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A Ordinary ableit strong willed child in the naruto Universe trying to become a ninja and shoot fire from his mouth, i mean thats cool isnt it? Though he might have chewed a bit more than he should of... Will he be able to survive the harsh life of a ninja or will he succumb to the pain, and suffering of such a way of life. Will he find out the secret behind his wierd ability or will it remain a shadow that he can never reach. =============================== Thats all for the synopsis, im a new writer and this is my first ever fanfic so you could say im a total newbie I will not make any promises and this might just never get updated ever if i lose motivation so yeah. Also im not a native english speaker so there will be spelling mistakes so please try to be understanding. Will be in need of a beta tester if this story gets famous though. Thats all cya from Author here.