120 Chapter 120

After changing out of his disguise, Cedric joined Adrianna and Veronica at the cafe with Camilla in tow.

"Won't people find this suspicious?" Adrianna asked as Cedric took his seat.

"Right. Camilla you should sit too. So that we just look like office mates having coffee after a tiring event." Cedric said, pointing at the seat next to him.

"Sir, there are rumors again." Camilla said, handing Cedric a phone.

"Oh shoot." Cedric said lifting his left hand.

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"You forgot to take off your wedding ring. You even used your left hand to hold the mic." Adrianna told him.

"I bet women are now claiming to be the young Mrs. Reyes." Veronica teased.

"Shouldn't you be going home with your brother?" Cedric hissed at Veronica. He didn't want another issue about his marriage.

"Don't drive Veronica away." Adrianna warned.

"I can get around on my own. Plus I'm mad at men right now." Veronica said as she went back to work.

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