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new life in the world of one piece


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he was a hot blooded youth who liked to laze around while watching anime all day . sadly the society basically forced him to earn money by working . he had no particular talent in any field but with luck got a government job as a social worker . the job was nice as he he fixed hours of work and ample time to watch fiction . the only thing he hated was the problems of the seemingly normal people in his area . he worked for more than 25 years and gradually got promoted to the area manager post . just the night of his promotion, he recieved an urgent call from someone that one drug addicted bastard was hitting his wife and daughter and may kill them if not stopped. even though he didnt like to meddle in other people's business but the 25 years as a social worker had changed him a lot . so he dashed to the location without delay and started the fight to rescue the mother daughter pair . his luck was bad as the drug bastard had hidden a knife on his body. when the knife was stabbed in his stomach, he knew instinctively that he was going to die anyway so he took out the knife himself ignoring the pain and did his last job in this world . he slashed the neck of drug addict and died with a smile on his face after a few minutes due to severe blood loss . his name was ren black and he lived a fulfilling life of 53 years helping people and immersing in fiction world. when his funeral was bring held by the whole area residents combined , ren himself woke up in front of someone who called himself god of earth . ren was told that he had accumulated huge amount of good karma in his life and many victims he saved , worked hard to change the world for better after his heroic death . honestly ren was not sure how to feel about this as he only worked hard because he wanted bonus and increase salary permanently with promotions. he killed the drug addict only because he knew that he could not survive with that wound anyway . god knew about his thoughts and cleared his doubts by telling him that his intentions were not bad so there is no need to feel guilty. when god told ren that he could reincarnate in one anime world with a power by expanding his karma points , all the guilt was washed away and his grin could not stop as his otaku dream was in the reach of his hands . after ren finished two lotteries , his next world and bonus power was decided . he got a skill cultivation system and the world was one piece . ren didnt give a shit about God's explanation that the worlds were real or whatever and urged god to quickly send him off . ren's mind was too excited to think about the timeline or whatnot as being an otaku he could use his knowledge and system to become powerful in any timeline . then god was pleased with ren's attitude as he also had a lot of work pending. so god simply waved his right hand and everything went blank for ren black . now then let's see what would his life in the one piece world will be .. one thing is decided though that is he will join the marines because he was now used to do some work for the sake of more authority and promotion . as for celestial dragons? they can go take shit for all he cares. ren wasn't a saint anyway to work hard and become the saviour of some world. he decided to live a fun life this time too doing whatever he wants ....


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