One piece- adventure of Riku-System of god of anime Book

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One piece- adventure of Riku-System of god of anime


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Yon, an 18 year old earth boy from japan. Was a huge otaku and was a popular streamer that was called god of luck. And he knew he had a lot of luck because he was always lucky, when he bought an ice cream he won the first prize..... a car, when he bought lottery tickets he won the lottery. Because of his luck he became Extremely rich, one day he got in a car accident and died. In his final moments he said, “it seems my luck finally ran out” Then he thought that he died but when he woke up he found himself facing a blue sea, and a voice behind him said “Riku are you ready to go live with your brothers?” Standing behind him was a old man and a child wearing a straw hat. After a moment of silence...... he gasped and realized where he was.... he was in the one piece world he thought "it seems my luck haven’t ran out hehe” and turned out he was luffy’s big brother and was 10, he thought why not enjoy my life here and explore this world as a pirate...... This is a fan fiction written by me an Asian-Canadian (huge fan of one piece and bleach and etc) this novel will contain an mc that could get anime powers like one punch man power or Naruto power. It will not contain harem or romance. None of this is owned by me it is owned by Eiichiro Oda. Hope you like it :)


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