246 The End + New Story

After the actions of Josh that had dramatically changed the world, things could never stay the same.

With the death of two Pirate Emperors, and the fall of the World Government and the Navy, the Great Pirate Era, which was created by Gol D Roger, had ended.

The world was under the control of no one.

First to claim, was the first to get.

The Revolution Army, which stopped fighting the Government, started taking its place and fighting pirates, taking the place of the Navy. No one objected, not the citizens, and not the lucky marines that hadn't been present in the massacre. Garp, who was the only survivor, united with his son, Dragon, to establish the order back in the world.

Without World Government, things should be easier for them.

Many powerhouses started rising. Pirates stopped piracy and formed alliances, all in order to claim a piece of the new era. Same for the kingdoms, who had no World Government to protect them. It's a free world, and the strongest will establish their order.

By looking at how things are going, it will take a few years for the order to come back. Everyone is fighting, and only the strongest will thrive.

But there is one rule that everyone knows. Don't mess with the Gambler. He had proven, even though he is a peaceful man, was so cruel that he leaves no survivors.

Also, there had been rumours that he has guardians and gigantic lighting clouds, thousands of them, all under his order. Each one can destroy a country, and they are all under his order. With a flick of his finger, he can erase everyone.

Meanwhile, above the sea, there was a ship. A young man with a straw hat was playing with it and was smiling.

"So, in order to find the One Piece, I have to reclaim the Road Ponygylph. Two of them are with The Gambler." The young man smiled naively as he was daydreaming.

"Oy, Luffy, you can't be that crazy." Said an orange-haired girl behind him. She clenched her fist and punched his rubber head on the back. Even though she didn't have Haki, she managed to give him a bruise.

"Shishishi. It will be a fun adventure." Luffy turned his head and smiled.

"Oy, Luffy." Said a green-haired man with three swords. "I'll guide you to him and I'll fight him first. Since he is the best Swordsman in the world, I have to defeat him to prove myself."

"Thank you, Zoro." Luffy nodded at the green-haired man, Zoro.

"Yes, right!" the orange-haired girl smiled as she turned to Zoro. "You guide the ship. Take us to his island."

Nami knew how horrible Zoro's sense of direction is.

Giving him the lead will surely keep them safe.


Months and years had passed, and Josh barely had fought any battle. He never had to, with all of his girls, demons, and Linlin as his guard.

There was no one stupid, or strong enough to come over.

Knowing that he became immortal, Josh's view of life had changed.

People always seek pleasure, not accepting to be bored since they know that they have limited time. Nothing will be enough for them, not all of the treasure of the world, since they know that they can't enjoy it forever.

But now, Josh had a weird sense of satisfaction with all he had. It's enough for him, not to feel worried about anything. And somehow, his life felt that it has meaning, even though it was quite free from the adventures.

It felt like he was living in paradise. Until… his girls got pregnant and he had kids.

And the thing is, he never learnt his lessons and kept making them pregnant.

"God! I haven't slept in 10 days. What do you want?" Josh was on his bed, king-sized bed. He sat up and looked to see 9 kids, girls and boys, standing by him.

"Papa!" Said a green-haired girl who wasn't that little. "He said there is a monster under our bed, and I'm afraid." She then pointed to a little version of Josh, who rubbed his nose and looked around, as if clueless.

The other kids were just there to see the show.

"There are no monsters under the bed, Sony," Josh replied. He then turned to the little version of himself. "And you, Joshy, stop." Josh gave him a little punch on the head.

"Couldn't sleep, so I had to bother her," Joshy replied.

"What a brat. You know what…" Josh smirked.


"You have too much energy. I'll start training you starting tomorrow. Now, come and sleep here."

The kids just claimed the bed and pushed their moms to a sleepover.

Josh was tired more than their moms. Each one of them has a kid, while he has all of them. But still, he was happy with them.

Josh looked at the ceiling, remembering his glory days. 'I was a great warrior, feared by everyone. And now, few kids are taking my sleep hours. I miss my young days, screwing around… holding the sword, stabbing…' Josh slept while thinking of happy memories.


More years passed, and the world had its order restored. The Great Pirate Era was over, yet some pirates still believed in the One Piece.

In the new world, only pirates with high IQ could survive, and you easily could tell their mistakes.

Josh was sitting on his throne, above the palace while staring at the sea.

His kids were downplaying while he was staring at some pirate fleet that came to claim his life.

"They are growing too fast. It didn't even take that long time to see them grow…"

Josh lifted his hand and covered his mouth as he yawned. As he flicked his finger, a few dark clouds formed in the sky, and they started shooting lightning bolts that burned them. It brought him some joy seeing that some people still have hope; but soon, he was bored since they were too easy.

During these years, Josh had managed to awaken all of his Devil Fruits.

It's needless to say, each put him on a whole another level. And Josh could destroy the whole planet if he wanted. But he didn't feel like it. He learnt a lot about his weapons, how to open the portal, and how to use his soul.

As Josh summoned the World Breaker, he summoned a piece of his soul.

"Alright, this is connected to me, so I can live what it lives."

Waving his sword, he created a portal, and he threw the soul fragment in.

Since he has an endless life span, he could throw as many parts of souls in, toward random directions.

"I'll pass time like this until someone invents game consoles." Josh put a leg above another. During this time, he had spent a portion of his wealth to help the world to develop algorithms and technologies. Since he is going to live for a long time, there should be something to look for.

"Joshy! Come over, it's too cold down here."

"I'll come to warm it up."


Hey guys, I just want to announce a sequel to this story.

Remember the soul fragment that was thrown inside that portal. It has an independent story now.

it can be read as a standalone too.

Title: Avatar: Shadow of The Gambler

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