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novel - Eastern Fantasy

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Warning: R18 The master of the Scarlet Island region accidentally expanded his elixir field causing his power and energy to deplete! Now, his enhanced elixir field requires him to absorb tremendous power through the highest nirvana stage of dual cultivation! In his journey of finding a worthy cultivation partner, he reached the region of Boundless Ocean. He heard several rumors that piqued his curiosity and he also witnessed a scene that greatly aroused his interest. ~~~ "We really strike a good fortune! This lady Zhou is a dual cultivator. The foundation of her elixir field is formidable. We can remove it and sell it to the big sects at a high price!" "Hehehe... Xuan Sect will pay us millions of gold for sure! And we don't need to kill her. With her alluring beauty, she can be our maid and serve us!" Surrounded by thousands of opponents, Lady Zhou Qiaolian had no means to escape... or so they thought? Despite the threats she heard, her countenance did not change a bit. "I will naturally cooperate. B-But, only to someone who can protect me and take me out here." Bewitched by her words, the thousands of opponents started fighting and killing their companions. In the midst of a chaotic battle, this cunning lady just scoffed and escaped! "Hmmph! Want to steal my elixir field? I'd rather destroy it and die with dignity! However, those opponents are not too smart and easily fell on my trick! Hehe... How foolish!" "Lady Zhou is indeed capable!" "Who is there---" Before Qiaolian could finish her words, a finger tapped the side of her neck, completely restricting her movements. "My... my... the rumors about you are too modest. Your beauty is ethereal!" When the person appeared in front of Qiaolian, her eyes constricted. "Scarlet Island Master Huan Xue! What are you doing here in the Boundless Shoreline? W-Wait... I c-can't sense your elixir field! What---" "That's right! My dear lady, I'm here to steal yours! Hehehe..." Actually, when their eyes met, he had already taken something far beyond his imagination. They have not just realized it yet. Migrated to New Link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/refinement-of-dual-cultivator-master-evolution_23621787105746805


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