1 The Beginning of a Cut

On the blue sea, a luxurious cruise ship travels slowly. Under the wisdom of mankind, the sea is no longer invincible. In the luxurious cruise ship lobby, every man is so gentle and elegant, and the lady is also elegant and generous. And what was incompatible with this picture was the maintenance room directly below them, a young man in his 20s, with a laptop in front of him, and an anime called One Piece was showing on the computer.

From the young man's focused expression, he can see his love for this anime. Until the anime was over, the young man stretched and said to himself, "Well, I've watched more than a dozen episodes together. I'm already at Zhuowu. Luffy is about to beat Kaido. For such a fierce Kaido, I don't know how Oda is going to do it. Could it be the 5th gear?"

When the young man was talking to himself, he suddenly felt the crowd above him making a loud noise. As the ship's chief engineer, of course, he had to go up and take a look.

It would be bad if it was a mechanical failure that bothered the guests. After all, the captain treats him very well. Just turning around and walking up the stairs, Wil heard a bang. It was like the sound of something coming out of the water, and then there was a pop and the sound of an overweight object falling into the water.

What followed was the louder voices of the guests above, mixed with the screams of these ladies.

Hearing the screams, Will's not-so-fast pace vanished and he ran quickly.

"Something has happened, go up quickly."

He ran to the deck in a hurry and saw that all the guests were on the deck. He didn't care about being polite, so he ran directly to the old man and asked, "Father John, what's the matter?"

The first mate, John, was a white man with a white beard and a big bald head. His usual kind face was full of horror and surprise. He turned his head and said, "Carp, Little Will, I saw a golden carp. He is bigger than our boat, my goodness, God. How could there be such a big carp?"

After hearing the first mate's words, Will was also surprised, and his black eyes were filled with unbelief and doubts.

"A carp bigger than our cruise ship? We are a cruise ship with a weight of 200,000 tons. How could it be possible?" Just after Will finished speaking, he heard another bang behind him.

Will, who turned his head, was blown by everything behind him. What appeared in front of him was a freshwater carp with a golden body and a bright red tail. Its massive body rose high into the air, and even the cruise ship was no longer a giant in front of it. It can only be regarded as equal.


The big carp jumped into the air and hit an invisible wall and bounced back. It fell into the water.

Will only felt that the whole world was shaking, not the ship, but the world. Fell directly to the ground.

After a few seconds, Will, who had recovered from his senses, heard an old roar from the sea, "It's not here, let me go out. Because of my tribulation, so many lives have been killed and injured, how can I face my teacher?"

The originally clear weather had already morphed into rolling dark clouds, forming a huge whirlpool and making the sound of muffled thunder!

The foreigners on the ship may not have known much about it, but as a Chinese, Will knew that the current situation absolutely subverted his three views, and muttered: "This, is this a catastrophe? Or is it a carp jumping over the dragon gate?"

Will really didn't want to know at all. He just wanted to leave from here right away, picked up the walkie-talkie and said, "Captain, Captain, this is Will, go ahead at full speed, there will be a huge creature of unknown species behind us, and if we are attacked, we may sink."

The captain in the cockpit heard Will's roar and asked: "What's the matter with Will?" Then he drove at full speed and left the sea.

The captain still trusted this young man who has been in consensus for 6 years, and he also heard the keywords of 'sinking' and 'huge creature'. Will's voice sounded from the intercom: "Captain, you can come out on the deck and have a look. I'm not quite clear about the details."

After notifying the captain, Will started running to the edge of the deck and looked into the sea, only to find a huge black shadow was swimming beneath the surface. At this moment, Will could not do anything other than watch. After watching for a while, he heard the hurried footsteps of someone behind him. He saw the captain coming towards him.

"What the hell is going on Will, you suddenly told me to let the ship go forward at full speed."

"Look at the sea, that is a creature bigger than our Queen Elvis, and it should be a freshwater carp." The captain's expression suddenly changed, as when he looked down, there was a huge black figure.

Just when everyone didn't know what to do, Bang!!!

Will felt that the ship had hit something, but there was nothing in front of him. His body flew up, then flew for 10 meters and landed heavily, and then he lost consciousness.

After a long time, Will woke up. He felt that his right hand was no longer conscious, and he looked up and saw a scene he would never forget.

The sky was full of silver light, forming a huge silver-blue whirlpool. A giant golden carp swam freely in the air, instead of in the sea.

Before Vail understood what was going on, the sky seemed to be angry. A bolt of silver-blue lightning struck down and hit the carp's head heavily, and the carp's body and head, the wounds that were already covered with cloth, were still exposed with black smoke.

Well far away, Will could smell the scent of meat, and apart from the whining, he could not hear any sound.

The huge vortex on the sky began to rotate until it reached a certain speed. A lightning bolt that was several times larger than the previous one struck down. The golden carp could not withstand it and was smashed and shattered, but the lightning did not disappear. It rushed to the Queen Ivis below.

Will's last conscious moment was of him feeling his body become numb, then becoming very light, and finally, it was pitch black. After a while, it was an indescribable feeling, he could see nothing, hear nothing, and there seemed to be countless insects biting him, slowly turning his feelings into despair.

He didn't know how long it took, but Will finally saw light again. He was in a strange place, where it was hazy and it seemed to be foggy everywhere. He lowered his head and glanced at his body, it was no longer what it used to be, but translucent, and many parts of his body were tattered as if he had been decayed.

Will touched the missing parts of his body. Although it didn't hurt, Will felt that the missing was very fatal, as if the soul was broken.

When Will was thinking about what happened, he heard a little boy shouting not far ahead.

"Go out, you go out, this is mine, if you don't go, I will bite you!"

Will looked up and saw an 8-9-year-old boy looking at him pretending to be ferocious. Will understood,

"Well, I should have been dead, but then my soul travelled to a very strange place. It happened to bring the little boy's consciousness to a similar place. The person in front of me should be the master of this consciousness space."

Just when Will was in a trance, he felt a sharp pain in his hand that he had never experienced before, and he couldn't help but scream, and then he punched the boy who had attacked him with his other hand.

The little boy was thrown out with the punch. Will took a look at his hand, and there was a piece missing. It really hurt his soul. He was watching what the little boy was eating. Seeing his expression, it seemed to be very enjoyable.

He rushed over without thinking, pressed the little boy to the ground, and took a bite as if biting on a marshmallow. It was very soft. After swallowing, Will felt that his broken soul was a little more complete, and his senses became clearer.

"Oh, thank you for your inspiration, kid, and goodbye."

Then a terrifying scene was staged in the dim space. A man pressed a little boy to the ground and ate bite by bite. What's more strange is that while eating, his body became smaller and smaller. It became clearer and clearer until the little boy was eaten up, there was only an 8-9-year-old man named Will left in the dim space.

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