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Naruto with Sharingan


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The world setting is in the Naruto parallel universe, where the story and the plotline are similar to the anime, but there are different things and settings which is created to make this FanFiction more interesting. Where Naruto would have a bit of an Antoganist mindset and original anime mindset. The further detail about the novel will be given when you will read it, and there will also be changed in history, while the character cannot be overpowered at all. The rate of training will not change at all to the original, but he will master several kinds of ninjutsu and will use a lot of time to master them all. There will not be a flashy fight and at the beginning, three to four chapters will contain boring stuff, so if you want then skip it, but the information will be revealed during these chapters. Also, I am writing this novel, not for fun, but to get inside the profession of the writer, well for now only my fanfiction are good and I hope you guys will support this and tell me the mistake I made, well not in sarcastic remark to dempar these motivations, because I have read many FanFictions, and most of them have quit in between may be related to the negative comment overcoming their motivation to write...


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