One Piece: Freedom's Song

Ending up dead as a simple laboratory rat, now he has a second chance in a world of infinite possibilities with his only desire, to explore the seas starting with a land full of samurai. -------------------- Neither One piece or the art shown in the book is mine. This is my first book that im writing as an experiment, I haven't written anything before and my first language isn't English so there might be a few grammatical errors. If you see any mistakes or you want to help me improve, please leave a comment or review For some scenes I'll leave some links to music to try to improve immersion.

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Little One

Ha Ha Ha Ha! There must be a god after all!. He thought that was it, he had died and the only thing that was left for him was unending darkness.

But no!, he felt cold!


Yeah, cold isn't the best sensation in the world although he actually liked it, so what? He was alive!, he was actually alive!, no words could describe the joy he was feeling right now!.

Even after hearing a voice in another language he just laughed out loud, there's still the problem that he can't see and if he had to bet he would say that his body is that of a baby considering his small arms and legs, but still this by far is a million times better than being dead.

The voiced continued on talking for some time, but I still couldn't understand, I was being carried somewhere by someone.

'Hopefully this person won't do me any haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

Oh god, how much I have missed this feeling, how long it's been?, months?, years?, cold is fine, I like cold, but what I guess is a nice hot bath?, this one of the best feelings in the entire world.

Maybe this time it will all be different.

'This is good...'


Time flies by very quickly.

So, my name is Yasu Mochizuki and it looks like I was reincarnated in a Japanese style world called Wano, it took me some time to learn this, at first I was very lost, both literally and metaphorically, not understanding the common language while being blind isn't exactly ideal.

Thankfully the man I now call father went above and beyond to help me, at first it was very weird being talked slowly as if I was some kind of animal, but it worked!, now I can speak somewhat fluently somewhat I guess is the equivalent in my past world to Japanese.

After all those years without a family only interacting for minutes with faceless doctors, I almost forgot what being loved by a family is.

Also, being blind didn't come without it's good side, if normal people's senses were at 10 and it decreased with age, mine would be dialed up all the way to 20, I can hear almost everything, the neighbour's conversation, the dog 4 blocks away, I can even hear people heartbeats if I focus enough.

Smell and taste also improved, but they're not really that useful in day to day life, something really useful is that I can feel with my skin changes in air currents, everyone while moving pushes the air around them and when they do I catch that.

At first, everything was all around the place, too many scents mixing with each other, hearing sounds hundreds of meters away, sometimes I would get sensory overload when everything was more than what my brain could handle, it's not a pleasant experience, but with five years of training myself on what my brain should or shouldn't process it became less frequent.

Months ago something strange started to happen, whenever I focused on someone I would start seeing a distorted image of their silhouette, it was like staring at a being made of light in a world full of darkness, but it disapeared the moment I lost focus.

Obviously, after more than four years without being able to see anything I quickly tried to recreate that feeling of almost looking into someone's soul, again and again and again until I managed to do it, it started with people I had relatively close, but it began to expand more and more until I could sense every person in almost a hundred meter radius, even without looking I could know where some people or things were , it's curious the light emitted by some was brighter than others while some even felt like they were fading, it felt surreal, being able to see after so much time.

It was like seeing the world through blueprints, only seeing the outline of thing but to me it was more than enough, although it's not perfect, the more I cover with my senses the less detailed I see, still I won't be able to see the beauty of colors anymore, that's a real shame.

Regaining more or less my sense of vision, a lot of questions popped into my head being the first, what is my appearance?, I wasn't thrilled when I learned the answer.

Feminine facial features with white hair, white eyes, pale skin, white everything, what's the deal with the color white? Is this a sort of cosmic joke? The only color I really dislike and everything about me is freaking white?! My father was really confused after telling me that, seeing me on my knees cursing out the world.

Also if that wasn't enough I two scars running down my back at both sides of my spine...WHY?!, according to my father I had them since he found me.

Currently we're both walking down the streets after buying some things, we're having a normal conversation when I suddenly stop, head snapped to my right.

I hear music.

I heard music before like almost any human being, but this is different, it's... it's beautiful.


Pulling at my father's sleeve, without saying a word I point to where the sound is coming, he also stops and looks in the same direction as me seeing a big building some meters away.

"Do you want to see the Kabuki play in the theatre?" My father talks, but I hardly hear what he says, enraptured by the music.

"Yes" words come out of my mind almost mindlessly.

We start making our way over there, looking for any seats we can find, finally after what felt like an eternity we find two empty seats to watch the play, it's about the story of a warrior in search for-

I'm not really paying attention, the story might be great and all but my full attention is in one thing, no , in someone.

At the side of the stage almost left aside, there's a bunch fo figures holding each one an instrument, womans by their shape, but my eyes are solely on one, she's holding an instrument in the shape of a banjo but smaller, the figure is using in her right hand something resembling an ice scraper plucking what I assume are the strings of the instrument.

The play lasts for 4 hours, for 4 hours straight I do not take my eyes off the figure, burning in my head every hand gesture, every finger moved, every little habit, every breath taken.

By now I probably know more about that person than she knows about herself, if I had to define the music coming out of her figure I would say it's the most beautiful thing I've heard, but she finds it boring, this is just routine for her, I'm in such focus that i don't even realize I just felt her emotions.

Before I know it, the people start clapping because of the end of the play, but my eyes are still focused on her figure.

"Well, that was pretty good, don't you think" Shimazu turns his head to his son, "Yasu?"but there's only an empty seat.

A chapter a little longer

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