one of their ether reserves ran out until...

| - singularity skill - Moon dragons revival - |

He activated a singularity skill a kind of skill which was only unlocked after a person went through 3 tiers. There are many forms of a singularity skill his was more of a destructive attack.

He left into the air and darkness crawled out of his body and sword turning lighter and lighter the more it went into the air until it gained kind of a bluish and white color but still looking like darkness.

it then proceeded to form into an eastern dragon which followed the way of his sword which was nearing Garuba' neck. however he was over 9 m away but the dragon was closing that distance!

it was a gigantic attack which ended up slicing off Garuba' head which rolled on the ground spewing green blood.

"if the sub-general was this tough then how are we going to beat the general itself Heck how are we even supposed to beat the celestial calamity here?"

(A/N - celestial calamities are more like the boss calamities of labyrinths while a general is just its servant - )

| - Kai POV - |

| - The sub general Garuba now the labyrinth 4 can be devoured into reality maker - user would gain plus 30 stats and everything except intelligence and ether limit - |

'I see the more reality maker grows the more I grow well I think I should wait until everyone gets to the second floor.'