Night Of The Genocide: Lead Uchiha Against Konoha! Book

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Night Of The Genocide: Lead Uchiha Against Konoha!


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{ WARNING: This is NOT my own Content! I’m just reposting translated Faloo Novels. The Credit goes to the original Author ( 灭族之夜:率领宇智波反杀木叶! Naruto Rookie ) } Traveling to Hokage Feiyun became a member of Uchiha, awakening the god-level replication system. Any pupil technique, the boundary of blood can't escape Feiyun's Sharingan. [Ding~Congratulations on your successful copying of Uchiha Madara's Rinnegan+ Indra Chakra! 】 【Ding~Congratulations on successfully copying Senju Hashirama's perfect Sage Body+ Ashura Chakra+ Wood Style! 】 I wanted to develop in a low-key manner, but found that Konoha F4 would kill him when he came up, so he didn't give himself this chance! In this case, don't pretend, I'll showdown! Kill Shisui, depose Uchiha Fugaku, and expel the cowardly Uchiha clan and undercover agents from the clan! The rest of the Uchiha tribe who want to control their destiny in their own hands, take up arms and follow me! Our goal - to revive Uchiha's glory, by the way, to nail Konoha F4 to the pillar of shame forever!


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