New World: The rise of Meruem
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New World: The rise of Meruem


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What is New World: The rise of Meruem

New World: The rise of Meruem is a popular web novel written by the author NamelessGodking, covering KINGDOM BUILD, EVOLUTION, SYSTEM, NON-HUMAN, VAMPIRE, ACTION, REINCANATION, RUTHLESS MALE LEAD, WEAK-TO-STRONG, WAR AND MILITARY, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 153.3K readers with an average rating of 4.33/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 17 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Andrew stocks is hit by a truck after leaving a party. the reason for his sudden departure was the fact that his girlfriend at the time broke up with him then and there feeling embarrassed Andrew leaves the party in a hurry, only to be struck by a truck. As Andrew wakes up he finds that he's in a cocoon-like structure. after shifting around and learning about his new situation he begins formulating a plan on what to do next. only for him to hear a "ding" in his ear followed by a robotic voice informing him that the system has merged with the host. Follow along with Andrew... well Meruem as he adapts and attempts to conquer this new world. Hey, the author here I plan to release this maybe once every week or two each chapter will be 1500-2000 words. please leave comments, vote and reviews id appreciate it. Join the newly created discord to add to the story and possibly be featured. https://discord.gg/mshYTVd

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Writing Quality - 3 stars, Good writing in some chapters but Decent writing for the whole book. Stability of Updates - 1 star, Don't know the schedule just updated recently and might be stopped again. Story Development - 3 stars, Slow Story Development, Might be slow because of the kingdom building and skills he get. Character design - 1 star (for me because of MC), Yes we don't even know the future chapters, He might grow or different but the first impression is SH*T. A modern person adapted TOO FAST, After he's born he's arrogant AF and wants to be a king? oh please... he's strong but not Wise,Intelligent, and CRAZY. (It's a FACT about mc.) Getting skills of wood crafting and armor crafting is a bad decision, He doesn't even have many RESOURCES, You need DEVELOPMENT skills even though he's gonna be a king EVENTUALLY you need yourself first not subordinates. (and many more but I don't want to add anymore I want to read not review this thing forever.) World Background - 2 stars, Not enough world building.


I'm so lazy to read, so let me ask first. Is this a FANFIC? Is this in the world of HxH?


It's good please more 🙏 .................................................................................................................................................


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its is a great noval which talks about conquering the system that is in place. Unlike other novals where the protagonist is weak then suddenly becomes strong due to a system. In this noval he is already on top of the world. If you can't even succeed in our world how can you succeed in another.


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Es una buena novela aunque la escritura algo baga con el universo semi creado(ya que no as especificado nada) si te esfuerzas más en esa parte y la estabilidad de subida 2 a 3 capítulos semana y un mejor desarrollo o una esplicaxion de desarrollo de personaje ya que dises que el man pasa de ser un oringao que murió atropellado a persona que quiere ser rey y no están complicado sacalo en un episodio de él pensando en su pasado y listo no tiene que ser ni largo como 10000 palabras o algo así y con eso tienes una novela de 5 estrellas Ingles It's a good novel although the writing somewhat bads with the semi created universe (since you haven't specified anything) if you make more effort in that part and the stability of climb 2 to 3 chapters week and a better development or a character development esplicaxion since you say that the man goes from being an oringao who died run over a person who wants to be king and are not complicated take it out in an episode of him thinking about his past and ready it doesn't have to be long as 10000 words or something and with That's a 5 star novel


I liked the premise and the story. If you don't want it to be a fan-fic just change the names, it's not like Maruem wasn't a rip off of the zerg to start with in HxH. Give it better editing and another name and you have an original story.


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I have read 4 chapters. The story is still in the nascent stage. I understand 17 Chapters have been published. The stability of updates is good. The story is developing well. The character design is good and the World background is well defined and different. As far as the writing quality goes, it is clear. I noticed a few typos and grammar issues. These do not interfere with the flow of the story. However, they can be edited or you can use an online grammar checker before publishing your chapters. I use too but when I don't then the typos and spelling mistakes do creep in. All the best, Author!


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