1 Chapter 1

At Hotel Fire, Andy, Jessica, and Penn are in the hotel room getting ready for their trip.

Andy has short black fluffy hair, brown eyes, and looks like a middle schooler.

Jessica has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is taller than Andy.

Penn has Raven hair, hazel eyes, and a smirk on his face.

Penn is playing with cards, while looking at phone numbers.

Jessica is hugging Andy, while he is putting on his boots.

"Andy, can we have a movie night, when we come back?" asked Jessica.

"Of course, after all Penn seems like he is planning something", Andy smiled.

"I'm only thinking about a date", Penn smirked.

"Another one, why can't you stay with one guy?" asked Jessica.

"Because one guy isn't enough", said Penn.

"You are sick, and one day, you're going to regret thinking like that", said Andy.

"I doubt it, see you downstairs", Penn laughed, as he walked out of the room.

"How many times? Are you going to give that speech to him?" asked Jessica.

"I'm probably going to stop, I think", answered Andy.

"Well, until you make up your mind. Let's go downstairs, there's a trip with our names on it", said Jessica, as she walks to the door, and blows a kiss.

"Coming!" called Andy, then closes the door behind him.

Andy and Jessica meet Penn by the entrance, where he is talking to the hotel manager: Aqua.

Aqua has long blue hair wearing a hat to hide it, along with a purple shirt, blue Jean's, and white shoes looking like a middle schooler.

Aqua waves at Andy and Jessica.

"Aqua, I thought you left with your dad", Jessica assumed.

"He had to go away on a business trip, so I'm stuck here again for the nineteenth time", Aqua sighed.

"I'm sorry", said Jessica, feeling guilty.

"It's okay, he does it all the time, besides he always brings me plenty of cake", said Aqua.

"Well, tell us anytime, you need a friend", Andy insisted.

Aqua hugs Andy, and says "I think having you is better than any ordinary friend".

This makes Jessica angry, a red aura surrounds her looking like fire.

"Uh, Aqua, why do you always act like this?" asked Andy, struggling to get free from Aqua.

"To test your feelings, now go and have fun", said Aqua, once he releases Andy from his grasp.

"We'll bring a snowball, so you can keep it", Andy offered.

"Thank you", said Aqua, with a gentle smile.

Andy, Jessica, and Penn walk out of the door l and head to the mountains, the snow part.

"Feel that strong breeze, it means it's perfect for skiing", said Andy, with his hand in the air.

"Great, I'll go first", Jessica smiles, then puts on her goggles and skis down the hill.

"She always love going first, I think I'll join her", Penn decided, and leaves.

"Guess that leaves me. Oh, well, as they say save the best for last", Andy says with a smile, as he heads down.

While Andy is skiing, he sees something being reflected by the sun, so he turns around and skis to the object.

"Odd, nothing survives here", Andy assumed.

Down the hill, Jessica and Penn are waiting for Andy.

"Weird, It doesn't take him this long", Jessica pointed out.

"He probably found something weird again", Penn figured out.

"Well, I'm going back to check on him", Jessica, then turns around.

"I'm never going to relax with you two, wait up!" Penn sighs, and follows Jessica.

Back up the hill, they see Andy by a frozen capsule.

"Andy, there you are, I was starting to worry", Jessica called out to Andy.

Andy turned, and says, "Why? I was only gone for the two minutes longer than normal".

"That's too much for me", said Jessica. "You should know that by now".

"Sorry, I got distracted by this capsule", Andy apologized.

"I'll accept your apology, if you beat in a game of cards, when we get back to the hotel", Penn decided.

"You know, I'll always forgive you", said Jessica, then kisses him on the cheek. "Just promise no more disappearing".

"Agreed", Andy promised.

Andy wipes the snow off the capsule, and sees a face.

"It's a person", said Penn, shocked.

"You're not actually going to open that? Are you?" asked Jessica, concerned.

"You think that's a bad idea?" Andy wondered.

"Hello, that could be a failed experiment designed to look like a human, so other humans would let their guard down and it would destroy them", Jessica panicked. "Then destroy the world".

"Jessica, you've been watching too many alien horror movies", said Penn.

"No, think about it, why would anybody freeze a human in a capsule, and by the looks of him, he's Andy's age", Jessica insisted.

"You make a good point, maybe we should…" saidAndy, as he accidentally pushes the release button on a capsule.

"We're doomed!" Jessica panicked again.

"I doubt that", Penn reacted.

Once the capsule opens, a bright light appears and shoots into the sky.

"This can't be good", said Jessica, as a person comes out of the capsule.

This person's eyes glow red, it reveals wolf ears and tail.

"Hello, we come in peace", said Andy, with his hand shaking and holding it out.

The person on his knees runs to Andy, Jumps, in the air, looking like he's about to attack, and lands on Andy.

"Andy!" called Jessica and Penn.

"No worries, I think it likes me", said Andy, as the person licks his cheek.

"So, Jessica, what do you make of this?" asked Penn.

"Maybe I was wrong, he seems harmless, but he is also naked", Jessica tells Penn.

The sunlight reveals the person has short black hair, cute wolf ears, pure white skin, no clothes, and a wolf tail.

"He's also Ampromorphic", Jessica figured out.

"Great, can somebody help me?" asked Andy, in the snow.

"Come here, little wolf boy", said Jessica, walking slowly.

But, as Jessica gets closer, the person growls at her, this makes her back up.

"Okay, seems like it has taken a liking to Andy", said Penn, with Jessica behind him.

"Uh, wolf boy, can you please help me up?" Andy asks the person.

The wolf boy gets off Andy, and picks him up, showing off his legs.

"Whoa! He's strong", said Andy, as the wolf boy lifts him up.

The wolf boy smiles.

"So, what now?" asked Penn.

"My dad is a scientist, maybe he can help us", Andy suggested.

"Good idea", said Jessica.

"Uh, wolf boy, can I ride on your shoulder?" asked Andy.

The wolf boy lets Andy get on his shoulder.

In ten minutes, Andy, Wolf boy, Jessica, and Penn are at a lab.

The lab is as tall as a skyscraper, green lights around the top of the lab, red lights on the button, and on the middle is a symbol of the sun.

Andy knocks on the door, and the door automatically opens.

"Dad? Hello!" called Andy, while walking in the hallway.

A TV turns on, showing a man with short brown hair, and his body isn't shown. Andy's dad: Dr. Stevan.

Dr. Stevan is experimenting, then turns to the camera m, and says "Bring him to the basement; Penn, Jessica, he'll be back at the hotel at a later time, so you should head back".

"Okay, sir, good luck, Andy", said Jessica.

"Don't miss the movie night", said Penn, as he ruffles Andy's hair.

Jessica and Penn leave.

Andy heads to the elevator with the wolf boy on his back.

They head to the basement, where Dr. Stevan is waiting.

"Son, where did you find him?" asked Dr. Stevan, with a clipboard.

"Up the hill, frozen in a capsule", answered Andy.

"Impressive, he still has a cold temperature around his body", said Dr. Stevan, as he scans the wolf boy. "Does he have a name?"

"I haven't figured out, he doesn't seem to talk", said Andy.

Dr. Stevan takes notes on what Andy is saying, then he snaps his finger, which summons a robot that brings a whiteboard.

Andy takes the whiteboard, and says "If you can write, put your name on here".

The wolf boy makes a marker appear, and writes on the whiteboard, "Jesse".

Andy looks at the whiteboard, and says "Your name is Jesse, what a nice name".

Jesse moves Andy to the corner, makes a camera appear, and takes a picture of Andy's smile by temporarily freezing time.

While time is frozen, Jesse examines the lab, then gets him a red shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, brushes his hair, he also gets goggles, coat, gloves, and skiis; the ski gear he puts in a red bag.

After that is done, Jesse unfreezes time, while sitting in a chair.

Dr. Stevan looks around, and sees Jesse's new appearance along with the lab, then says "Incredible, he can freeze time and by his look has super speed".

"Jesse, by any chance can you tell us who imprisoned you in that capsule?" asked Andy.

Focusing on the real problem.

Jesse uses telekinesis to make the whiteboard and marker come to him, then he writes "I don't know his name, but he was a mad scientist, and he had a whole gang, but it doesn't matter, they died a 100 years ago'.

Andy and Dr. Stevan looks at what Jesse wrote.

"What about your family?" asked Andy.

"It was a hundred years ago, son, they're probably dead, unless they have powers too, did they?" Dr. Stevan figures out.

Jesse puts on the whiteboard 'No, they were all killed by those scientists as an experiment'.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked, I bet you probably you don't want to talk about how you got your powers", Andy apologized, feeling guilty.

Jesse puts Andy's head, then writes 'An secret agency made a meteor filled with radioactive goo, it got launched into the air, left heading home with bags; then the meteor crushed me and the goo mixed with my DNA, then this happened to me'.

"Fascinating, can I examine your blood, so I can see your mutant cells work?" asked Dr. Stevan with a smile.

Jesse takes a needle, pokes his finger, and puts his blood in a tube.

"Let me help you wrap it up", Andy offered.

Jesse writes 'Wait, just a minute'.

Andy looks and sees Jesse's finger heals itself.

"Healing powers", Dr. Stevan writes on his clipboard.

Andy looks at Jesse, and asks "Why did you lick me? Do you like me or is it because I released you? Can you answer that?"

Jesse smiles, while writing on the whiteboard 'Sorry, my animal instincts were controlling my body, you are a nice person, through all my years being frozen people would think I was dangerous and run away'.

"Oh, so you do like me? I think", Andy wondered.

Jesse nodded.

"Okay, enough of that you can go back to the hotel and take Jesse with you", Dr. Stevan interrupts Jesse and Andy's cute moment.

"Really? But, don't you want to test out his powers?" asked Andy.

Dr. Stevan gives Andy his clipboard and says "You take notes and bring it back to me in a month".

"What do I put down?" asked Andy.

"His powers, how he acts, who he likes, stuff like that. But, don't write what he does every second, just the important things", Dr. Stevan reminds Andy.

"Got it, I'll give you a full report", smiled Andy. "Let's go, Jesse".

Jesse takes Andy's hand, and they leave the lab.

Dr. Stevan picks up his phone, calls a company, and says "I found a perfect experiment for you and it's totally legal".

"Where did you find him or her?" asked the president of the company.

"Actually my son found him, anyway he holds immense powers and he seems vulnerable, he was in a frozen capsule", said Dr. Stevan.

The president smiled, and says "Bring the money for you".

"Thank you, sir", said Dr. Stevan.

"Also, Dr. Stevan, if you fail to bring him, not only will you lose your money, but I will make sure personally that you never continue working as a scientist anywhere. Do I make myself clear?" The president threatens Dr. Stevan.

"I understand, sir, no failure", said Dr. Stevan.

"Good, keep an eye on the experiment, bye", said the president, then hung up.

Dr. Stevan puts the phone down, still looking terrified.

'Wow, the president must really want this experiment or he is tired of all my failures', thought Dr. Stevan. "I better keep an eye on Jesse, good thing I have cameras all around the motel".

Dr. Stevan turns on the cameras, which shows Aqua walking around the hotel, then he switches the camera, this time he sees Jessica getting her nails done and Penn gambling.

'Where's Jesse and Andy?" asked Dr. Stevan in his head.

Dr. Stevan turns to the cameras in the sky, and sees Jesse and Andy walking to the hotel, Jesse is on Andy's back sleeping.

"Okay, all seems calm, but I'll keep all these cameras on", said Dr. Stevan.

At the hotel, Andy enters his room and sits on the bed, Jesse slides off Andy's back and lands on the bed beside Andy's leg.

The next moment, the door opens and it's revealed to be Jessica. She comes into the room with her nails spread out, and says "Andy, how do my nails look?"

Jessica is shocked to see Jesse.

"Why is he here?" asked Jessica.

"Who's here?" asked Penn, looking like a billionaire, he has sunglasses holding lots of money.

Jessica shows Penn that Jesse is sleeping on Andy's bed.

"Whoa! Who's the cutie?" asked Penn.

"Are you half drunk? That's the wolf boy Andy was supposed to leave the lab", Jessica reacted.

"No way! He looks a lot cleaner and he is wearing clothes", Penn noticed.

Jessica and Penn walk closer into the room.

"My dad told me that he has to stay with me for a month", Andy tells Jessica and Penn.

"A month?! But, why you? Can't he be with someone else?" asked Jessica.

"My dad is probably finding him a home, but for now I am watching him, but why are you mad?" asked Andy.

"It's just I have a bad feeling about him", Jessica lied.

"Or the monster in green has got to you", Penn laughed.

Jessica knocks Penn down, and says "Be careful, and get us some popcorn, Mr. Gambler".

"You could've said it a bit nicer", said Penn, getting up.

"Besides there's no need, Aqua already gave some popcorn, so you want sugar or salt", Andy told Jessica and Penn, showing huge bags of popcorn along with jars of salt and sugar.

"Great, let's pick out a movie", said Jessica, with a fake smile.

"Can we check the LGBTQ+ section?" asked Penn, laying on Andy's bed.

"Why are you joining?" asked Jessica. "I thought you were going on a date".

"They cancelled, so the selection, yes or no?" Penn answers Jessica's question, seeing her burning with anger.

"I don't see why not", Andy agrees with Penn's request.

"Andy, you are such a dear,", said Penn, putting his arm around Andy's neck. "Jessica, you are so lucky".

"Yeah, I am, I'm picking the movie, and Andy comes over here", Jessica twitches, then takes Andy and the remote.

Jessica puts Andy's arms around her waist and turns the TV on.

Penn scoots closer to the pillow, which is where Jesse is.

"Penn, I wouldn't get too close", Andy warns Penn.

Jesse puts his hands out, and pulls Penn closer.

"Seems he's taken a liking to me already", said Penn.

Andy has a flashback, that makes him realize why Jesse is acting kind to Penn.

In the flashback, Andy is talking about his friends to Jesse.

"They are very dear to me, so I hope you get along", said Andy.

Jesse writes using the show "Why?"

"Say Jesse, did you lose your memory of your past, surely you had friends?" Andy asks Jesse.

Jesse writes "My parents didn't let me have friends after the incident. The closest friend I had was a boy named Cliff, he was my next door neighbor. We didn't talk often, but we did play".

"What was he like?" asked Andy.

'Sneaky, a bit of a liar, always smiling; getting married and he would protect me from my parents', Jesse wrote.

"He sounds like an amazing friend, I'm sorry that I asked him, you must miss him, you know the way you describe him, reminds me of Penn", said Andy.

"Was he one of your friends that came to the lab with us?" asked Jesse with the snow.

"Yeah, he's a gambler, he used to have a crush on me, and now, he jumps from guy to guy", Andy smiles.

'Do you like me?' Jesse wrote.

"If you mean, we can be friends, know each other", answers Andy.

Jesse jumps on Andy's back and smiles.

"You are really affectionate", said Andy.

"I like hugging people I like", Jesse wrote.

Andy blushes.

The flashback ends with Andy walking to the hotel.

"Andy, do you think this story is perfect?" asked Jessica.

"Yup, let's watch 'vampires, demons, and elves'. Sounds good", Andy says without thinking about it.

"Okay, I didn't know you remember I wanted to see that", said Jessica, surprised.

"Maybe, you were talking in your sleep again", Penn laughed.

Jessica threw a pillow at Penn, but he can't fall, since Jesse is holding him.

"It was one time, let it go", said Jessica.

"I told you, I will never let it go", said Penn.

"If I strangle you, will you let it go?" Jessica threatens Penn.

"Okay, I'll stop", said Penn.

Andy starts laughing at Jessica and Penn.

"What's up?" asked Penn.

"You two, you'll never get along", Andy continues laughing.

Penn and Jessica laugh as well.

"True, we've been arguing, since we were kids", Jessica remembered.

"That's because I kept taking Andy away from me", Penn winked.

"So, you were aware of what you were doing", Jessica complained.

"I was, wasn't I a clever little boy", said Penn. "I just didn't want anybody taking my Andy away from me".

"Well, he's mine", said Jessica, hugging him.

"I'm human, not a pillow, also the movie is starting", said Andy, trying to get free from Jessica's grasp.

"Sorry, also can you pass the popcorn, Penn?" asked Jessica.

"Sure. There's yours, here's Andy's, this is mine, and I guess this has to do with Jesse", Jesse handed out the popcorn.

"But, what about drinks?" asked Andy.

Then, Andy saw floating hot chocolate above his head.

So, they all drank hot chocolate and ate popcorn, while watching the movie together.

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