Oh My Ghost Lover!Oh My Ghost Lover!

Oh My Ghost Lover!

by FallenBlue

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What do you do when one day you wake up only to realize that everything you used to own was no longer yours. Money. Parents. Job. The life you used to have... For those who couldn't relate, probably, hard to say. But Cherry Morris found herself in this situation. Her parents disappeared. Her boyfriend broke up with her after finding a richer and more beautiful girl. Her friends too left one by one. What else was left to her? Money? No. House? No comment. As if these are not yet enough to prove her unluckiness, someone randomly appeared in the street and killed her! Thank heavens, her phone magically turned into a mystical system-bound item which somehow saved her from death. The problem is, it requires her to be a live streamer! Nothing to worry about since there's else for her to do anyway? Oh? Sure, if only all her contents, guests, and practically everything in her live stream is not about singing, dancing, talking, playing, and sleeping with ghosts and monsters. How about if all the above are real? Of course, Cherry could only smile... and wish for the ghosts to not scare her and her viewers to death... ... Cherry Morris: Hi, there. How's everyone. Here I am again and today, I will introduce to you my boyfriend. What? Can't believe that I have one? Can't see him? Who says I'm speaking nonsense? Blasphemy! I'm telling you, he's not imaginary! He's the most handsome being in the world! His eyes rivaled the most beautiful black pearls, stars, marbles, and whatever shiny stuff you can think of! Nobody can match up to him! A certain handsome ghost: *cough* Dear. The platform manager will hunt you down again if you tarry any longer. Please. Just go straight to our love story... ... A/N: Thanks for reading. Please vote and comment. *Cough* Also check out my two other stories. https://www.webnovel.com/book/12925525506052005/Quick-Transmigration%3A-Saving-The-Crazy-Villainess https://www.webnovel.com/book/12734433505930905/The-Sinners'-Queen ...

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