55 Finding a Lion...

Chapter 55 (BONUS CHAPTER)

Title: Finding a Lion...


At this time Jaw also starts searching for some Devil Fruits that will appear later on and their users. His search has some successes as he finds the current user of the Swamp-Swamp Fruit and he gifts it to his daughter Erza.


Also currently during this time, Naruto is in Rusukaina Island. In this place, animals exist that make some accomplished New World pirates. Currently, Naruto is hiding in a tree as a giant blue Gorilla goes around breaking around trees.


Naruto sighs a little as he has scratches around his body. Under his shirt, something moves, and Dead Cat, Naruto's pet cat pops his head out of Naruto's shirt. It smells a little of the air and his mustaches twitch slightly. The cat then nudges Naruto who nods at this, he immediately moves amongst the trees.

But Dead cat warns him by mowing slightly, which causes Naruto to jump even higher. He sees a giant snake as thick as a tree come to bite towards him. 

'Damn, this is dangerous. One bite from it and I will die.' Contemplates Naruto, he has chosen to take part in this island's training as his strong siblings have all already completed it. They also said that it was quite easy, so honestly, he took this training test out of fun… which has turned into a nightmare for him.

'Not only I don't know how to find any food on this island. I have to try hard to try and not become food. I have also eaten anything except berries and some mushrooms that Dead Cat has verified that they are not poisonous by his sense of smell.' Contemplates Naruto, though he and Dead Cat act like they usually can't stand each other. He and Naruto care and will take care of each other when the time comes. Jaw wouldn't have allowed a cat to live if it really messed around with Naruto.


Jaw currently is in his office, having a meeting with all of his children. Kisame sees his father seems worried about something, so he asks. "What's wrong dad?"

Kakashi is the one to answer the question by saying. "Well, dad hasn't been able to find Shiki, he wants his devil fruit. He planned to give it to one of us. Shiki is someone who could compete with Roger, and his fruit is a big deal to his power. Dad is very confident in winning if he fights Shiki. But we have not been able to even catch sight of Shiki."

Some of Jaw's children seem a little surprised by this. They never quite understand their father's plans, the closest one to doing so is Kakashi. But even he doesn't know how his father comes up with them, and to be able to figure out people's reactions.


The discussion lasts about three hours and in the end, Jaw orders his children that they will start moving soon. The world will keep moving even without them, so they will have to move too if they want to keep up.

Jaw is truly a little annoyed at how he can't find any hint of where Shiki is. If he had Shiki's Devil Fruit, one of his children will instantly become Yonko Commander, even if they aren't personally strong, the fruit can make him/her something amazing. It will allow someone to constantly have the field advantage, no matter what.




One year passes after that, Jaw is currently planning his next moves and contemplating them. He is trying to see if he has any movements from the other Yonko or any new up-jumped New World pirate captain that might need a reality check… the reality check will be their head getting separated from their bodies. If a pirate captain (or anyone really) causes a problem in Fishman Island while entering the new world, then they are pretty much declaring war on Jaw. There are no seas that they will be safe on.


At the same time, in some floating island archipelagos, countless people were living in them. Also the center there is one giant palace that connects all of the other islands with the help of different styles of brides.

Inside the palace, there is Shiki with half a ship wheel stuck in his head. He has a cigar in his mouth. 'Jaw… that kid used to be in Roger's Crew.'

Shiki contemplates as he already knows that Jaw is looking for him. Though he is currently in hiding. He can't help but contemplate different things, his legs twitch with pain on their legs. 'I should give him a chance and he will find me. That way I can at least test if he is good at being referred to as part of Roger's Crew.'


Jaw can already see this, but he still takes the bait fully. So he travels to East Blue and by using Mikoto's Devil Fruit (Mark Fruit) to float as he already carried her in secret and touched one of the Island's Members in secret with Jaw one week ago. So now they are 'targeting' the normal person with a target. So Jaw's has brought almost all of his non-fishman fighters to fight against Shiki.

At this time Shiki is currently floating above his islands while seeing Jaw's army. 

Two quick slashes from his sword legs and two giant flying slashes go towards H

Jaw's fleet.

Jaw sees this and just takes a deep breath, as he does so it feels like a vacuum cleaner as he takes a deep breath. 


A giant gust of wind comes out of Jaw's mouth like a splitting wave which causes the two slashes to clash against each other.


"Shiki, I am here to collect your power." Says Jaw openly and without concern or reservation on his intentions.

Shiki on the other hand seems a little pissed off about this as he bites off the cigar on his mouth. "You brats nowadays should have more respect for Roger and his legacy."

As Shiki says that he truly means it, he has seen how some trash rookies allowed them to get 'higher'.

Jaw's face morphs into a smile. "Make me, old man!"

"Oh, I definitely will young brat." Says Shiki with his anger rising every second they talk to each other as giant elemental structures rise taking the form of lion heads. 

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'His pride should at least keep him from running away. That would be my biggest problem solved if it goes to plan.' Thinks Jaw, he has already put the old Shiki in his invisible web of lies and deceit. He knows that if Shiki wants to run away with his Float Devil Fruit, then it would be almost impossible to defeat him.

One of the lion heads made out of stone charges at Jaw who just punches forward, easily breaking it. He could see that his children with their power and devil fruits have an advantage against Shiki's… 

'So this is what it feels like having a true strong advantage against an enemy… this is the first time.' Contemplates Jaw.



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