3 Eldest Senior Brother Is Definitely An Expert

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At the entrance of the Qingyun Dao Sect, there were several towering but dilapidated halls and most of the paint on the walls of the hall had chipped.

There was an incense urn in the hall where a single joss stick was burning, making it appear extremely poor.

Today, Su Changyu got up early.

As the 'Eldest Senior Brother' of the Qingyun Dao Sect, he had to be the one to greet the Sect Leader.

Of course, welcoming the Sect Leader's return was a small matter. The key was to fool his new junior brother.

He had already arranged for the other disciples of the sect to proceed with their usual routine and told them that it would be best not to interact much with him for the time being.

They had to be mysterious first.

Of course, the first impression was the most important..

Su Changyu knew very well the importance of forming a good first impression.

That was also the reason that Su Changyu put on his battle robe, which was a Qingzhou brocade Daoist robe that he received when he emerged as one of the top 500 finalists in the Qingzhou Sword Trials.

After putting on the Daoist robe, there seemed to be a major improvement in his aura, especially when coupled with his three-feet blue sword that made him seem like an absolute Sword Immortal.

Looking at himself in the bronze mirror, Su Changyu felt rather emotional.

'I'm so handsome and attractive but why am I just an ordinary person?'

He couldn't help but lament. After all, many would mistakenly believe that he was an expert because of his appearance.

However, the truth always comes out. He could deceive others once or twice but he would be exposed sooner or later if he was not truly competent. Hence, Su Changyu did not like going down the mountains and he preferred staying in Qingyun Dao Sect peacefully as the Eldest Senior Brother.

At this moment, Su Changyu put down the bronze mirror.

Calculating the time, he realized that it was already noon, and he reckoned that the Sect Leader had arrived.

At the thought of this, Su Changyu walked out of the room.

Upon arriving outside the sect, Su Changyu stood quietly on a small hill, his gaze becoming peaceful while his expression became ambiguous and mysterious.

The three-feet-long green sword hovered in front of him while he stood with his hands behind his back. He had already gotten into position and was waiting for his new junior brother, whom he had never met, to take the bait.

In less than the duration it would take for an incense stick to burn, two figures slowly came into view.

At this moment, Su Changyu began to feel a little nervous, but soon, he hid his emotions and exhibited his unique aura.

At the top of the mountain that Qingyun Dao Sect was situated on, Ye Ping who had been walking up the mountain had already begun panting heavily.

Climbing up a mountain was a tiring and arduous task. For a mortal who had never trained in martial arts or gone through immortal cultivation before, climbing a mountain with various ridges was extremely tiring.

If not for his ambitions to cultivate, Ye Ping would have long given up.

There were many sweat droplets on Ye Ping's forehead and walking between the mountains had been uncomfortable for him. However, Daoist Tai Hua seemed to be rather relaxed and his body was free of dust. He completely showcased the style of an immortal, to Ye Ping's envy.

While Ye Ping was green with envy, a figure soon caught his eye.

On a hillside near him, a man who seemed to be about 27 or 28 years old was standing with his hands behind his back.

He was extremely handsome and was wearing a jade crown, coupled with a long brocade robe. There was a three-feet-long green sword hovering in front of him and his gaze was starry.

"Sword Immortal?"

That word subconsciously surfaced in Ye Ping's head.

The figure near him had fulfilled his fantasies and imaginations of a Sword Immortal.

He was suave, dashing, dignified, and had sword-like brows and starry eyes, like a superior Sword Immortal.

Those eyes, in particular, seemed to be looking down at everything in the world indifferently, as if they were all insignificant.

Ye Ping stood rooted to the ground in shock.

Frankly speaking, before joining the sect, Ye Ping had thought that the Qingyun Dao Sect was probably an extremely incompetent sect. Otherwise, why would a cultivator with no spiritual root like him be accepted?

However, when Ye Ping saw that young man, he suddenly felt that he had thought wrongly.

'Perhaps, that sect seemed to be a substandard one on the surface, but in fact, it's a hidden sect that's full of experts who could easily lead me to ascension.'

At the thought of this, Ye Ping couldn't help but be excited.

At this moment, Ye Ping could not contain his excitement anymore.

He said slowly, "There are three million Sword Immortals in the sky but they all have to bow down to you."

He meant those words from the bottom of his heart because those were the only words that would be worthy of the man in front of him.

Those were the only words that could describe an extraordinary Sword Immortal well.

Ye Ping couldn't help but be agitated

Su Changyu was stunned too.

He could hear Ye Ping's voice.

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Those poem lines took him aback.

"There are three million Sword Immortals in the sky, but they all have to bow down to you."

Those words were interesting.

'Good, you're so pretentious, huh? From now on, these lines will be meant for me.'

Su Changyu was overjoyed. He did not expect to be praised with such a poetic and pompous compliment when he went out to welcome the Sect Leader.

'Good, very good, excellent. This junior brother is promising.'

However, Su Changyu soon suppressed his joy and put on a solemn expression. At this moment, he shifted his gaze onto Daoist Tai Hua.

He said slowly, "Greetings, Sect Leader, welcome back."

His voice was as gentle as jade.

"Yes." Daoist Tai Hua nodded. He had seen everything just now, including Ye Ping's actions and changes in expression. Naturally, he knew that Ye Ping had been convinced.

However, despite feeling overjoyed, Daoist Tai Hua nonetheless tried his best to stay calm.

After all, it was important to go all out when putting on an act.

"Changyu, what are you doing here?"

Daoist Tai Hua asked Su Changyu slowly.

Holding his sword tightly, the latter said immediately afterwards, "Master, I'm gaining enlightenment in the Sword Dao, and I'm also here to receive you."

Su Changyu did not feel ashamed at all. His immediate answer of gaining enlightenment in the Sword Dao made Daoist Tai Hua slightly shocked too.

Although he had sent a letter to them to tell them to act like absolute experts, there was no need to be that pretentious, right?

'He can just say that he's here to receive me. Why does he have to get the Sword Dao involved?'

However, Daoist Tai Hua secretly heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the astonishment on Ye Ping's face.

As long as Ye Ping believed it, it would be fine to exaggerate things. The important thing was to make him stay and the method to do so wasn't important.

"Since that's the case, stay here and continue with the Dao enlightenment. Ye Ping, this person is your Eldest Senior Brother, Su Changyu. Go greet him."

Daoist Tai Hua instructed.

Ye Ping immediately snapped back to his senses and took a few steps forward before bowing to greet Su Changyu.

"Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother, I'm Ye Ping."

Ye Ping saluted too and was extremely respectful.

"You're being too formal, Junior Brother. Since Master has chosen you, that also proves that you have some talent. I don't have any wonderful things to give you, so I'll gift you with a chance to create. Do have some enlightenment."

As he spoke, Su Changyu waved his hand, after which a gentle breeze blew over.

At that instant, Ye Ping felt relaxed, as if he had been taken to another level.

Daoist Tai Hua's heart was full of ripples.

'Just admit that we're poor. He threw out a gust of Dao breeze and called it a chance for creation. I really didn't expect my eldest disciple to be so good at being so pompous and pretending to be impressive.'

'It's a pity his wonderful talent of pretending to be impressive is going to waste.'

"Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother."

Ye Ping did not know what method that was. As a transmigrator, such immortal techniques were like miracles to him.

Regardless of the chance for creation, he felt that his Eldest Senior Brother was definitely an expert!

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