1 A New Beginning

I died.

I am dead.

I am not alive anymore.

A pretty unique experience to be sure.

It was my first time experiencing death. Or maybe it was not?

Apparently reincarnation is real, and I became a lucky one to reincarnate with my memories intact. So maybe I did have past lives and it was truly not my first death.

Anyways, I died. I went on a vacation recently, with the money I gathered from over a year of working. I went to a beautiful place in Northeast India. I was from the more developed parts of India, that had more buildings than trees. So it was a truly amazing experience to see so many trees, beautiful hills and never ending fields of green.

During my vacation, one day after lunch, I was on my way towards a flower garden. I wanted to have a peaceful evening there, walking between beautiful flowers. On my way towards the gardens, I decided to abandon the main road and go through a field to take a shortcut. While walking, suddenly something fell on top of me and I died.

Such an anticlimactic death. I died before I even knew what hit me.

Before death I heard some kind of scream, sounding like 'Plus Ultra'. I thought it was some random otaku nearby shouting that for no reason. but apparantly it was not.

The God I met after death told me that it was a person that fell on top of me and killed me. The person was apparantly on a skydiving trip when his parachute failed. He was an otaku so he died screaming Plus Ultra while punching towards the earth. That's what I heard before death.

I mean it's pretty cool to die that way, but dude why did you have to take me with you? And couldn't you see it was a person that you were falling towards instead of empty ground? Maybe if you warned me I wouldn't have been dead, no matter how unlikely it was for me to survive even with a warning.

But I guess I am not too upset with my death, maybe even a little happy. I didn't have much going on in my life. Parents died when I was ten. No siblings. One was on the way, as my mom was pregnant when she died. So a sibling that died before getting born.

Anxiety issues that stops me from making friends. Can't even think about a lover, when just talking to people is so hard. Though the chance of getting a lover went away with the end of my schooling days.

The day I passed school, I started to work at a small factory, where I didn't even talk to people. Just did my share of work and went home. Then didn't get out till my next day at work. I was a shut in.

So a reincarnation opportunity was the best that could happen to me.


In an unknown place devoid of light, A humanoid of pure white light and a smaller humanoid of blue clour could be seen floating.

The only source of light in this place was the White humanoid, and even this beings light could barely illuminate the other being.

The white being was a GOD. A GOD of Entertainment.

And the other being was the soul of a recently dead human boy named Karna. Meaning, it was me.

I died, suddenly, woke up here, met this powerful white light bulb, and got offered a reincarnation.

And now I was busy asking questions about everything that was going on.

"So you are telling me I get a chance to live another life, and I will even have the chance to learn magic? Like in those Isekai anime where after death they get wishes and become op and have a harem? It's unbelievable! " I exclaimed in shock. It was just too much to take in. I died because some dude's parachute failed and now I can become a Isekai protagonist?

"Yes. You are lucky to get choosen for this opportunity. Most soul just get their memories wiped and get thrown into the cycle of reincarnation where their next life gets choosen according to their karma." Said the being made of pure light. It should have been impossible for me to even look at this billion volt lightbulb, but I guess a soul doesn't have eyes, or if it has, it doesn't have the weakness of a normal eye.

I was brought out of my musing when I heard about Karma. So that shit is real? I wonder how much positive or negative Karma I have.

"You had a very average life. Not much bad or good deeds done. You have 29 positive karma for saving a dog once and donating 2000 Rupees once in a charity." Said the GOD showing his ability to read minds.

FUCK! This lightbu... This great respectable Sir GOD can read minds.

"I am sor..." before I could finish my apology, the GOD interrupted me.

"No need for apologies. I don't care what you think of me. Anyways, back to your Karma, you have 135 negative karma. So in total, you are a minor evil. You would probably get reincarnated as a the child of a poor family or a prey animal like deer or rat." Replied The GOD making me pale slightly. A prey animal or a poor life once again? What did I do?

"You cursed GODS. In your life you have cursed all the GODS you knew thousands of times. And in multiple languages at that. That obviously will bring you bad Karma. Though you are lucky as some petty GODS can give up to thousands of Negative Karma points when insulted. You were poor and orphan in this life because of the same bad habit of cursing at GODS even in you previous life." The bright GOD replied with slight amusement, while I only got more depressed hearing that.

I was poor in this life because of my habit of cursing the GODS? Why did I have such a bad habit? It probably started when my parents died. They were religious people but still died leaving me alone in this world. So I cursed the GODS they prayed to. Didn't think it would have consequences. Fuck!

" So Mr. GOD, what should I call you? I don't want to keep calling you Mr. GOD or Unknown GOD or Lightbu... Anyways, can you also tell me some details about this next life of mine? I am curious if it would be anything as amazing as Novel and fanfic Protagonists life?" I asked.

" You can call me Cero. I am a GOD of Entertainment, and as my name implies, I seek entertainment. And your next life is just to make my and my friends life more entertaining. You will be incharge of a shop that connects to the Multiverse. People in need of help will randomly enter this shop when opening a door. After that you can give them a key that they can use to enter the store once again. The key can be used anywhere, from a normal keyhole to the ground, water or even the sky. They just need to imitate the motion of entering and turning the key, and the door to the shop will open for them. You are also getting some Powers that will help you to buy and sell items. And a bonus power to help you make your own life better. " Hearing that a big smile bloomed on my face. My boring life is gonna become amazing pretty soon.

"I like the powers part. But how is me being a shopkeeper going to help you in getting entertainment? Are you gonna watch my life like those fanfic ROBs do? It won't be very entertaining to watch a shopkeeper. So maybe you will watch the customers and how much purchase they made in the shop influences them. That's my guess. " I said with a shrug.

Cero nodded at my answer and said, "You are correct. Me and my friends plan to watch those worlds that get connected to the shop and how items from the shop influences the world. We are pretty bored, so we are doing this as a fun little project. If the shops influence does create some more fun stuff to watch, we would probably create a few more shops like this one."

I guess it would be pretty entertaining to watch an AU version of an anime I like. It would be pretty interesting to watch if Naruto world suddenly had guns. Imagine a shinobi sitting on a tree watching his target, and instead of throwing a kunai to kill his Target, he pulls out a Glock with a silencer. Though it shouldn't be much effective against the higher ranked shinobi, but who knows. Maybe they would create chakra enhanced guns. Madara vs the Shinobi alliance, but madara has a Minigun while the others only have glocks.

Or Mechas in Attack on titan. Titans VS Mechas! Gigantic creepy humanoid man-eating monsters VS Gigantic Metalic weapons of Destruction. It would be pretty cool to watch.

"So I just have to sell items that satisfy my customers as well as cause huge changes in that world? I can do that. So what are my powers?" I asked with a little excitement. Hopefully these powers will be amazing.

" Your first power is the [MERCHANT]. It allows you to get knowledge about everything you see, their origin, their past, their speciality, and most importantly their price. Than, it also allows you access to the Omniversal Trade Centre(OTC). Here everything in existence is available for buying and selling. From items to skills and even living beings. You can buy items for your shop from here and also sell the items you got from trading in your shop. The shop uses Omni token as currency. And then finally it allows you to turn any other currency to Omni token, or OT for short." As Cero finished his explanation of the first Power, I could only listen with glee. Just this one power sounds so powerful. A place where everything in existence can be bought? WOW.

"The next power is [THE DEAL]. It allows you to make deals. You can make any type of deal. For example, you can give someone an item in exchange for another item. Or maybe you can buy 20 years of life from someone for an item or a favour. Or you can just make an agreement with someone that they never come a 1000 feet near you ever again and they won't be able to come a 1000 feet near you even if they try. The deals made with you can't be broken by anyone. But you can neutralize a bad deal with another deal that counters the previous one. The deals can be vocal or written." And again I was in awe hearing about the power. Another op power. A deal that can't be broken? Damn! I am gonna scam the hell out of people.

"And finally the power that is just to help you. [Blank]. Your potential becomes limitless. You can learn any skils or arts you try to, even one's you shouldn't be physically or spiritually capable of learning. Like a skill that was made for females only but you can use it even though you are a male. Or a skill that only ghosts or other spiritual beings can perform, you can use despite being a human. And you can master those skills to perfection with very little time. You also gain {Blank mana}, a type of energy that let's you use every energy consuming skill in existence even if don't have that specific type of required energy. You can use ninjutsu from Naruto and at the same time perform magecraft of Nasuverse even though both requires completely different type of energy. It also improves skills of lower rank." Explained Cero making me vibrate with pure joy. Blank plus marchant equals I can become anything I want. My next life is gonna be amazing.

"Now let's go see your shop." Saying that Cero moved his hand slightly and suddenly we were both in a completely different room. From an endless void of darkness with the only source of light being Cero, to a cuboid room of 20 meters in both length and width and 5 meters in height. It wasn't as glorious as one would expect a shop connected to the multiverse to be. It was just a plain white room with 2 doors and a counter where I will probably sit. the counter was in the middle of of wall with a door in the opposite direction, which probably was where customers would enter from, and a door beside the counter that probably led to a different room.

"This is you new home. As you can see, it's not much right now. So it's your responsibility to make it a beautiful place, or maybe you can keep it as it is. It's your choice. As you guessed, customers will enter from the door in from of the counter, and the door beside the counter leads to you bedroom. It only contains a single bed and a closet right now, but you can improve it as you like, or keep it as it is if you want. It's your choice once again." Cero explained making me nod at him. I would definitely improve this boring looking shop. A multiversal shop can't be so boring to look at. It should be Glorious!

But how would I improve it though? Do I have to buy items and then manually change the shop? That would be such a hassle.

"Worry not Karna, You don't have to do it manually. The shop comes with its own perks too. You can control the whole shop with just a thought. You can move the counter or even doors from one wall to another, or move shelf with items from one end of the shop to the other. You can change the position of items from here to there with a single thought. You can also buy upgrades for the shop that gets applied directly. For example, you can buy extra space for the shop and increase the size of the shop from where you like. You can even change the shape of the shop from this cuboid to a sphere or a triangle. It's your wish. Then you can also apply paint or artwork on the shop wherever you like. You can add other rooms as well. The shop also has a auto Translation skill, that you as the new owner will have. And the final perk is invincibility. This shop, all the items in here and you, everything is indestructible. The shop cannot be harmed in any way, not even the destruction of a whole galaxy can scratch the shops. The items inside the shops cannot be destroyed unless you specifically wish to. And then finally, you are also invincible inside the area of the shop. Nothing can harm you here unless you specifically wish for it. The area of influence of the shop extend up to 10 meters outside the shop. If you go more than 10 meters away from the shop, you won't get access to any of its perks until you come back to its area of influence. You can also nullify the powers of your customers if you wish to. If someone tries to disturb you with their powers, just disable their power and they won't be able to use their powers inside the shop anymore, until you allow them to use it again. You can also ban some from the shop temporarily or permanently. When banned they aren't able to enter the shop no matter what they try to do." As Cero finally finished explaining the shop perks, I started laughing out loud.

This is truly amazing. From a shut in loser to having such powerful abilities, all because some guy punched me accidentally? Thank you Mr. random person that killed me, because of you I got abilities that I could never even imagine having. You made my afterlife amazing. Instead of a deer I am now a multiversal shop owner. Hopefully you also got a good afterlife.

"Don't worry, he also got a good afterlife. And now for the final touch, reviving you. You want to change your appearance?" Cero asked as he pointed his hand towards me which started glow.

Hearing the question, I started thinking about it. Do I want to change something about my appearance? I was pretty good looking and had a decent height.

Brown hair, Amber eyes, light brown skin that looks more like tanned skin than natural. I was pretty handsome. But it didn't freaking help in any way. I still died a virgin.

I am gonna buy some max level confidence skill with that [MERCHANT] skill, so that this time I get laid atleast once.

Anyways, I had a decent height of 185 cm which was good enough. I also had some muscles, not much though. I will work for it if I want. My little brother down there also was pretty decent size, bigger than average. But what good did it do when it never saw any action in my previous life. But this life will be different. I will make sure of it.

"Just revive me as I was before." I requested Cero whose hand started glowing more and more until there was a big flash of light. Once the light subdued, I looked down to inspect my body and found that it was back like it was before my death. I was alive once again. And I even had the clothes I was wearing before death.

"And that's done. If you have any more questions, ask right now, as we won't be meeting again for quite some time." Cero said.

" What happened to my parents and my unborn sibling after death? Did they get a good next life?" I asked the question that has been bugging me ever since I heard about the reincarnation cycle being real.

"You don't need to worry. Both of your parents were reborn into wealthy and happy families as they had a lot of good Karma. They will live a happy life. As for your sibling, she got reborn as a princess of a small kingdom. She also has a happy life infront of her." Hearing that I smiled. It made me feel good to know that my family isn't suffering right now. But it aslo made me feel sad as I never even got to meet my lil sis. Maybe the doors of this shop will open the kingdom of my little sister one day. Maybe one day I could meet my parents again.


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