Omega's Rebirth

What was worse than death itself? Well it was dying knowing that no one would miss you, knowing that your death was a favour to everyone you ever knew. This was exactly how I felt the day I died. I was the love child of the Eclipse Alpha King, in a time where the mate bond was considered sacred, a child born out of wedlock was nothing short of sacrilegious... 'It was his fault, he loved someone other than his mate...' 'It was his fault, he had carnal knowledge of a human woman.' 'It was all his fault, my only crime was being born out of his lust.' But why was that Alpha King father of mine perfectly safe, while I was hated, scorned and blamed for everything instead? Why did I have to be my father's bargaining chip, used to achieve his goals? Why could I not get a rejection like everyone else but was instead murdered by my own mate? Why was I killed before I even had a chance to live? I had a thousand questions and yet there was no one to answer and this was exactly how I died... So why then did my eyes flutter open to that day, a month before my death? Was it because of my little secret? A secret I will tell no one else but you... From the title of my tale, you must think I am an omega wolf... No, you got it wrong... I am not an Omega wolf, I am an Alpha wolf and my name is Omega. ~Second Book in the Werewolf Rebirth Series. *Not a prequel or sequel to 'The Alpha King's Nemesis', both books are not related save for the world setting and Werewolf Rebirth concept. *Cover art sourced from the internet, all credits to the original artist.*

JHeart · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
640 Chs

Everything Is Yours (Ch.535)

With Xenon growing more eager, Neveah's mind and body was overrun with sensations, the kind she had never felt before... the kind she had never thought possible.

Every movement of Xenon's eager tongue had Neveah trembling from head to toe and had King Jian not been there to hold her in place, Neveah was not certain she could have taught her body any form of control.

The pleasure coursed through Neveah's veins like a tidal wave, she gasped and panted, clutching onto King Jian's robes tightly.

Xenon's tongue moved even faster and Neveah's back arched, a wanton moan escaping her,

Neveah had not even thought it possible that one could move that wet muscle at such a pace, at such rhythm, 

In this moment, Neveah was like a stringed instrument and Xenon strummed her to his tone.

His tongue slid deeper into her dripping sex each time, pleasuring Neveah in places she had not known she even had.