3 How does It Work?

Verdict: Very very very slow

M-City, inside King's two-story small foreign-style building.

Wang Feng was playing "Street King of Fighters 3" idly. He had inherited King's gaming ability!

King was an excellent player. In fact, he won the championship in several game competitions. With Wang Feng inheriting his ability, he often played "Street King of Fighters 3". Well, the winner was always him anyway.


After winning a few more times, he sighed in disappointment, threw the controller down, and laid directly onto the floor. King had no friends, so he would kill time by playing games and reading comics.

"In my previous life, my dream was to have money to spend while sitting, eating, and waiting to die. I didn't expect my dream to come true in my second life, but it turned out to be extremely boring. Without passion... Why would I want to die?"

He stared at the ceiling blankly, his face full of helplessness...

'Right, didn't I receive a two star-card today?'

What do the cards he collected do again? In the game, they possessed his body and granted him all the original character's abilities, right?

If that was the case, he could go out. From this day onwards, he would join the bald guy (Saitama). There were many Dragon-Level and Demon-Level monsters out there. At some point, he could collect a God-Level card. That was the dream.

'I could even become Boros (Dominator of the Universe)!'

He became a little excited just thinking about it.

"System, can you reintroduce how the cards work?" He asked hopefully.

The System he transmigrated with came with an artificial intelligence. It had told him the rules before, but he missed it during his escape.

"The cards collected by the host can be used to possess the host. Note: All cards are disposable items and will disappear after use."

"Disposable items?" Wang Feng frowned and wondered. "How come these cards sound like a… s*x product?"

"A reminder: They can only be used once one. Please refrain from using vulgar terms."

"Right. Disposable items." Wang Feng shrugged his shoulders, "In other words, each card can only be used once, and I can not use it afterward?"

"Correct. Those are the rules."

"Is there no way of permanently retaining the card's ability?"

Wang Feng looked regretful. If the card were a… s*x product, he would consume too many of them. In a protracted battle, it was normal for him to consume seven or eight cards in a single battle. Even worse, this was likely to result in him being reluctant to use the Dragon-Level and God-Level cards and paying the price for it.

"After using a card, there is a certain chance of the host gaining a deeper understanding of the card's skills and transforming it into one of the host's personal abilities. Note: When the host learns a skill, they will start from scratch and will not perfectly inherit the original user's proficiency."

The system explained the game rules solemnly.

Wang Feng's eyes lit up, and he asked enthusiastically, "System, how likely is it for me to understand the skills of one of my cards?"

There were five levels of cards:

One-Star with 10% probability

Two-Stars with 20% probability

Three-Stars with 30% probability

Four-Stars with 40% probability

Five-Stars with 50% probability

Note: The probability of success is not affected by the host.

"Such a low probability!" Wang Feng was taken aback, "Doesn't that mean I only have a 20% probability of learning a skill from the Two-Star Minotaur Card I collected today?!"

He scratched his head in distress, "Hey, what's my luck stat? Can I find out what my luck stat is?" Since it was a game, the chance of success would definitely be related to his luck stat.

"The host can check his attributes using his character interface by himself!" The system replied.

"What a terrible attitude!"

Wang Feng whispered, "Open my character interface."

A virtual interface appeared in front of his eyes:

  Name: Wang Feng

  Hero Name: King

  Level: Level 1

  Experience: 0/100

  Endurance: 3

  Strength: 2

  Speed: 3

  Defense: 1

  Luck: (omitted) Note: Hidden attributes can not be viewed and can not be changed!

  Attribute Point(s): 0

  Skill(s): None

  Skill Point(s): 0

  Card(s): Two-Star Card·Minotaur

The attributes of an average person were 5, and the max value was 100, while a character's max level was 50.


Wang Feng stared at his attributes blankly. He was really weak! He truly was an otaku who didn't even have the strength to bind a chicken. Eh, wait a minute, my luck stat... Why can't I check it? Are you kidding me?

He was dissatisfied, "System, this is too much, show my luck stat!"

The system replied coldly, "Sorry. These are the rules!"


King was a man who claimed to have a maxed-out luck stat. Could it be that his luck stat was already maxed? Could that be why he couldn't change it?

Wang Feng asked, "System, is there a way to improve my attributes quickly?"

"The host will get experience points for upgrading when using cards corresponding to the specific card. Each time the host character levels up, they will gain a number of attribute points and skill points. You can add attribute points to the attributes you wish to improve. Note: The number of experience points depends on the card's Star Level and the card's character."

"Experience points? Attribute points? Skill points? What?" Wang Feng's spirits lifted, "System, explain it carefully."

"The biggest innovation that distinguishes this game from other games is its upgrade system. It does not adopt a traditional killing to level up system, instead, it has introduced a consume cards to level up system. Each time the host consumes a card, they will gain a certain amount of experience. Each time you level up, you can gain a number of attribute points and skill points, which can be used to improve the host's attributes and skill level. Note: The host can also improve their attributes through exercise and practice on weekdays."

The system explained the situation slowly.

Wang Feng nodded in response. Simply put, there are two ways to improve your attributes. One was to level up to get attribute points, and the other was to practice and train yourself, thus improving your attributes.

Wang Feng also remembered that when he learned a skill from a card, its skill level would be reset, so the skill points he got would be critical to making it useful.

His eyes shone. It was no longer just a dream for him to become Superman, "System, is there any limit to the card's possession ability?"

"Restriction: you must own the card!"


Wang Feng rolled his eyes and became interested again, "Then let something possess my body as a demonstration."

"Sorry. This system does not provide free demonstrations. If the host wants to experience possession, please consume a card!"

Several system mechanical commands sounded.

Wang Feng complained under his breath before lazily commanding, "Didn't I collect a Two-Star Minotaur Card today? I'll use that card to possess my body now."

"Ding! Card Possession has begun..."

An interface suddenly popped out of the page. It consisted of a grid that served as the card's storage within the system. There was only a single card in the grid, the Two-Star Minotaur card!

Minotaur Card:

Background: He was originally a bull in a bullring. After being teased too many times by bullfighters, he's turned into a monstrous humanoid. He hates and destroys all red objects in front of him.


Passive: Trample: Deal continuous damage to all surrounding buildings.

Active Skill: Brutal Collision: Ram your enemy with the top of your head.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Two-Stars

Hmm, the abilities displayed here closely match those of the real Minotaur. Eh, wait, Trample causes continuous damage to all surrounding buildings? And... is it a passive skill?

Wang Feng stared blankly. His heart was faintly warning him, something was wrong.

"The host has successfully been possessed!"

"Ding! Consumed a two-star card. The host has gained 1248 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations! The host has leveled up to level 3, gaining 10 attribute points and 2 skill points."

"Ding! The host has failed to comprehend the card's skills."

Several system prompts rang out consecutively.

A mysterious power filled Wang Feng's whole body, making him feel extremely comfortable. It gave him the urge to thump his chest and roar into the sky.

Crack! Crack!

However, what awaited him was not a chance to vent his passion after gaining power. The floor under his feet suddenly cracked, and the cracks spread quickly! A moment later, they spread across the entire floor of his house like a spider web.

Wang Feng stared blankly at the cracks, his face turning black. The Minotaur passive skill he just read about, Trampling, was starting to bare its fangs.

'What? How come no one told me that this would happen if I got possessed by a card?''


There was a massive boom as his house collapsed around him


Wang Feng lost his balance as the floor of his house completely broke. For an instant, he felt weightless as he fell from the second floor to the first floor. However, he experienced no pain since his body had the defense of the Minotaur.

The Minotaur could easily resist a round from the Steel Water Gun without being hurt, so the fall Wang Feng just went through was not worth mentioning.

"Well, if this goes on, my house will collapse."

He got up and cursed, "The system, can you retrieve the card or revoke the card's possession?"

"Once a card is possessed until the card's energy is exhausted, it can't be stopped." The System's voice was tinged with a certain smugness.

"When will this card's energy run out?"

"Theoretically, the energy in a One-Star Card lasts one hour, a Two-Star Card lasts two hours... However, if the host actively uses the card character skills, it will speed up the energy consumption of the card."


To avoid damaging his home further, Wang Feng decisively ran out into the street through the front of the door. Since it was in the middle of the night, there were no pedestrians on the street. He gritted his teeth and slammed his head against the ground.

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