14 Good Deeds

As the sun burned bright in the sky, Jack was walking over to the shore of the island with a smirk on his face. He knew that Ace and Deuce would be stranded here in about a year, so he decided to leave them a message carved into the side of the tiny mountain of boulders. He was sure that they would find it quite easily when they were searching for food. It read, "Hey losers. I know you got strandded here and that is giving me a good laugh right now. I did leave you some rope and a few items to build a little raft or a small boat. I left everything in one place, now you just have to find it!! There are also some non-parishable foods in a box in a little cave at the centre of the island. If you found them first then fuck you, I hope you choke on them. Ace, you are a failure as a pirate and should probably go back home. Anyway, I'm livin large all warm and cozy. goodbye."

Just thinking about the message as he reached the beach made him laugh. "If they live or die now is entirely up to them." He said before jumping on his boat and setting out. He was low on funds right now, but knew the perfect place to get more. Looking at his map, he found his next destination. Jack had only managed to sail for a few hours before he came across an ugly looking pirate ship. The flag had the skull and crossbones, but the skull had a big red nose. 'So it's the Buggy Pirates' Jack thought happily. He would have went to Orange town in the future to kill them anyway so this worked out greatly. The buggy pirates changed their course to head towards him, "Here they come." Jack said kind of dryly, but the grin on his face gave away how he really felt. It didn't take long before the Buggy Pirates reached him, then they lowered some ropes and three pirates propelled down and landed gently on his ship. 'The marines could learn a thing or two here.' Jack thought with some amusement. When the three pirates saw that there was only one man on the little ship, and that there was clearly nothing of value on board, they told him to climb the rope so he could meet their captain.

When Jack got on board the bigger ship, he was met with a buch of circus wannabes staring at him wih malicious grins on their faces. Sitting on a big chair was a slim blue-haired man with an appearance resembling that of a clown. He wore a striped white and red shirt with short sleeves, white gloves reminiscent of the ones worn by clowns, a sash around his waist like many other pirates, and a pair of loose pants reaching to his calves, just above a pair of striped socks and pointy shoes. "Welcome aboard the ship of the infamous Captain Buggy The Clown. Tremble before me!!" Buggy shouted while standing to his feet trying to look as menacing as he could. Jack put a horrified look on his face. 'Time to give them a show.' He thought before saying, "You're Buggy The Clown?!! The same Buggy who has done nothing but cower in the shadows of those stronger than he is, because he is too much of a pussy to do anything himself?!! Wow!! I must say meeting you in person is worse than I thought it would be. That disgusting thing you call a nose just makes me want to rip it off becuause it can't possibly be real." Jack said, changing his horrified look to a cocky smirk.

When Buggy heard Jack speaking he was outraged. His crew became scared and actualy took a few steps back. Their Captain would always go on a rampage when someone brought up his nose. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!" Buggy screamed in anger. The cocky smirk never left Jack's face as he said, "The rumours never said you were too stupid to understand an insult. I guess I will have to inform the masses." At his words, Buggy pulled 8 daggers out of his coat and put them in between his fingers before his torso split from his legs, then his torso started to fly towards him. Jack waited before Buggy got really close to him, then faster than anyone could see, Jack smashed Buggy into the deck of the ship with an Armement coated fist. Buggy layed still, the only signs of him still being alive was the fact that his chest was still rising. His legs had actually walked over on their own and reattached themselves while everyone watched as well. When everyone on Buggy's crew saw what happened they yelled in unison, "CAPTAIN BUGGY!!!" Jack didn't wait for them to come to him, instead he unleashed a wave of Conqueror's Haki, knocking everyone out instantly, even a freaking lion. Jack walked over to an empty part of the deck before taking out a big pile of fruits and laying them out, then walked backed to where Buggy was lying down.

As Jack reached Buggy, he knelt down beside him. "You are nothing. You didn't accomplish anything noteworthy in this life, and no one but Shanks will even remember you. You had friends and power, yet just like the rest of the scum of this world you abused it. Your crew will be following you so you won't be alone." Jack said coldly, his earlier jovial attitude gone. There were some pirates who were just in it for the adventure, and he couldn't wait to meet them, but he hated Buggy. Reaching down with his hand coated in Haki, he wrapped his fingers around Buggy's throat and strangled the life out of him. After he was done, he walked around and stabbed each member of the crew in the heart, before throwing their bodies overboard. He went down and raided the ship of anything worth a damn before making his way back to the deck where all the fruits were. After looking around he saw a weird oval-shaped purple fruit composed of small spherical parts with swirls, and green leafage sprouting on top of it. Taking it from the pile, he replaced the missing fruit before storing them in his inventory. The Chop Chop Fruit would go with his other Devil Fruit it their own section of his inventory. He would save the Devil Fruits for those he deemed worthy, or members of his crew when he decided to start one.

Finishing with the ship he walked over and stored Buggy's corpse into his inventory. 'An easy $15,000,000 berries.' He thought. He could use the berries. After buying all the Rokushiki techniques he had been left with a pitiful $56,000,000 berries and he could use some more. Getting back down to his ship, he put Buggy's into his inventory, and then continued on his way. For two weeks everything was smooth sailing. He didn't see anyone else since Buggy, not even a Serpent or Sea King. Eventually he arrived at his destination, The Conomi Islands. He would head to Cocoyasi Village where Arlong kept his base and rob him, also he would help himself to all of the gold and berries that Nami had burried out in her Garden. There wouldn't be the full $100,000,000 berries that she had in the anime as this was still 3 years before the main cannon should start, but even $50,000,000 berries would be more than welcome. Looking at the map, he was only a few kilometres from Cocoyasi so he decided to go on foot. 'I thought I would have come across a fishman when I entered... Oh well.' He thought before continueing on his way.

After 2 hours of walking Jack could finally see the outskirts of the village. "Time to hunt some fishies!!" Jack said, venom radiating from his body. Walking through the village he got many people staring at him, until finally a man wearing a brown police uniform started walking towards him. He even had a pinwheel on his hat, but the most noticeable thing about him were the scars all over his body. 'I knew Genzo was cut up by Arlong, but he looks worse than the anime portrayed him to be.' Jack thought as the man drew near him. "Hello there. My name is Genzo, I sort of act as the sheriff of Cocoyasi and its representative. Who might you be?" Genzo asked with a blank face. 'Guess theres not really much to smile about when you're a slave.' Jack thought inwardly. "Hi, my name isn't really important right now. Usually I would give a bullshit name, but I don't think that name is gonna work. For now just call me Prime." Jack said not trying to hide the fact that it wasn't his real name. Hearing the strange man Genzo frowned. "What do you mean fake name?" He asked out of concern and curiosity. "Well Genzo... Previously I would tell people my name was Cataclysm becuase I have plans to cause many cataclysmic events throughout the world, but I haven't quite worked everything out just yet, and honestly its not that great of a name. I'm saving my real name for a big reveal to look Badass."

As Genzo listened to the weird man, he was puzzled. 'Why is he telling me all this?' He thought. "Why not just give your real name, and wear a mask and use Prime as your cover name so that no one will know its you? Then when you reveal to the world that you are really whatever your real name is than it will still shock the world. Also why did you tell me all that?" Genzo asked puzzled. He just couldn't figure this guy out. Jack had a little dazed look on his face. 'Kill everyone while wearing a mask, while walking around normal as myself. I can spread the legendary name of Captain Jack Sparrow around the world and make a badass entrance when I remove the mask.... FOR FUCKS SAKE!!' Jack screamed internally. He had been so caught up in the moments that he didn't even take the time to think about it properly. "Well Genzo, that is becuase I was trying to look cool at the time and wasn't really thinking about it. But you make a good point. As for telling you, it is because I know you aren't gonna rat me out to the marines." Jack said like he already knew Genzo would keep his secret. "Why would I help you over the marines?" Genzo asked with a puzzled look on his face. "Right, I forgot you don't know. Well you see my disfigured friend, the little fishies controling these islands are paying the marines to not do anything about it. The marines have actually known about all this for years and have chosen to turn a blind eye, so why would you tell on the person who has come to dispose of them like the trash they are?" Jack said in a more joyful tone than the situation called for.

When Genzo heard Jack's words, his eyes went wide. He had wondered why no marines ever came to the islands to check up on the citizens. Many had surmised that the fishmen killed them before any marine ship could ever get to the Conami Islands, and that the fishmen were the dominant race throughout the world. "Y-you said you came here to kill the fishmen? How are you going to do it?" Genzo asked after connecting the dots. "Well I am going to walk in to there base and start slow cooking them all one by one. They won't even be able to stand in my presense." Jack said narsistically. "Anyway my real name is Captain Jack D. Sparrow. You may call me Captain Jack or Jack, either is fine. You will also spread that name to every corner of the world. HAHAHA, now lets go fishing!!!" Jack said excitedly. Genzo just watched as Jack started to walk off in some random direction. "U-um excuse me Jack? The fishmen are that way." Genzo said pointing in a different direction then where Jack was headed. Jack stopped in his tracks when he heard that. Turning in the right direction he continued his march before shouting, "Thanks Genzo!! You shall be the first to dine on their flesh this evening. Prepare the fires and the drinks and wait for my return." Genzo just stared dumbly as the strange man walked towards Arlong Park. If it was anyone else he would have said that they were walking towards their death, but there was something about Jack that made him believe that he would kill them all.

It didn't take Jack more than an hour to get to Arlong Park while walking at a lesiurely pace. He quite enojoyed the forest so he chose to take it all in while he could. Most of this world was ocean, and the only way to get around was to sail. When he got to the big doors, he pulled back his fist and coated it in Haki. Releasing a deep breath he struck as hard as he could. The big doors blew off their hinges and went flying into the park. "KNOCK KNOCK BITCHES!!" Jack shouted as he walked into the park. The place was filled with dumbfounded fishmen who just looked at him as though he was a monster. Using his Darkfire Jack immediately filled the entire area with it. None of the fishmen could get out of the dark flames that seemed to bind them where they were. They started screaming and begging Arlong to help them out, but the big Shark fishman was in the same prediciment as they were and couldn't do anything. The Fishmen all started to sink into the pool of blackfire, eventually bringing them all into a dark space. Inside they could still breath, but they couldn't see anything. Things started to get really hot inside, and they all started burning, all but the Octopus fishman Hatchi and Arlong. Jack didn't harm Hatchi, because in the future he actually did try to make ammends for what he did here. Jack knew that the villagers would never forgive him, but maybe Nami would when she set out to map the world. As for Arlong, Jack had other plans for him. Jack made sure they all burned slowly, making sure they suffered as much as he could make them. When he finally released them from the darkness they were just very well done fishsticks.

Hatchi was released feeling the same way as he went into the darkness although quite a bit terrified. When he looked around at his friends and comrades, he paled. Everyone but he and Arlong was dead. Looking up his eyes met the human that did this he saw death staring back at him. Looking over to Arlong he saw that his Captain was beaten and bloody. Jack started walking towards the two remaining fishmen while pulling out a sword. "Get out of here Hatchi. Go back to Fishman Island and protect the residents. You are not a killer, so I won't harm you, but should I ever find out that you hurt an innocent life, I will hunt you to the ends of the world. Now go." Jack shouted to Hatchi. Hatchi took one look at Arlong then left. He knew that their misdeeds would catch up to them, and he wasn't even mad at this strange man. Jack turned his eyes back to the bleeding Arlong. "You think that fishmen are the superior species because you can breath on land and in water, but you have so much to learn of this world. Fishmen like you will always be just be the scum of the world. You wanted to go out and show the world how much better you all were, but here you are in the weakest ocean of the world, terrorizing the weak. You are pathetic." Jack spoke coldly to Arlong. Then with his swords he slashed down and removed Arlongs feet from his body, then he cauterized them so he wouldn't bleed out. Arlong could do nothing, but scream in agony as the human before him tortured him. After an hour of making Arlong suffer, Jack sensed a few people making there way to the park from the nearby ocean. 'My luck can't possibly be this good!!' Jack thought to himself. Sending out his Haki further he saw it. A marine ship was anchored just off shore. 'That rat bastard Nezumi is here to collect his payment.' Jack thought as a big grin spread across his face.

As Captain Nezumi approached Arlong Park, Jack had his video transponder snail taking in everything. Nezumi and the two marines with him walked to Arlong park without a care in the world until they got to the big broken doors and saw the scene in front of them. Nezumi saw Arlong and rushed over to him. "Arlong!! What happened here?! Who did this?!!" Nezumi shouted in panic. That was all Jack needed to see. Putting the transponder Snail in a spot where it could get everything, Jack quickly went into the shop and bought a skull mask that covered his entire head. It made him look just like he had just a skull for a head on a regular body. Jack donned the mask and walked into the compound. "That would be my doing. Now it is your turn Nezumi of the marines." Jack said, the mask making his voice sound sinister and deep. "I-I'm a member of the marines!! You have no right to harm me!!" Nezumi shouted in a panic. "On the contrary. You have been colluding with pirates to hold thousands of people as prisoners on the Conomi Islands for years now. I think that is ample reason for what I am about to do to you all." Jack said before shooting forward with blinding speed and grabbing the rat faced man by the throat. "I-Iff its berries you w-wwant I have lots. Arlong paid us millions of berries, and they're yours!! Just let me go!!" Nezumi squeeked out before Jack's hand tightend harder.

Standing close to this vermin made Jack sick. He could have just ended him, but that was too easy. He needed him to suffer. Jack dragged him over to the the brutally mutallated Arlong pushed him forward. "This will be your fate." Jack said while at the same time knocking him unconcious and then the two marines with him who were trying to escape. After they were unconcious Jack walked over to the transpoder snail and put it back into his inventory. No point in broadcasting his powers. Before he continued his torture, he used Moonwalk to get over to the marine ship, killed everyone on it, claimed quite a few piles of berries and gold, then stored the ship into his inventory before using Moonwalk to get back to Arlong Park. Going inside the building of Arlong Park, he found quite the treasurey. There were millions upon millions of berries, gold, jewels and fancy items that could be worth something. 'Was Arlong a fishman or a hoarding dragon.' He thought as he stuffed everything into his inventory. Taking everything of Value, Jack used Blackhole combined with his fire to take in all of Arlong Park and the bodies of the dead fishmen and turned them to ash. Now where the walls and building stood there was just a crater.

After finsihing with his demolition work, Jack walked over to Nezumi and slapped him awake. When Nezumi woke and remembered where he was and what kind of situation he was in, his face lost all colour. "There is a marine ship just off shore!! If you do anything to me, you will have the entire navy after you!!" Nezumi shouted hoping to not die here. "I've already dealt with them while you were taking a nap. No one will know what happened to you, and when the marines send someone here to investigate, the people of the Conomi Islands will tell them what has been going on. I imagine you will be hunted and put to death. That is, if I was gonna let you leave here." Jack said in an angry voice. The two marines with Nezumi were ripped apart fairly quick, but Nezumi and Arlong suffered for quite awhile. At one point Jack force fed Parts of Nezumi to Arlong. Finally he was tired of being here so he ripped Nezumi's head off and burned it to ash along with his body. As for Arlong, Jack stabbed him through the heart and stored his body into his inventory before making his way back to Cocoyasi Village. Not too far from the town he pulled Arlongs body out and started to drag it by one of it's arms. As he got closer to the village a noticed Genzo waiting by one of the buildings. As soon as Genzo saw him and who he was dragging, a look of disbeleif spread across his face. "I know I said we would eat these fishies, but it's been eating rat, we might catch something if we ate it so we better just eat something else." Jack said while shooting a look of disgust towards Arlongs corpse.

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