Oblivion Truth Book

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Oblivion Truth


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-Log 1: Today we celebrate our new plant species that can fights climate change. -Log 2: It is going well, so far. -Log 3: I don't think we can contain it -Log 4: No, it is not good. We can't stop it. -Log 5: It has built an immune to fire, acid and UV light -Log 6: We have to build something for our humanity to survive until either we extinct or they do -Log 7: It can't grow on this special material, this is brilliant. We might outlast them -Log 8: This is not going well. This could be the last log. If someone reads this, please I beg you. Forgive for what I have done. You should have deserved a better present than this. -Log 9: The knife is on the desk, the last red wine made in 2040, after this bottle, I need absolution. The solution to this hell is to outlast them. Them.


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