1 Harry sick in the middle of the night

You woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of puking and crying. Oh no! what's going on? Another disastrous sound of throwing up developed from the bathroom, and you finally forced yourself to get up and trace the noise. You eventually reached the bathroom. You opened the door only to reveal the horrific sight of a sweaty Harry emptying his stomach content into the toilet.

How long has he been like this? Why didn't he wake me?You immediately dropped to your knees beside him and rubbed his back. "Lexi?"he breathed out confusedly."Yeah babe? it's me love, Shh... You done?" you questioned softly as you pulled him into your chest. After a few seconds, he shook his head 'no' and proceeded to throw up again—after pulling back from you. Poor baby. I wish he wasn't like this.

You continued to shush him, stroke his hair, and whisper to hopefully calm him down. This process continued until you were both so tired that you both fell asleep on the floor, him in your arms. You woke when Harry did, yawning as soon as you stood up and stretched; your arms were stiff."How are you now, hun?" you inquired. "Well enough to go to the couch?"He thought for a second; he didn't want to do anything too quickly. Then, he slowly nodded."I'll try.

"okay" You helped him stand up and transfer to the couch.Please don't fall down on me! You in your thoughts just before he harshly sat on the sofa."Yay! We made it--and you didn't throw up!" you cheered."Not yet." he mumbled with his hand over his mouth.Oh, no! Bucket get him a bucket! Quick; he is about to puke!

You sprinted to get a bin and place it under his chin. He vomited and began to cry you noticed and brushed your thumb over his cheek to remove the tears."Shh... It's okay; don't cry."He just sobbed harder, causing you to sigh and rub his back more--seeing as how there was not much else you could do.

He finally stopped puking a while later and you left the room to gather supplies--tissues, a blanket, a cold cloth (for his head), and of course, a clean bit.You put a movie in and watched together for about half of it before you decided to get up and make soup; he had fallen asleep, so it didn't matter.Once you had finished the soup, you delivered it to the living room and saw Harry just finished waking up.

You got him into a sitting position and tried to feed him the food, but all he seemed to want to do was snuggle into your shoulder. You sighed.He's so cute when he's like this but he needs to eat. You managed to feed him about half the bowl; he wouldn't eat any more.He was doing good for about an hour. However, after that, it came back up and the long, tiresome process restarted.Oh, fuck. This is going to be a long day.

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