Jung Young Jae, a young successful basketball player who always takes the lead among his teammates will stumble and cross paths with the campus's supposed to be school paper's Editor-in-Chief, Choi Heiran. She will get him into trouble as much as he would mess with her silent life as well. With Young Jae discovering Choi Heiran was also a former basketball player, he would find it intriguing to know what went wrong with her career that she decided to detach herself from the game. Considering the fact that he is a huge fan of her literary works, Young Jae also found himself having trouble saying no to this woman's requests. Will his curiosity end up knowing Heiran's background? Or will he end up falling in love with the woman who once in her life had the same track as he has?

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"You don't care about me?"

Young Jae is staring intently at Heiran. He is trying really hard to intimidate her. If he's being honest, he is still not interested in letting someone intrude his space. So he's thinking that Heiran will naturally step down and give up if she'll be scared of his presence. However, Dongyul has been asking him to give her a chance since she deserves to have the position as their school paper's EIC.

"Heiran if you want to keep this a secret, then I'll shut my mouth from now. I'm sorry for letting Young Jae know something about you. If you would excuse me."

And the coach, Zhuo Dungpao left the both of them. Young Jae is still staring at her; he's smiling out from ear to ear. With him doing that, Heiran thinks it is now easier for Young Jae to break this transaction down. She still have high hopes, but is not as what she has a few moments before they met again.

"You should come inside. I have some questions for you. If you manage to get them right, then I'll give in."

Young Jae led the way to the locker room and Heiran had to take some deep breaths before she followed him. She already turned her phone off for her parents are now wondering where she is. In her thoughts, she needs to get this done before 8:00PM or her parents will totally freak out about her going home late.

"It seems like you came here to hide your identity. With you using a penname for your entries, I think that's pretty clever."

"It's late. I need to go home before 8:00PM. Do you think we should get this done as early as possible?"

"Then close the door please."

Heiran stepped back to reach the door knob, pressed it and proceeded to shut it close. The way Young Jae looks at her, she can tell he is curious about her being a basketball player once in her life. It is one of the reasons why she never attempted going to a basketball game when they decided to move in here in Korea. She knows someone will definitely recognize her; she knows she'll come across to someone who knows she played this sports before.

"I invited you here because you are actually a good writer, I'm a fan. So I'm here to ask you about what inspires you in doing the series."

"Have you even experienced being forbidden to do the things you love?"

Young Jae looked at her and it seems like he is seeing a lot of disappointments in her eyes. He has never seen someone with a lifeless eyes as hers, as if she is really contemplated in doing some things. To answer her questions, he tried to look back to his past and tried to recall those times when he was forbidden to do some things. He was indeed prohibited to do a lot of things, but it is because they aren't right in the first place.

"Doesn't it seem childish to rant about your parents prohibiting you to do some things?"

Heiran chuckled after hearing what he said. That made Young Jae think about his statements again. There isn't anything wrong with what he said so why did she react that way? She seemed pretty disappointed with his answer. Is she belittling his knowledge?

"Imagine if your parents stopped you from playing basketball."

"I would love them to intervene and stop me. I'm tired of following my father's steps Heiran."

They both sighed about the fact that they are not standing in the same boat. Heiran stopped doing the thing she loved the most, basketball while Young Jae has to maintain his good record even if he doesn't want to pursue this track at all. And with Heiran asking him about basketball, that made Young Jae think she is really referring to basketball all throughout the existence of that series she is working with.

"You were referring to basketball with your entries right? But you said in the story that it was your boy friend who was restricting you to do it. Isn't it absurd to let your boy friend control you?"

"I never had any boy friend. My parents will read every volume of the school paper so I should censor them out."

"In that part I totally agree with you. How can I even destroy the ones who build me all along?"

"I thought you're going to ask me about the game?"

"If it wasn't for Dongyul, I wouldn't be doing this."

"I'm not expecting you to pity me. I could lose it still, anytime because I am going against Chung Ae and her father's system."

"You're right. So why don't you leave?"

Heiran froze after hearing him saying it. So he isn't really interested in helping her. Like what she expected, Young Jae is indeed just curious about her being a basketball player before. And after knowing some things about her, like her inspirations in writing, he is more than excited to throw her out the circle.

"Fine I'll leave."

Heiran stepped back and hid her furious face against Young Jae. The man behind her, on the other hand is also disappointed about her giving up that easy. Isn't she so eager earlier, back to that hour when Dongyul is still around? Now there are some questions circling around Young Jae's head. Should he stop her and tell her she can interview him? If not, will she really lose her scholarship? And if she indeed succeed, will it really stop Chung Ae from making a mess out of her?

After clenching her fist on the door knob, the lights suddenly turned off and everything went black. That made Heiran scream in terror that she even sat down and covered her ears out of nowhere, as if she is hearing some weird sounds. Young Jae was also startled upon the black out, but is even more worried about Heiran screaming to death.


"We're locked Young Jae."

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