5 Leaving...

Chapter 5

Title: Leaving...


As Roger and the others were having a feast... singing and having fun I am just staying to the side Poo and Shifu are packing their things...  

Roger is dancing with Oden very weirdly.... then Roger separates and goes to bring more sake. I go towards him and...

*Binks Sake song in the background*🎶

(Listen to it to make the scene more fun)

"Captain Roger... I have something to say."

He looks at me... I can notice that he is already very drunk...

"Wha- What is it little Jaws." Says Roger drunkenly.

I clench my hands and take a deep breath and say. "I have truly had fun these last months Captain Roger... it's just that..."

"Hahahahahaha I am glad you had fun... that is why I went out to sea... to have fun be the freest man in the world..." Says Roger, interrupting me.

I also can't keep the smile off my face...

I had gotten a little close to these guys during these months… they were so fun to be around. Never a boring moment with them.

"I am really sad Captain ... I truly had fun... I also know YOU will die in a year... 

THIS JUST ISN'T RIGHT LEAVING LIKE THIS... " I yell out at him, I have met Roger and am a little saddened that he won't really live. He will be The King of the Pirates, but he is the most chained man in the world to me. His life is literally being held on a chain by sicknesses.

He looks at me seriously for some seconds and I can sense some people around are looking at us and then he...

"Hahahahaha don't worry Jaws, no matter what.... our memories will always remain..." As he says, I can see the happy smile on his face. He isn't really afraid of death at all.

I see Captain, I always knew that we were very different from each other… I will never be like you… but I still respect you Captain Gol D Roger...

"Captain... I am leaving the Roger pirates... I am going to start making my own crew now." I suddenly told him out of nowhere.

He stops drinking seems surprised for a second then he just… laughs. "Hahahahaha... really, hahaha so you are going to have your own adventure now."

It's quite sad really if you only lived Roger you would be able to see an amazing world after you leave. 

"Hey little Jaws don't be sad now, I don't want that to be our last memory... c'mon sing with me..." Says Roger as he pats me on the head. 

I just can't help but smile at him. I will never be like him, I have decided to be greater than you will ever be Roger… but I will still respect you. That is the least I can do and will do for you Gol D Roger.

"OK ROGER!" I shout out loud as I start dancing with him and singing together.





The whole night is spent partying and I sleep past my normal curfew, I am a kid so I plan to live very healthily. 

So here I am, currently eating some breakfast while the rest of the crew are trying to get over their hangovers. I am only six so I don't drink, which would ruin my body if I did. I also won't drink even in the future when I grow up. I mean look at Whitebeard… a legendary pirate who has amazing strength and an OP devil fruit, but only because he had a heart spasm at that moment Akainu put a magma fist through him... that was the moment that sealed his fate... extensive over drinking had indirectly killed him.

So yeah... I might party but never get drunk, also the reason why I am not going to Laugh Tale is also because of the target it will put in my back. I don't have a bounty yet so I can be free for a while to build my foundation on becoming a leading power in the New World. And as soon as Roger becomes the Pirate King I can get away from the spotlight and start my plan...

If I stay here and see the One Piece I will have a target in my back and I am too young and weak to survive that.

After Buggy, I am the weakest crew member and even Shanks is stronger than me. Though I did 'defeat' him in our little skirmish, buy I am not delusional enough to think that I can beat him yet.

I then look at Oden... the dumbass... I know when he returns to the country that he abounded he will have his own tragedy.

Though I had fun with them... I am not really stupid enough to risk my life for any of them. I am not the type of person to risk my life for others, and I am not generous enough to give away my precious future knowledge... after all... Oden surviving is a BIG butterfly effect. So I guess this is the last time we will see each other… Oden… bye~ bye~


After about three hours I am ready to leave. I also took a copy of the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia with me just to have it to help me identify any devil fruits I come across.

And the minks said they will provide me with a mid-sized boat with supplies. Welp, time to go back where I came from.




Six months passed, and I am now seven years old… and at the same time, I am currently on the outskirts of Raijin island...


Getting hit by lightning repeatedly... I am doing this to train my resistance to it. Because this island is going to be my base in the new world... not only is it close to Fishman island but it also has a natural defense against outsiders. So I will have to get my people to dig under the ground where it will be where my subordinates will stay. The entrance to this place will be underwater where the only Fishman will be able to get inside... the entrance will have to be small to not be able to fit a coated ship... 

Poo and Shifu are in the boat. I have been training all of these six months under extreme conditions to force my young body to endure and adapt to extreme temperatures, forces of nature and beat up some sea kings along the way, and they have also been training with me... and Shifu has had some good progress if I was to compare his power it would be somewhere around pre-time skip Luffy... so Luffy without Haki and only gear second and third. 

Then there is Poo... and I got to say he is pretty talented with electro he is also very hardworking… when a reward is involved... and if there is no treat he sleeps most of the time... plus he is a heavy sleeper.

I mean he even slept through a storm once... that guy is like a very dumb but cute panda pet... but he is funny so I keep him around. He is very different from Shifu who is hardworking and with a strict personality. 

They are so different it is quite entertaining watching them argue sometimes.

Though I can tell that Poo already has started becoming devoted towards me. He ate a carrot once when I told him to. 

Even Shifu who has known him all his life says Poo has never eaten carrots.. he hates them. Though this might seem insignificant to humans... to minks this seems like he acknowledges me as his superior and will listen to my orders.

And you know there is no other race more trustworthy that minks... I mean they were ready to sacrifice their entire country, for just one person that they knew was a friend of Oden. 


Ok, I am done training for the day... 

As I get off Raijin island and I jump from the sea on the boat

I see Poo sleeping as usual... I also see that Shishilian has a newspaper on his hand reading it together with Shifu. They also have shocked faces...

""Jaws -sama/sensei you must look at this...""

"What is it ..."

As I get close to them I look at the newspaper they pushed in my face... 



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