1 Naruto

The morning ray descended the village gate, where men wearing combat outfits and blue bands with some weird knife-like sign, seemed to be moving to and fro, where some with the same bands but with different outfits were blended in the background, were also silently hidden behind Shadows.

The people hidden in Shadow could also be found hidden in the surrounding building, keeping an eye on a kid with orange hair, who was wearing a fitting dress similar to his hair color.

The kid's age was not even 6 years old, but on his little face held fear and sadness beyond his age group, Opening his eyes, unwillingness to live in this world could be seen and at that moment his pain was vanishing, what left was emptiness.

Naruto woke up and washed his face, the sad expression vanished as he walked out of the bathroom with a wash and brushed off his body and teeth, "Yosh! it is a new day a new beginning for me." chanting this mantra Naruto spirit rose up, where a single shadow smiled at Naruto action and looked up at certain stone statue for a second.

Naruto walked and rushed toward a certain noodle shop, while he looked at his wallet and reveal a bitter expression a 6-year-old child should not reveal.

When he found a coin on the ground and picked it up, making him feel a little happy when he remembered the point that Hokage told them, so he picked it up and walked at the office like structure, where two shinobi were talking, when they saw Naruto, a complicated expression was there on their face.

"What happened little Naruto." the man smiled as he glared back at the surrounding people who were glaring at Naruto, Naruto smiled and put the coin on the table and spoke, "I found it since it is a lot, its owner can be in trouble if he does not get it back, so I hope you guy's can give this coin to the original owner." where the people reveal silver of shame when they thought about the point, where they all were hating the kid who had such a good heart. Naruto was used to it and the act of naruto recently was gaining blessing from others.

Naruto was running at the noodle shop, given the police, guys told him, that it was alright to take this money, given they were the ones who dropped them, and they were thankful for him bringing the coin back.

Where they do not need that money at all and he can have it back for being a good kid, Naruto looked at 3 weird arrow signs on the back of their dress and put them under a good category.

When Naruto reached Ichirako ramen shop, he ordered basic ramen, where the boss of the tavern was quite familiar with the kid, so he put some extra in service of this smart kid.

Running away from the shop when he was filled, Naruto found something, where he rushed at the sight of children of his age beating a certain boy, Naruto rushed and shouted "Stop it, why are you harming him."

As he dashed at them, where after a minute, Naruto who was injured badly coughed a little, looking at the retreating figure, when several of them were talking with the kid, who was being beaten by them and he tried to protect that guy.

A tear streaked as Naruto tried to stop them, his eyes looking at the sky, he murmured "Is there nothing like justice left in this world."

After gathering some strength back, Naruto was barely able to stand up but he still did it, while grinding his teeth, where he rushed towards a certain shop which word kind enough to sell him vegetables, unlike few shops, Who did not even give him the vegetable at all even with the money in exchange.

Naruto bought some vegetables like onion and cabbage, which are more nutritional for his body and health, where it also supports his growth and development, Naruto usually makes food for himself, but sometimes he goes out and eats some Ramen.

Coming inside the rented room which was given to him, he walked towards the kitchen and brought out some milk from the refrigerator, boiling it a little and adding some coffee, someone told him that coffee and chocolate are good for the heart, so he always started preparing them given for a shinobi heart is a major part of their operation and strength.

After which he prepared some vegetables but kept them as RAW as he could without damaging their nutrition, where he sometimes did not even cook them at all and eat them as a salad, even in idiot be able to tell that this kind of mentality is not that of a kid, but what were the circumstances, which made him this mature at this early age, would be something which was truly terrifying.

Naruto lay down on his bed when there was a final glint in his eyes, as he looked at the Statue Of Stone from his window, he opened it and spoke "Are you guys still there, I think, I am willing to listen to you guys and join the thing you want me to. If I will be able to become stronger, then I am fine, working for you guys too."

A shadow walked out from the window and looked at Naruto with emotion hidden behind his mask, he nodded his head and asked Naruto to follow him to a certain place, where Naruto nodded his head and started following the guy in the mask.

Naruto was barely able to keep up with the guy even though he was running and the other guy was strolling his way to work the place, finally, there is the place where two people were already Standing and one of them was an old man, Naruto looked at old man, who was covering one of his eyes and there seemed to be a guy by his side.

The guy's face was hidden behind the mask, where the old man was covering one of his eyes and by instinct, Naruto was feeling unbearable pressure from the old man, but the guy by his side was sharp as a sword.

Naruto looked at the old man and the other personage was doing the same thing, when he suddenly spoke "So, have you thought about it Naruto Uzumaki, remember once you join me, I will never let you go, and if needed, I will hunt you down for myself."

Naruto stood silently as he nodded, he made this decision by considering many things, and most of all because he wanted to become stronger. "Heh! well done, remember one thing if you do a good job for us, you will be saving this village at every corner, that's should be your only moto, that should be to protect this village and nothing else, even if you have to become a weapon without any emotion."

"What? I want to know is, can I become stronger if I work for you, why? are you here to doubt my intentions to protect this village from the very beginning." Naruto said emotionlessly as he looked at Danzo, who was startled and smiled at boy courage.

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