17 King's Underwear

"Hey, King, we have arranged travel plans for the next hero promotion event. Would it be convenient for you to come over the next couple of days?" asked Sitch.

"Sitch, if you make me make ads for those kinds of products again, I'll punch you. Also, I've been pissed off lately, and I don't have time," said Wang Feng

Then Wang Feng ended the call.

"If this hero propaganda becomes movie propaganda or corporate propaganda, I'll kick in Sitch's big nose." Said Wang Feng.

Wang Feng and the advertisement for his underwear had been released two days ago, causing a spike in popularity in all 26 cities. Men, women, and children carried the sexy underwear with them to the streets. What's more, when monsters appeared, they did not scream and did not run away. Many people believed that the underwear was better than body armor.

Unfortunately, this was the tragedy of the inconsistency between advertising and the actual product. However, there were no advertising laws in this world, so no one managed an unreasonable advertising department.

Faced with this situation, Wang Feng went to the M-City TV station that night to tell everyone not to believe the advertisement. The actual underpants did not have a function of replenishing energy, nor could they hold up to a rocket launcher.

Wang Feng's sexy underwear was still popular among the people, and the two companies' sales are increasing. The other companies felt envious watching this miraculous situation, and they had asked the Hero Association to get King to help shoot more commercials.

The Hero Association wanted to make more money, but Wang Feng had already spoken. They didn't dare to challenge Wang Feng's bottom line, so they rejected the offers from the merchants, and at the same time, actively recommended other heroes.

The Hero Association's heroes were a new profession, combining the characteristics of many traditional professions such as celebrities and police. They form an organization. They had groups of fans like celebrities while C-Level heroes actively did good deeds and brought people closer.

In short, the hero has become a new and popular profession. Many young people wanted to be heroes. Unfortunately, the Hero Association's assessment of heroism was getting stricter, so the number of heroes didn't increase. Six stages of the examination were held every half month, and it was already the 51st session. More and more people were taking the exam, with the 51st session having more than 10,000 people. However, very few people could pass, with only two or three people becoming heroes after every assessment. Even then, some of them were not qualified.

This scoring system was already very strict. However, the Hero Association believed that it was not enough and continued to increase the difficulty of the assessment. In the future, only true elites would be able to pass the evaluation.

"Sitch, I'm so depressed." Said Wang Feng.

Before Wang Feng came out, he observed the Vaccine Man egg and found no traces of movement over the last few days. He didn't even know if the egg was dead.

When Wang Feng came out on the street, he was immediately dumbfounded. The street was full of Wang Feng's sexy underwear. He knew that his two commercials had caused a sensation, and he never thought it would have become so popular.

A middle-aged youth on the street chewed a spicy stick and shouted, "If the hero escapes or loses, then who will fight the monsters?"

A young girl comes out of a lingerie shop with a bag in her hand with an inverted triangle logo and holding a poster. It was the King standing in ruins wearing only underwear. His cold expression became highly sought after by women.

Wang Feng looked at the girl with black stripes all over her head. She looked as if she had won a treasure, her eyes gleaming as she looked towards the bulge in King's underwear on the poster.

"Hey, this world is getting worse..." Said Wang Feng

He shook his head and sighed in pity.

Just as Wang Feng was about to leave, a rude voice came.

This... a panties monster?

"Huh!? Monsters..."

The girl who bought the nice underwear panicked. Immediately, she opened the poster and shouted, " King, please protect me..."

Wang Feng: "..." How was there such a naive person in this world? Do you think his portrait can ward off evil spirits? If so, why do we need heroes? Just post my portrait on everyone's doorstep, then the world will be at peace.

However, when the underpants monster saw the portrait of the King, its eyes widened and shone brightly, covering its face with its hands, screaming with joy and shame like a fanatic fan.

Strange things happen every year, but they were especially common this year.

Wang Feng could neither laugh nor cry.

"Emergency notice, emergency notice... M-City residents, please note that there is an underwear monster on the commercial street, and the evaluation is wolf-level. Before the mysterious being is removed, residents are asked to stay away. Residents are asked to stay away..."

The M-City Association siren alarms issued a notification.

"Huh? That freak is here, run!"

"Don't be afraid. I have nice underwear." Said the girl to another resident.

Hearing the announcement from the Hero Association from the busy commercial street, the monster immediately made a mess and fled, screaming with a shrill voice.

"Seeing that you are also a fan of Lord King, I will let you go." Said the monster

After seeing the King character poster, the underpants monster showed mercy and let go of the girl.

"Thank you for your protection, my King." The girl said to her poster as she kissed the portrait of King.

"Hey, pointy hat man, hand over your underwear."

The pedestrians on the road fled, leaving only Wang Feng. If it were before, he would have fled, but now that he had a two-star card and a four-star card, he was no longer afraid of a wolf-level monster.

He had the capital, so there was no need to run away. Ever since he came to this world, he had always run away whenever he encountered a monster, and that was too embarrassing.

"Let me have a good fight!"

A roar suddenly came from beneath the strange panties, and an iron rod with an electric arc hit the back of the underwear monster.


The Underwear Monster screamed strangely, staggered to the ground, convulsing and numb all over, like it had Parkinson's disease.

"Hey, is he dead?!"

Wang Feng secretly glanced at the underwear monster that had no combat effectiveness.

The joy in him floated away with the wind~

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