6 return to konoha & a new pawn

it has been six years since the day Naruto arrived into the world of Darkness he learned a lot from his master Draco. but his master told him that he had to return to the elemental Nations to do what he Wills with it to destroy it or to control it. Naruto had made his own keyblade out of the remains of the keyblades that were unfinished he found a really interesting one that has Master told him that it had been long forgotten. Naruto began to walk towards the Gate of konoha Naruto began to think himself.

" i suffer here and now I will make this place where my rice to power begins."

Naruto appeared about a mile away from konoha from a dark portal he looked in the direction of konoha and begin to walk Naruto's Master apparently had arranged with Hiruzen one day. Naruto's Master apparently had also gain access to papers that would allow him to enter konoha without even the slightest bit of trouble. within 2 hours he arrived at the gates of Kona he started to walk up towards the gate guards as he pulled out his papers and hand them to them. the two gay guards seemingly to look at each other one of them went to a phone and called someone within a few minutes and Ambu arrived one of them Place their hand on Naruto shoulder and body flicker to the hokages office. as they appeared in the office Hiruzen looked up and saw what seemed to be a young man in black robes but before the Hokage could speak the boy spoke up with a little bit happier tone.

" hey GG are you happy to see me?"

as this was said Naruto took off his hood showing off has long blonde hair that reaches the middle of his back. 2 long blonde bangs that frames his face with what seems to be beads of a wide assortment of colors braided into his hair giving him more a tribalistic Look to Him but what really caught Hiruzen's eyes where the three whisker marks on each cheek. as soon as Hiruzen saw those with marks he had tears going down his face as he stood up walking up to Naruto and hug him which Naruto quickly replied.

" Naruto my boy it's so good to see you again."

the Ambu quickly left the office as soon as they were gone Naruto began to speak.

" well I've learned a lot of things with my time away like who my parents are why the villagers hates me and why you kept both a secret from me and as a dozens of other techniques."

Hiruzen seemed completely shocked as he looked into Naruto's eyes which now that he looked into him he realize they were no longer sapphire blue but a golden dark yellow.

" as long as you understand why I did it I'm happy but since you already know everything I can give you your inheritance well not everything but almost everything I can give you."

Hiruzen let go of Naruto as Hiruzen walk towards a wall removing the picture that contain the fourth Hokage and his wife. reviewing a safe Hiruzen put his hand on to it and pumped his chakra Intuit it began to glow and open Hiruzen then took several Scrolls out of it and handed them to Naruto.

" these Scrolls contain the deed to your parents house, all the wealth they had come up with through their careers as Shinobi Scrolls containing history of your mother's Clan and Scrolls containing your parents his own jutsus. but that's not all and one of those Scrolls contain the Deeds to several shops around the village you may not know this but your father Minato Namikaze. and his family were wealthy merchants owning about 65% of all businesses in the village because of that you have a seat on the civilian Council. meaning when you are 16 you may attend Council meetings. and considering the Uzumaki are related to the senju clan being cousin Clan's. you will have the power to take the seat of the senju clan and voting in Shinobi matters meaning when your 16 you will have the power of two separate seats in a council meeting and your vote is worth two different votes."

Naruto had a smile on his face one that made Hiruzen feel quite a bit bad for the people that hurt Naruto cuz they're about to get what they did a hundred hold. Naruto quickly pull down scroll of his own and sealing the other Scrolls into it. as you put that scroll into his pocket he quickly hug the Hokage again.

" thank you for everything you've done for me Gg."

this brought a smile to the old man who had a few tears coming from his eyes.

" it was no problem my boy I owe your father a lot and I've always thought of you as one of my own I would have adopt you into the Sarutobi Clan if I could."

Naruto smiled as he looked out the window with an evil smirk.

" so should I wait to take out my father's name or can I do it now I'm sure you can get a DNA test done to prove I am his kid?"

the smile on Hiruzen's face was big enough people would think he is about to split his face in half from how big the smile was.

" not yet but during the chunin exams I will announce it. which reminds me I will name you an independent genin that way you can do missions on your own."

Naruto couldn't help but just start laughing which seems to make the ambo in the room shiver in fear.

" well Gg looks like we're going to have a lot of fun in the future and the village is sure going to piss themselves. but anyway I'll be leaving first I'll be wandering around the village to see what has changed."

Hiruzen nodded his head as Naruto's vanished in a swirl of Shadows as the third Hokage notices this he couldn't help but think.

" maybe I should really Petty the civilian Council and dunzo and my two visors?."

Naruto appeared In a small Forest on the edge of konoha Naruto could then sensing the darkness of reading off someone's heart because of this he started to go towards the direction of it within a few minutes he notices Sasuke Uchiha Naruto I learned a lot about the hidden leaf from his master including what happened to the Uchiha Clan as Naruto's golden eyes seem to Glow he could see Sasuke could be a very useful pond. Naruto would lift his hood to cover his face as he launched himself the land in front of Sasuke who was about to leave the clearing.

Sasuke's POV

today was another useless day at the Academy nothing to improve myself so I can get stronger to kill him. well that's how this day started but now I'm standing before some person that seems to be around my age wearing a black cloak.

" who are you?"

the figure seems to stay quiet refusing to speak which pissed me off.

" hey I asked you a question"

the real figure extends his hand out words a summoning some sort of weird weapon before I could think the black robe figure attacked me I couldn't we pulled out my kunai to try and deflect the attacks but whoever this was strong and I found myself struggling to barely able to deflect them. it made me angry after all the training I've done the countless hours I put into training and this stranger is basically handling me like I was a child finding an War veteran in their Prime. it wasn't even in a few seconds in when I lost script of my kunai and got hit in the side of the head by the robed figure. but then I Heard a Voice coming from them.

" you seek power... I can give you power for a price"

as I heard this I looked at the them intently because it didn't matter what price I had to pay I need power to kill him besides I'm Uchiha I deserve this power.

" what is the price?"

Naruto POV

I smiled underneath my hood as heard the question. Darkness begin to expel from my left hand as a Darkness form into a black contract written and white glowing text Sasuke began to read through it Naruto spoke after a few minutes.

" you will sign at the bottom with your blood and the place simply Instinct for this power you will support me even if it means going against the council."

Susquehanna read over the contract over a dozen times and you cannot find anything wrong with it so he cut his finger was one of his kunai's and start signing the contract. ssk finished signing the contract it disappeared in Shadows.

" no close your eyes and do not open them until I say so."

Sasuke did as he was told to as soon as his eyes were closed I quickly plunged my key blade into his chest accessing his inner Darkness Sasuke began to sweat a bit as he felt his inside screaming at him as a child start to slowly envelop him at the dark Channel started to creep into Sasuke's head I could see him squirm like he's in pain. I decided then it was time to end this as I quickly turned the keyblade unleashing Sasuke's inner Darkness completely i quickly jump back a few feet.

" damn now that's some inner Darkness."

as I said this I noticed the darkness slowly started to clear and in the center stand Sasuke so not entirely the same his Onyx colored eye's I seem to turn into a black oil tar like color and I could notice there was a few strands of silver hair in his black hair as i turned my head to the side i could see what seemed to be a keyblade it seems to be shaped like a tanto but at the end it took the standard look at the end but there was no guard.

" now Sasuke retrieve what is to your right."

I said calmly as I start to rummaging in my pocket which had a scroll which should contain basic exercises for manipulating the darkness. as I start to think about it I chose to review what the contract said.

" in exchange for power you who signs this contract will be loyal to the contract holder. every 2 week either party is not on the mission will receive lessons on how to control the power you've been given after these lessons you will be taught how to use the Keyblade. and you will be thought about the heartless nobodies and the Warriors of light if you fail to uphold your end of the bargain you will be turned into a heartless."

well that was a brief overview of the contract. but it doesn't matter it the contract penalties only applied to Sasuke. historically move towards the keyblade picking you up I noticed that the end there was a chain with the Uchiha Crest on it I smiled a little bit as Sasuke looked at me and bowed his head. but they were getting conditions in the phone. He didn't get to see one was the darkness would make him absolutely loyal to me even Orochimaru curse mark couldn't bend him to disobey me because I know for a fact Sasuke is a flight risk for the village.

" this scroll contains standard practices for manipulating your new power."

as I said this I tossed the scroll will be holding on in my pocket to Sasuke who caught it. I decided to speak up since I didn't know how this new power to effect his Sharingan.

" doing when you awaken your Sharingan give me you no longer red but like my own eyes dark golden color. it will make your Sharingan even stronger because of this new power."

this seems to bring a giant smile to Sasuke's face as I begin to walk away I heard his voice.

" what is your name and what rank are you?"

I stopped Alex loli look for Tim my hood covering in my entire face but my lower jaw where I had a smile.

" my name which everyone knows me by is Naruto Uzumaki but my full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. and I am an independent genin because no one knows my full strength."

I said with a smile as I disappeared in a veil of Shadow.

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