1 Prologue

Nadia Arsa Wijaya, the first daughter of the Arsa Wijaya family who has an almost perfect physique and character. Her beautiful face and kind nature made her admired by many people. Many people say that Nadia has a perfect life and everything she wants always goes smoothly.

But who would have thought that behind Nadia's perfection, which has been seen by most people, there are many wounds that no one has ever known? The beautiful girl was abandoned by her biological mother so she had to live with her father's new family, which was quite cruel.

In addition, Nadia also has a step-sister who is very evil and selfish. Always keep the envious nature of the beautiful girl so as not to let her get a chance to find out.

Nadia's life is like Cinderella who is waiting for a prince to save her life. However, every time a prince comes to help, Bianca, Nadia's half-sister, always fails.

Bianca says that Nadia doesn't deserve love and affection from anyone.

Until Nadia Thinks...

"I'm not even given the right to like someone."

"How can I be this happy? Keep smiling amidst the scars that no one else can see."

"Am I strong enough? I don't know. Maybe so, but I don't know how long this will last."

"Or, I'll end up giving in to all these wounds..."

Nadia only wants love, affection, and recognition from her family. There was nothing else than the beautiful and kind-hearted girl expected. Nadia just hopes that one day she can truly get love and affection from someone who considers her valuable.

Give lots of love to Nadia :)

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