Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Orochimaru's Curse Seal

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"Ughh why the hell did it have to be a bite? Couldn't it be like a potion or pill ?" Yami muttered as he saw Orochimaru leave. The energy that the curse seal released the moment it was imprinted on Yami, notified Anko where Orochimaru was. She along with a search party quickly rushed toward the depths of the forest.

While all this was happening Yami felt that something was happening inside the body. Black strands started to reach out toward Yami's chakra network.

'The curse seal connects to the host's chakra network. This connection then gives a small boost to the host when he/she needs it but the side effect is that the host might lose some of his sanity. With time and proper training, this side effect can be minimized. The more strength the host tries to extract from the curse seal, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a sane mind. I remember in the canon the first level of curse seal power only appears as a spread-out tattoo but in the later stages, actual physical changes occur in the host's body.' Yami thought. He wanted to see how his chakra core and his devouring law essence will react with the curse seal.

Yami used his enhanced senses and made sure that there wasn't anyone in his vicinity. He could sense that Anko and the search party had changed their direction which meant that they had found a trail that could lead them to Orochimaru.

Yami looked back and saw the huge brown snake laying in a pool of blood. Yami used devouring law to devour the entire snake and then burnt all the blood that was on the ground.

'Devouring the snake really restored all my lost energy and brought me back to the peak.' Yami thought as he sat in a lotus position to see the changes happening in his body due to the curse mark. He didn't want the curse to flare while he is fighting. Yami always liked when things happened along the lines of what he predicted and Yami didn't know about the curse seal enough to be sure that it won't act up during his 1v1 fights as it happened with Sasuke in the canon.

As Yami closed his eyes and looked inside his own body, he saw that the black strands originating from the curse mark were about to reach his chakra network. Yami wanted to see how his chakra network which had a chakra core as a source would react to this outside energy. Will it ignore these black strands like it did with the devouring law essence or will it let the black strands attach to itself like a parasite and become the host?

After a few seconds, the moment of truth appeared as a black strand reached a fairly large vein of Yami's chakra network. The next second something unexpected happened. The chakra core sent a powerful pulse toward that vein and a small burst of energy attacked the black strand. Yami could feel that his entire chakra network was attacking the black strand aggressively.

'Wow...I didn't think my chakra would act this way toward the curse seal.' Yami thought as he saw the black strand shrivel and retreat. The point where the black strand had touched the chakra network started glowing and hard skin appeared on the walls of the vein making sure that nothing can touch the vein at that same spot and invade the chakra network.

The hard skin started following the same path through which the black strand traveled. After a few minutes, the entire curse mark was isolated by chakra-infused hard skin. Yami was surprised as well as happy to see this. This would mean that the curse mark won't affect him in any way. Yami didn't know if he would be able to devour the curse mark with his devouring law but Yami wanted to find a way to exploit the strength of the curse mark without having to bear the side effects like being a pawn of Orochimaru and losing his sanity every time he tries to use that power.

'The fact that the curse seal won't affect me is good for the time being. It's time to end this test.' Yami thought as he stood up and tidied his clothes. He was sure that his teammates and his brother's squad must have saved the red-haired Uzumaki.


An hour ago...

Neji, Lee along with Team 7 were heading in the direction Neji had pointed them toward. After a minute they reached the bottom of a small mountain. Neji had chosen a path where they wouldn't have to face any other team. There was only one thing that was going through Neji and Sasuke's heads.

'Why did Yami send us away?' They both had an uneasy feeling in their heart as if something was going wrong but they couldn't put a finger on it.

"Where is she?" Sakura asked looking at Neji.

Neji looked at her and then pointed toward a couple of bushes and said " I can sense her there. Her teammates seem to be fighting with another squad at the moment leaving her there."

"Let's go see her then." Naruto said impatiently and jumped toward the bushes. The bushes were a little tall and dense but Naruto still ran through them. He used his kunai to cut those who came in his way while Sasuke cut some with his sword. As Naruto was running he suddenly sensed something and jumped sideways. He then saw a shuriken fly right past him.

He pushed the bushes aside and saw a fragile girl sitting on the ground with a kunai in her hand. She had red eyes and hair and wore black spectacles. She was wearing a netted top and a khaki jacket on top. She looked injured in many places and both her arms had bite marks. Some bite marks even had blood dripping from them. Her hands were shivering and she couldn't even hold a kunai properly.

"Are you Karin Uzumaki?" Naruto asked as he grit his teeth.


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