Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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The Curious Hyuga

Before the doctor could speak the Hyuga elder said "Hokage-sama, we all know that the kid has the nine tails in him. He must have definitely appeared differently than the others. I don't think this is much of a problem." Hiashi and the jonin instructors also nodded as they felt the same. The fact that Naruto was the nine tails jinchuriki was no big news to any of them and they didn't react much to the news as well. Hiruzen shook his head and said "All of you noticed wrong. The doctor didn't react after seeing Naruto but after seeing the one who was standing behind Naruto."

Everyone was trying to recollect who was standing behind Naruto from the Doctor's point of view and then Asuma said "Do you mean Yami Uchiha?" to which Hiruzen nodded. Hiruzen then looked at the doctor to explain further. He himself was curious as to what the doctor saw but as someone who has lived for so long, Hiruzen was able to control his curiosity.

The doctor nodded and said "I am well aware of Naruto having the nine tails inside him so I was ready to see something different. Naruto was normal according to a jinchuriki and his seal is also intact. There is no leakage of the fox's chakra into his which is a good thing and Naruto being an Uzumaki is blessed with a big chakra pool. I then moved on to look at Yami Uchiha. What I saw was that his chakra paths are more complex and bifurcated than normal."

"Are you saying that he has more chakra veins? How is that possible? I have heard and seen people with less and even block or wider chakra veins but never with more." Hiashi said but then he looked at his father and asked "When we were all outside, you looked at Yami with your byakugan active. Did you also see the same thing?"

The Hyuga elder shook his head and said "My reason for activating the Byakugan was different. I had gotten the news that Yami had released his killing intent during the preliminaries. I wanted to see what kind of a 9-year-old is capable of doing this. I didn't see his chakra pathways because I was focused on his Sharingan. He is 9 years old and he already has 3 tomoe. I didn't believe it when Neji told me but his Sharingan feels different from what I have seen from other Uchiha members."

"What do you mean different?" Guy asked. As Yami's sensei, he must know the most about his student but Yami was someone who had many other fighting styles other than taijutsu so Guy could never focus completely on him and left him to do his own training. Yami would only come for training when he wanted to train in taijutsu.

"I can't point it out but it definitely feels different." The elder then turned to the doctor and said "If what you are saying is true then that could explain why he is so strong. His body is being nourished by chakra way more times than ours."

The doctor nodded and said "Yes elder what you are saying is right and I also noticed that near his heart there is something that is able to handle the amount of chakra he needs. It is as if there is something that is creating chakra at an exponential rate." Everyone was a little surprised as they heard this. They all just assumed that he has a massive chakra pool like Naruto. They would never have thought that the thing doctor was talking about Yami's chakra core.

"Everyone has their own secrets. Let's not pry too much into this. We need to get more information about this animal. Tighten the security around the village. We must not let anything interfere with the chunin exams as long as the Kazekage is here." Hiruzen said and then looked at the door. He saw the Anbu he had sent come with Inoichi.


In an unknown village, two people were walking with hoodies covering their heads. There were many mercenaries in the village so these two didn't garner too much attention. One of the hooded figures looked at the other and asked "Are you sure they are here?"

Zabuza looked at Haku in the oversized hoodie and said "Yes, the last village's casino manager said that the 2 women and a pig came in this direction. He also confirmed that she lost quite a lot of money and ran away when the debtors came to ask for money. We had to give him quite the sum to get this info. It better be right." Zabuza removed the hood over his head. He was completely different from what he used to be. He had removed the mist shinobi headband and also the tapes on his body. The past few months of training and peace had removed the smell of blood that reeked from him.

He looked like a veteran mercenary and that was what he wanted everyone to believe. Zabuza then stopped a man and asked "Excuse me do you know where the casino or bar in this village is?" The man in his 40s looked at Zabuza up and down and said "Take the 2nd left from here and the third motel which reeks of alcohol is where all the mercenaries go to drink and gamble." The man said with a little disgust in his voice but Zabuza nodded and left. He then looked at Haku and said "It is really hard behaving like a nice person. I don't know how you do it. I wanted to punch that man's face for talking like that to me." Zabuza snorted to which Haku giggled.

They followed the man's directions and soon reached the front of a motel that had the photo of Sake and money printed on the walls. The smell of alcohol was strong and it was spread throughout that street.

"Let's go…and remember don't drink what they give you like last time." Zabuza reminded Haku to which he looked down in embarrassment.


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