137 Episode 27 - Unreadable (1)

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

Nirvana was astonished by his mental attack bouncing off the Fourth Wall and then he was hit by the White Pure Star Energy.

"What the hell is this...?"

"I didn't do anything. It is the power of the story."


I didn't believe in the doctrines of the Salvation Church but there was one thing I agreed with. "You said that strength and weakness is determined by the story."

A high health warrior would just be food to a magician if they didn't have any magic defense skills. Strength and weaknesses were determined by the history of the characters.

"It is your fault that you didn't get any close combat skills in this life. All because you wanted to aim at Yoo Jonghyuk's weakness."

I never thought things would be resolved this way. Something influenced Nirvana's growth path and he became the counter for Yoo Jonghyuk. However, since Nirvana became Yoo Jonghyuk's counter, he could never win against me.


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